7 Tarot Journal Prompts To Become A Better Reader

Updated on February 22, 2023

When it comes to understanding tarot cards, intuition is a true gift. Luckily for us card enthusiasts there are plenty of ways that we can tap into our own innate insights and use them as tools. My favorite way? Tarot journaling prompts! By setting aside time each week or month (whichever works best) you can begin your journey with the deck by exploring what’s on your mind at any given point in time. There are many different types – from writing about recent events to asking yourself questions – but they all have one thing in common: They help enhance self-awareness so that you may gain greater clarity when reading others’ readings through their own eyes rather than looking outside yourself for answers.”

Tarot Journal Prompts

In my Tarot Journal, I walk you through how to read and interpret tarot cards in just ten minutes a day. It includes weekly/daily tracking sheets for card draws which makes it easier to track progress or regressions from the readings as well as spreadsheets of different types so that you can decide what suits your needs best when reading with others! Whether this is something new for beginners looking to explore their psychic abilities, an experienced reader who wants quick access all the time without forgetting anything important about spreads they’ve used before – there’s enough variety here not only make learning fun but easy too!

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How To Use Tarot Journal Prompts

Tarot journaling is a wonderful way to explore your feelings, thoughts and desires. It can also be therapeutic in times of stress or grief. There are many ways you can go about it but what’s most important is whatever feels right for you! Here are some tips on how to get started with tarot card journaling:
First, find a notebook that works best for the type of writing you’re going to do- one where there isn’t much space between lines so all those squiggly shapes won’t show up too well and distract from your words; Next time I’m at Target I’ll pick up an inexpensive spiral notebook which will work really nicely in this case because its pages lay out flat without crumpling like

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1- One Tarot Card At A Time

The tarot is a lifelong journey, and there’s no need to rush. The Major Arcana have so much symbolism that it gives you plenty of material to work with!

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2- No Special Order

A lot of people think that when working with spirituality and divination, they should always go in the same order. They try to follow strict guidelines for how things are done because it’s what will get them results faster or make them more accurate. I disagree! If you don’t do what works best for you then everything just feels so stiff and mechanical; like your entire life is planned out ahead of time without any spontaneity or energy left over at the end of a day from doing something else entirely different than usual – which can leave someone feeling drained and burnt-out after awhile if this goes on too long (not good). It also doesn’t allow space for creativity either since there isn’t room to explore new possibilities within

3- Dedicated Journal And Space

This is the reason why I love having a Tarot Journal and recommend you get one to call your own! The Universe rewards clarity, so if you have one notebook for all sorts of things or random little pieces of paper scattered everywhere, it will be hard to focus on what really matters. Respect your practice by keeping clean energy in an organized space – then it’ll be much easier!

4- Don’t Forget Tarot Reversals

Cards are said to be “reversed” when they are upside down. This means that the cards have blocked energy of some sort, which alters their meaning. For this reason, I recommend learning all meanings for reversed cards as well as upright ones: it’s easy to forget about these types of readings if you’re not careful!

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11 Tarot Journal Prompts For Beginners

What a better way to explore the realm of tarot, than by journaling about your own experiences with it? Try some new prompts for yourself and see what you learn!

1. What is my favorite thing I discovered this week in regards to tarot that made me feel excited or happy?
2. When did I have one of those “ah-ha” moments as if something clicked inside my brain because anything was revealed through reading Tarots cards today?
3. How can we improve our skills concerning daydreams and intuition so they become more reliable when interpreting readings based on these concepts (e.g., card meanings)?

This card is the 3 of Pentacles, which symbolizes a deep sense of connection to one’s work. For me this card reminds me that while sometimes I might not feel like doing something and my first instinct may be to procrastinate or put it off for later- there’s always potential in everything we do so being open minded can help us find solutions if we’re willing!
If you were looking at yourself from the outside and had advice on how best to proceed with your present situation, what would they say? They’d tell you: “Be patient with those around you.” The more patience shown by others will lead them back into communication; as well as allow time for themselves during moments where change needs improvement.

What is the best quality of this card?
I am curious what you would say that one word describes about me.

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Ready To Make Learning Tarot Fast, Easy & Fun?

Tarot is a powerful tool that allows you to understand the world around you. It can also help guide your intuition in all aspects of life, and with this Tarot Journal I’ve made it easier than ever for beginners to learn tarot quickly, easily, and most importantly—fun!

With this book by your side, you never have to feel alone and lost again. You will always be able find peace through tarot readings with the help of this journal!

The Tarot journal is your most important tool in unlocking the secrets of fortune telling. After all, without a place to record predictions and note readings it’s difficult for any good practitioner to pick up or continue where they left off. This guide will walk you through everything from how best notate each card as well as what should be recorded on specific pages like divination spreads with detailed instructions on when it may be necessary.

In addition, this book includes illustrations that provide an easy visual reference so you can always remember which cards go together! Memorizing their combinations takes only moments but offers invaluable insight into future events today!