The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings & Symbolism

Updated on February 22, 2023

The Lovers is the seventh card in tarot’s major arcana, coming after The Hierophant and before The Chariot. It represents romantic relationships but there are more layers to it than that!

So let’s talk about all of those other things associated with this very intriguing card. We will explore together what its symbolism means for you today as well as how each part contributes towards your overall understanding of yourself on a deeper level. Let us begin by exploring just exactly who or what these figures represent within this archetype…

The Lovers Tarot Card

I believe in soul mates and twin flames. I think that when you see someone for the first time, you know right away if they are one of your kindred spirits or not. You can feel it deep inside yourself as soon as their eyes meet yours across a crowded room; there’s this energy between us where we just understand each other without speaking at all! And then… When my husband proposed to me with his grandmothers ring (which was passed down from generation to generation), I knew he was truly “the One”. We both have an intimate connection through our shared values-and even though neither of us believes in organized religion, we do share spiritual beliefs about life after death and reincarnation which helps solidify our relationship together forever!

A relationship is like a car. Sometimes it needs to be fixed, sometimes it just runs fine on its own. However, when there are issues with trust or lack of accountability in the relationship then things tend to go wrong and disconnections start happening — communication has already been lost because of this discord so now what? The couple may end up fighting for power over each other instead of working together as one unit which creates more imbalance in their lives and usually leads them into making bad decisions that only contribute further neediness between both parties leading to detachment from each other creating even more conflicts within themselves and those around them such as friends/family members who they don’t feel comfortable confiding these problems with anymore due to all the mistrust created by everything else going on.

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The Lovers Card Description

The Lovers tarot card features a naked man and woman standing underneath an angel in the garden of Eden. The apple tree with snake represents temptation, while volcano shows passion between lovers when they connect.

The Lovers Tarot Card Upright Meanings

The Lovers card represents balance and harmony within oneself. When The Lovers shows up, it means you’re on a path of self-discovery in constructing your own values, beliefs and moral code to stand by. You are then able to have this compass guide you through life as being well balanced.”

When you don’t have all the answers, gather facts and decide based on your values.

Upright Lovers Meaning For Love

The Lovers is often a positive sign of love in tarot readings. If you are single and looking for love, The Lovers can mean that you will find the right person soon.

If you’re looking for a boost in your relationships, the Lovers card is one of great hope. It suggests that not only will romance be on its way into your life soon but it’ll also stand the test of time! If already in a relationship, this upright Lovers card means there’s an opportunity to rekindle passion and revive excitement by rebuilding connections that may have become stale over time. This brings us lots of fun as well as success down the road so don’t miss out on such opportunities when they arise – seize them with both hands and enjoy every moment while working together towards achieving more dreams than ever before!

If you have been bickering with your partner a lot lately, good times are ahead when this card shows in an upright position.

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Upright Lovers Meaning For Money & Career

The Lovers card in a tarot reading is an indicator of success. It usually means that you will be successful with your career or business path and suggests signing up for job-related courses to achieve this goal as well. The upright version can also mean good relationships at work, so get along with others!

This card is a sign that you should expand your social circle and put yourself out there more.

You never know who or what connections will be able to move forward!

Reversed Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

Stuck energy surrounds you right now, and the choices in your life are not great. There is misalignment, baggage or lack of trust with what’s going on around you currently.

This isn’t a good time for love either — there simply isn’t enough commitment to make it work or bond together two people at this point in their lives.

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Reversed Lovers Meaning For Love

The reversed Lovers card means you’re feeling disconnected from your partner in a relationship, not communicating well with them. It could also show up if they don’t trust their current or former partner and it could represent the time when someone cheated on you during a committed relationship.

You might be carrying around old feelings that could make it harder for you to connect with new people in your life.

When it comes to love, if you are still carrying around old baggage from previous relationships, let go of the past so that new ones can take their place. This means not bringing up past loves in a current relationship because this will only cause pain and stress for your partner. You may also be struggling with one person leaving you while another is already out of the picture entirely; don’t bring back what has been lost as keeping them won’t do any good either anymore!

When it comes to love and money, you might want to keep them separate. If they are mixed together in a relationship that is tied into your workplace, things can get messy fast with communication problems as the result of jealousy or other issues arising from this type of pairing up.

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Reversed Lovers Meaning For Money & Career

When reversed, The Lovers in Tarot for career means you are not feeling like the tasks being assigned to you by your coworkers or friends at work provide a fair distribution of labor. When this card appears in reverse it suggests that feelings of isolation and detachment may be interfering with your productivity at school or on the job; as well as affecting how contented you feel during regular time spent socializing outside of work hours.

When you see The Lovers reversed in a tarot reading for money, it typically means that an exorbitant amount of debt is appearing in your life. You might feel like you are being burdened with excessive responsibility and things don’t look good for the immediate future. Be careful about taking on extra debt right now as this could be spinning out of control and only moderation can stop it!

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