How To Start A Tarot Journal

Updated on February 22, 2023

Tarot Journal

Tarot is an amazing tool that can be used for personal growth and self-discovery, as well as to gain insights into the future.

It’s no wonder so many people are drawn to it! While tarot itself isn’t all that hard once you get the hang of it, some aspects can be intimidating at first. Luckily there’s one handy tool designed specifically with beginners in mind- a Tarot Deck Tutorial Booklet containing 78 illustrated lessons covering every aspect from how to shuffle cards correctly (important!) down to symbolism behind individual card meanings – great if you’re just starting out or looking for new tips on deepening your understanding of this fascinating ancient practice but don’t know where else turn.

Starting a tarot journal is one of the best things you can do for your spiritual growth. And with our FREE printable, it’s never been easier! Check out these easy steps to get started:

What is tarot journaling?

Tarot journaling is a powerful way to get in touch with your inner self through writing. It’s an excellent practice for beginners, as it helps you become more familiar and comfortable with tarot card meanings before actually doing readings. When I first started out learning about the art of Tarot reading, I couldn’t wait to just sit down and do my own readings right away! But what helped me most was keeping a journal where I could explore different cards while still getting used to their meaning on paper instead of by intuition alone (which can be difficult).

One of the most common approaches to learning how to read tarot is through a “tarot dictionary” method. Rather than using intuition and vibes, you’ll go from card name-to meaning in an old book with descriptions for each one. This makes sense logically but not so much when it comes time for your first reading
not only will this take more work on your part because now you have all these meanings memorized (which could be overwhelming), but there’s also potential that as human beings we might miss out on something very important just by virtue of going down such a dry path devoid of energy or insightfulness about who we are ourselves and what our needs are right here, right now! You don’t want any sorta preconceived.

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Why keep a tarot journal?

The reason to keep a tarot journal is so simple. It’s because life itself, however long it may seem at the time, will be over before you know it and all we can take with us are our memories as well as those of others that have left behind something more than just their DNA for future generations – they’ve given them hope and understanding through stories written down in such small collections of pages called journals by people like me who use tools like these cards or maybe even different ways altogether-but on this day I’m talking about my own humble contribution which has been made possible thanks to sharing what I learned along the way from other Tarotsmiths who came before me.

Learning to read tarot is a lifelong journey, and there’s always more to learn. You will never be done! Keeping up with your journal serves as reminder of the insights you’ve gathered so far, but also provides insight into where else you might need to go next.

A tarot journal is a perfect solution for maximum organization, neatness and to keep things clean. Tarot journals are always the best way of keeping your readings organized so that you can quickly locate them when needed.

What to put in a tarot journal?

Tarot is a complex, yet simple system. When starting out with reading the cards for yourself and others it’s important to have space dedicated to each card draw that you get as well as room for notes or other ideas about what your future may hold if you’re not too sure of where things are going in life at this time. There will also be elements associated with the different suits so make some pages specifically devoted to those based on their element (Water With Fire) – Air being used primarily by thoughts and emotions, Earth representing Physicality/Materialism).

Tarot can be used for a lot of different things. For example, it’s great method to connect with yourself and your intuition while also being able to explore the connections between numbers and cards. You’ll want to track card pulls daily as well as what their meaning is in your life so you know when certain energies are coming up or other people have an energy that matches yours!

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The Tarot Journal is a journal made for tarot readers to help them record the info they need. The pages are separated by what type of information it contains, so you can easily find your way around when looking back at old entries.

I personally feel that this has helped me grow as a reader because I have everything laid out before me in one place and all easy to read!

Some people are afraid of seeing things that could happen in the future. But what if you don’t want to take a chance? You will never know unless you try, but it is up to YOU! If I saw something bad happening and knew how to stop it would you be mad at me for not telling anyone or trying my best because this one time might change your life forever?

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How do I start a daily tarot journal?

Start a daily tarot journal and get the insights you need to make your day even better. You can ask questions like “what message do I need to receive today?” or “what energy surrounds me today?” Pull a card each day, think about it, then note down any thoughts or feelings that come up so they’re always there for reference later on.

People and objects can often have hidden meanings, even if they don’t seem to be significant. Tarot cards are a great way to start reflecting on your life in an organized manner. What stands out the most about this card? Does it remind you of anything from your past that could help point towards what’s happening now or later on down the road? Do any sensations come up when looking at this particular image- maybe like feelings of sadness or dread for example? If so write them all down! Once you’ve written down these first impressions, take some time exploring their definitions and see how it applies into other areas of life too with synchronicities as well!

How can I read my own tarot cards?

I’ve been reading tarot for years and I still find that the best way to stay in touch with my cards is through daily journaling. It takes a little bit of work, but it’s worth every second!
I know many people don’t have time or patience to start their day by turning over three new cards from your deck (and let me tell you-—it can be hard at first). But trust me when I say there are others out there who feel just like you do; they need something tangible each morning because letting go of control hurts them on some level deep down inside. You’re not alone if this resonates with what goes on within yourself so much that it feels liberating–you aren’t alone after all

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How can I print my own tarot cards?

Your intuition is your best guide when it comes to understanding the meanings of tarot cards. I recommend using one deck every day so you can get a better idea for how each card manifests in different situations, but if that’s not feasible or affordable then just print out PDF copies and cut them up – they work just as well!

Tarot card images can transform your tarot journal and deepen the meaning of each reading. Print them out and paste one on top of every page in your new Tarot Journal to start memorizing their meanings!

How many tarot cards do you draw for a tarot journal?

One of the best things about tarot is that there are no hard and fast rules. If you want to work with one card a day, go for it! You can always branch out into daily spreads or working on your own readings once you feel confident in what each individual card means to you personally. The Tarot Journal also has space so that if/when your skills advance, then all those new techniques will have room as well!

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Get Your Tarot Journal Today

A tarot journal is a great way to get in touch with one’s inner self. It can help you think through what it means to be human, and explore your own personal thoughts on spirituality or religion. I hope that this post has helped introduce the practice of keeping up a daily Tarot Journal which will also allow for more meditative reflection while reading cards as well!