Soul-Stirring Ways To Raise Your Vibration [ 12 ]

Updated on February 23, 2023

Raise Your Vibration

The energy you give out is the same as what will come back to you. The vibration of your environment and thoughts can either be high or low, with a more positive atmosphere attracting the best possible outcome for any situation.

If that’s not enough motivation for changing up your attitude, think about how much happier life would feel if it was full of joy and gratitude instead!

It’s pretty difficult to manifest something that you don’t have the energy for. So, it makes sense that raising your vibration would be key! But how do we go about doing this?

There are a few ways:

1) Embrace self-love and practice gratitude

2) Think positively

3) Surround yourself with positive people

4) Be mindful

5). Avoid toxic situations

6). Practice patience

7), Give more

8.), Live in alignment

9.) Take care of your physical body

10.). Smile

11)… The list goes on and twelve is when things get really exciting because then you’ll find out which recurring thought has been holding back all these high vibrations from coming into fruition so far… Sounds like fun right!?

Do You Need To Raise Your Vibration?

Your mood is the energy you feel both inside and what’s put out into the world. It has a lot to do with your physical body, but it also depends on how well rested or sleep deprived you are feeling.

Your vibration can change depending on whether you’re sad and angry, super sleepy because of lack of rest, or just not as energetically inclined in general for reasons unknown–whatever might be affecting your emotional state at any given time affects how people see and experience us around them too!

Mood can have a significant impact on your energy, and the two are closely linked.

For example if you feel well-rested and don’t have any physical ailments but you’re upset with other people in your life–whether it be someone at work or even just feelings about that person from another time of their life like an ex–your vibration is low because of how you feel right now instead of what’s going on around us.

If you find yourself below a seven, I advise not trying any manifesting work until you feel better.

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12 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

1- Care For Your Physical Body

Keep your body in tip-top shape by paying close attention to the foods you eat, how much water and sleep you get every day. Exercise regularly as well for a more upbeat mood!

Everything from the amount of caffeine or alcohol that goes into your system, whether it’s drugs or not; what type of hygiene habits do you have? These are all factors that play an important role on just exactly who we are.

Applying a few simple self-care habits on an ongoing basis will make you feel your very best. The first thing to do is eat healthy, which ensures that you are adequately nourished and getting enough nutrients for optimal function of all systems in the body.

Next up: drink plenty of water or herbal tea to stay hydrated!

Remember this tip from mom? She’s right; we need 8 glasses every day (or more!), even when it feels like we don’t want them because they’re too icky – trust me, I know what’s good for ya’. Finally get at least moderate amounts exercise daily so your muscles can move freely without any tightness causing pain with movement and tension headaches later in life as well as

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2- Scripting Your Vibration

A great way to elevate your mood is by writing a letter describing how you want to feel in the present tense.

For example, if you’re feeling low and tired all day long, just sit down with some paper or pen and write out an energetic letter about your awesome life or what makes it so special for today.

3- Try A Gratitude Blitz

There are so many great things in this world to be grateful for! One of them is the “gratitude blitz” that I read about. It helps you feel more fulfilled and connected with everything around you because it makes a point of recognizing all those amazing people, places, or events that make your life worth living.

To start off an appreciation list can help too- think about what really matters most to you before getting started on any other thoughts coming through your head during the exercise session!

A neat little habit I just stumbled upon while reading my favorite law of attraction book has helped me find gratitude again: The “Gratitude Blitz.”

The feeling that goes through your body when you do this is indescribable. It’s like a waterfall of happiness cascading down over me, and I swear my skin was tingling the first time I tried it!

You write down everything you are grateful for and allow yourself to enjoy these five minutes.

Seriously, just go for about 5-10 min making note of all the things that make your day worth living in – from waking up alive with fresh air to breathe, enjoying sunshine on a nice sunny day or watching Netflix without TV commercials!

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4- Quick Meditation

Meditation can be a great way to raise your vibration. If you want, there are many different types of meditation that require varying levels of commitment and time investment.

You don’t even have to do anything fancy! Changing the position or posture in which you sit for sixty seconds could drastically change how quickly it feels like your energy is rising – just by breathing deeply, slowly and intentionally while sitting still until the timer reaches zero.

Do you feel stressed out? Nervous about a presentation or interview coming up soon? If so, take some deep breaths. Just four to six slow and deliberate inhales should calm your nerves in no time at all!

5- Go Outside

Nature can have a positive and powerful affect on your mood. The natural light, air flow (and smell!), movement of plants, or even just feeling the dirt under your feet will energize you like never before! So next time you feel down and need to get some energy back give nature a try – it’ll be worth it for sure!

6- Repeat Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to help you maintain your positive, happy vibes. For example, if work has been stressful lately and you’re feeling down about it–pick an affirmation like “I feel light and stress-free.” Repeat that same statement until the negative emotions go away!

7- Do Something Nice For Someone

One of the easiest ways to find your happy place is by sending out positive vibes. When you are feeling down, try stepping outside yourself and paying attention to someone else for a while. If it helps, focus on something small that they do well like their hair or eyes!

As soon as I saw her beautiful smile at my birthday lunch party last month, I knew she was in need of some love right then and there too- so much more than just an authentic compliment but with only a few words from me this girl’s day got better.

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Send a small, sweet note to someone you care about. Leave it somewhere they might find it and watch their smile grow from across the room as they read words only meant for them.

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8- Freshen Up Your Appearance

Egads! I never realized how much of a basis my mood is set on the way that I look. But when you think about it, does this really surprise anyone?

When we feel like crap and our clothes are all wrinkled up from sitting around in sweatpants for days at work or school, then what can we expect but feeling crappy.

On the other hand, if you take an hour to shave your legs (or manscape) and put on something cute instead of those ratty old sweatpants… instant turn-around!

The little things you do for yourself on a regular basis can have profound effects. A good hair day or smelling fresh and clean might not seem like anything significant, but it doesn’t take much to be more attractive than the person next to you when your subconscious mind is in charge of what’s coming out!

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9- Take A Break From Social Media

Think about it. When you log on, what are your thoughts? Worried that someone is judging the photos of your lunch or criticizing a status update you posted earlier in the day?

But if there’s one sure way to improve our vibration and combat this negativity — taking breaks from social media!

Social media is a double-edged sword: You’re not just seeing the best parts of peoples lives, you are also sometimes exposed to their worst.

We have this feeling of being completely disconnected with our friends and family. When we do get to see them, it’s often during a quick stop at the store or in passing on the street before they head off into their busy lives.

It leaves us wondering why can’t people just spend time together anymore? We’ve become so addicted to social media that even spending an hour without looking down at your phone is now seen as wasting precious time – something you’re not supposed to be doing anyways if you want anything remotely close to success these days*.

So take a break from all those likes, shares, posts, tweets and snaps for one day** ̶ or better yet make it two! Whether its taking up yoga like me (I

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10- Have A Hug

I remember the first time my sister hugged me when I was feeling low. It made all of the difference in how quickly I felt better.

Hugs are therapeutic and make you feel so much more comfortable with your surroundings, especially if you have someone to hug! If not, don’t be afraid to initiate a hug on anyone who is willing – it will definitely make them smile 🙂

Do you not have someone to hug? Hug yourself! It might sound crazy, but it does help. Think about what the best way is for us humans to give ourselves a boost when we need one and recognize that it’s often through positive affirmations of self-love.

One of my favorite ways I do this in front our mirror every day before bed or first thing in the morning—I tell myself how beautiful, intelligent, creative, admirable (insert more qualities), loyal (to those who love me), loved by others or even just oneself… And then watch your life transform with renewed vigor and confidence fueled by loving words from within!

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In a world where we are often plagued by the criticism of others and constantly striving for their approval, it can be difficult to find time in our busy schedules with all these physical reminders that tell us how much worth we have.

But if you’re always waiting on someone else to do something about your self-worth then who is going to? It’s not like they’re standing around 24/7 just WAITING for YOU!

So why don’t you give yourself some love now and make this moment count because no one knows what tomorrow will bring but rest assured: You deserve every second of happiness today.

Ever since I was a child, my mother has always told me to try new things and see what happens. And so now that the time is finally here for me, I ask you: Try it and see!

11- Allow Limited Negativity

There is nothing wrong with feeling down or even hating life at times. Sometimes it’s necessary in order to heal and grow as a person, however that doesn’t mean you can give up your responsibility for yourself!

It’s important not only to allow space for the lows but also place boundaries so they don’t consume your entire day–what matters most is finding balance between light and dark.

Sometimes love isn’t enough; sometimes people need more than just good vibes from their friends when things are getting rough in life because there will always be low-vibes coming our way no matter what we do (been there too).

The trick? Allow time each week where you feel all those negative emotions without any guilt about them

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of processing my negative emotions. I set a timer for 10-15 minutes and write all that comes up in this time frame, no matter how bad it may be.

As the pain of my life seemed to build up, I would lock myself in my car and scream into a pillow as loud as possible.

If you want to cry and sulk over how lame things are, have at it. But know that once the timer goes off – pull yourself out of those dumps!

The thing about the good old-fashioned clock is that there’s always a time limit on negativity: if you don’t get back up in three minutes or less? You’re just being lazy!

As difficult as it may seem, even if you have to do the habit multiple times a day, there is always hope. You can change your habits and take back control of how often or for how long this happens.

It might not be easy but by setting boundaries on time frames each day that will help curb these feelings more efficiently than anything else!

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