65 Magical Journal Prompts For Manifestation

Updated on February 23, 2023

]What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing resource to manifest what’s been eluding the grasp of your outstretched fingers! How do I use a law of attraction journal prompt, though? Glad you asked.

These prompts will help you customize and create an understanding with yourself about how these metaphysical principles work in practice and theory.

You’ll learn how to make them work for money, love or spiritual development–anything that is important to YOURSELF.

Manifestation Journal Prompts

The power of manifestation is not to be taken lightly, and before you start your new journal for manifestations, there’s something I need to tell you.
Unknowingly aligning yourself with the wrong things can lead to unintended consequences that could take a long time (or even longer) than was originally planned in order for them go away or get resolved on their own.

If you’re new to manifesting, the best thing for you would be to check this list first:
The most common reason manifestations don’t work out is that your mind and heart are not aligned. The worst part is that oftentimes people don’t even know they have a blockage!

Honestly, if these things aren’t looked at before getting started with manifestation techniques it’s just going to waste time because nothing will happen.

A manifestation journal is an easy way to keep track of your creations and goals. It can be a great resource in the years ahead, especially when you’re looking back on it for inspiration or guidance through difficult times.

Keeping a personal manifesting log will remind you that everything begins with intention as well as help maintain productivity levels against those all-to-familiar moments where we get stuck short on ideas!

Download your free report instantly and prepare to be blessed with this incredible information at your fingertips.

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Manifestation Journaling Is Simple

I’ve been fascinated with manifestation for years. I know that it can be something of a ride, but the one thing about manifesting is you have to do your part by being open and excited then things will come into fruition on their own.

That means getting out there in this world and taking risks instead of sitting back waiting! One way to help get what you want faster? Playing games like Simon Says or Rock Paper Scissors (or making up your own!).

It makes me so happy when people take my advice because they love playing these quick little mind-teasers as much as I do – we all need more laughs! Another tip: write down everything you desire whether success, money, finding peace within yourself– anything at

I don’t have to be the next Adele or Elon Musk for the law of attraction to work in my favor! All it takes is a humble commitment like waking up early enough every day, spending time with loved ones and eating healthy foods.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t require me to become an international superstar before I can start seeing results – all that’s needed are little things I do on a daily basis such as getting enough sleep at night, exercising regularly when possible and taking steps towards bettering myself by doing simple tasks here-and-there such as reading educational articles online every few days.

Journaling is one of my favorite ways to manifest, because it’s so easy and fun! I like to think of my pen as a magic wand that can make anything possible. It sounds silly but when you write down your intentions for the day or week, they feel more real than ever before.

That’s why journaling has become such an integral part in how I create happiness on both a daily basis and long-term goal setting level with life coaching clients who want help finding their purpose through different exercises focused on self-reflection – which really does work wonders sometimes!

How Often Should You Journal For Manifesting?

Journaling is a great way to take stock of your life and set goals for the future. If you want to manifest something, it’s important that your journal entries have an intention behind them as well!

This can be anything from asking what does my soul desire? To making sure I am in alignment with who I say I am on paper too.

I get asked all the time how people should do their journals right for manifestation purposes. Some experts will tell you they don’t need any special recipe or formula because if they keep up with regular consistent practice then everything’s good – but not me, sorry haha 😉

The most effective type of journaling practices are ones where we make our intentions clear each day by reflecting deeply about ourselves and

So, have you been journaling for a while now and found it’s not enough? Well one simple change can take your writing to the next level. Try adding some cool manifesting journal ideas like using an old book with notes scribbled in or just try something different!

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Why Is The Best Way To Manifest With Journal Prompts?

In order to manifest the life you want, it’s important that your intentions are clear and specific. Manifestation journaling helps put us right back in a positive state of mind after we’ve been bombarded with all sorts of negative feelings from our hectic day-to-day routine.

This way, we can pull out any lingering doubts or worries before they become too much for us to handle and divert our attention onto what really matters: expressing gratitude for everything good going on around us!

You may see people living fancy, flashy lives and feel like you should try to manifest those things. But deep down inside maybe you’re a more laid back person who just wants some simple comfy items in life.

Get to know yourself better by journaling every day on topics that interest or challenge you so the process of manifestation is just as much about getting out there and acquiring all the juicy things!

Creating your own mental visualizations is a key component of manifestation journaling because it helps you to feel the excitement and anticipation that comes with each new day.

Do any questions come up when I ask about what your dream vacation looks like? Do you think how nice it would be if those were images on screen in front of us right now, or do they already live inside our heads too vividly for words alone to paint them completely true?

It’s always so nice to be on vacation and have a little time away from the daily grind. I know for me, it takes everything in my power not to spend that entire two weeks thinking about what is waiting at home when I get back.

But just think how much better your life will be if you are able to focus all of those positive thoughts on yourself! Flooding myself with these types of thoughts has helped make my day-to-day stresses more manageable which consequently makes me happier than ever before!

So do yourselves a favor: journal every single day because there really is no replacement for having this happy mindset

I recommend picking one prompt each day just before bed. It’s a great way to unwind and relax after the stresses of the day, while still getting your creative juices flowing! I promise – it works like magic!!

50 Law Of Attraction & Manifestation Journal Prompts

Staring at your journal for hours on end can feel like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are fifty creative, fun-to-do tasks that you should try out in the next two weeks:
1) Write about three of your favorite memories from last year and what makes them so special to you;

2) Draw an illustration of how time typically feels flowing through each day as compared with when we experience those moments intensely ;

3) Make up or write down five things that make life worth living (or more specifically, please list four ways this past week has been great);

4), come up with ten words related to something important looking forward together then discuss which one would work best for the story title

Manifesting Journal Ideas & Prompts #1-10

What would the world be like if you could make anything happen with your thoughts? If there were no limitations, what life goals would you want to achieve in this lifetime and how will it change those around you? This is why I am interested in discovering more about Law of Attraction.

There are many doubts that swirl through my mind when thinking about manifesting during a time where our society tells us we need money for everything from college tuition to food.

Money seems solely needed so people can live comfortably without worrying about their well-being but not everyone has enough cash on hand or receives help as they wish while other countries seem abundant with wealth—or at least by appearance.

However, whenever someone persists long enough despite any setbacks; they get what

Manifestation Journal Prompts #11-20

What would the world be like if you could make anything happen with your thoughts? If there were no limitations, what life goals would you want to achieve in this lifetime and how will it change those around you? This is why I am interested in discovering more about Law of Attraction.

There are many doubts that swirl through my mind when thinking about manifesting during a time where our society tells us we need money for everything from college tuition to food.

Money seems solely needed so people can live comfortably without worrying about their well-being but not everyone has enough cash on hand or receives help as they wish while other countries seem abundant with wealth—or at least by appearance. However, whenever someone persists long enough despite any setbacks; they get what

manifestation is fun

Manifesting Journal Prompts #21-30

It is difficult to measure the importance of being successful. This is because, while some people may be content with living a life without much significance in their careers or just meeting ends meet; others might find it near impossible to go through an entire day if they don’t accomplish anything worthwhile at all during that time.

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The same goes for finding one’s purpose in life as well: even though most religions and beliefs teach us about such things, each person has different opinions on how important this really should be when compared with other aspects of our lives like family or fun times too.

So what does someone do who wishes there was more success? For me personally I have found visualization exercises to help get my thoughts together instead of feeling completely blank faced by fear

Have you ever tried to manifest something in your life? Take a minute and write down everything that comes to mind.

We’ll pretend this is stream of consciousness, so don’t worry about repeating yourself or not knowing how these things will happen – just put them all on paper! Imagine writing as if you are at the highest level of fulfillment with each item listed:
-Career -Body -Health / Wellness/ Fitness
-Relationships (romantic) — Relationships (otherwise) -Lifestyle

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Manifesting Journal Prompts #31-40

I’m the type of person who always makes sure they are doing everything that’s expected. I don’t like it when others depend on me, but at the same time am drawn to being needed by them.

It is a difficult balance for people like myself and I have no idea how long this will last or what other changes may come up in my life as well since there already has been so many!

After a long and stressful day, you decide to take the time for yourself in order to relax. You start your night off by doing some gentle yoga exercises before going into deep meditation that helps calm down any worries or frustrations from today.

When you’re done with those things, it’s finally time for bed!
You wake up refreshed and ready to face another day of challenges head-on: feeling confident knowing everything will work out just fine because “days are much shorter than nights.”

Manifesting Journal Prompts #41-50

Do you want to have a heart-to-heart with your innermost self? Do you feel like nothing has changed despite all the affirmations, visualizations, and success stories that promise better days ahead if only we believe? If this is what’s happening for you then it might be worth considering one of these two methods.

The first method consists in trying meditation breathing exercises for five minutes; at the end write down your desires as they come up during those 5 minutes.

Consider whether there are any underlying factors holding them back from manifesting into reality or how hopeful about their manifestation do they seem on an scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not very optimistic whereas 10 represents complete optimism). Next step: think about what inspires us most

Good luck trying to recount a day of positivity in your life and coming up with just one motivation for wanting more good things.

But if you’re really looking for that singular reason, try having an open mind about what it is you want out of the world or being realistic on how much time we actually have left here as humans.

10 Manifestation Journal Prompts For Love

What does your ideal date night look like?
The law of attraction is powerful, but you have to be specific. Get creative and give it a try with these ten journal prompts for manifesting the perfect partner!

I love the feeling of being cherished by someone who loves me for all my imperfections. I enjoy a partner that is always there to listen, help out when needed and has an innate sense of humor about life’s ups and downs.

My ideal romantic partner would be adventurous enough with their time; they will experience new adventures together as well as share old stories from our pasts in order to know each other even better than before.

They are not afraid to say what’s on their mind or express themselves openly without fear of judgment because we believe honesty creates trust which fosters intimacy between two people…and maybe one day more!

If we are not true to ourselves, and have any romanticized expectations about what love should look like from a movie or book then this could be harmful. It is important to recognize the way that you show yourself in your actions as being ready for manifesting the type of love one desires.

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5 Law of Attraction Journal Prompts To Get Your Ex Back

The feeling of being dumped can be hard to describe, but I know that there are some big changes happening in your life. You’re around new people and trying out different things now: this is good for you!
I want to let you in on a little secret – these journal prompts work really well when you have clear intentions for what it is you want them to do with their energy.

If they can feel the difference between who they were before getting broken up from someone and after then all the better because we need more love in our world not less (and don’t worry about hurting his/her feelings).

Your friends probably tell me how much happier I seem since he left, which might make sense at first glance but

What if there is any doubt in your mind about the two of you?
Your energy will be off, and it won’t work. There are a few things to think about before working on these journal prompts: what do I want my ex back for; when did we last see each other or talk; how much time does he spend with me now (or vice versa); why would they have broken up with me – was it because of something specific that happened between us or our issues as people.

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You’ve been feeling lonely and heartbroken since your ex left you. You feel like they are the only one who will ever know how to love you in the way that makes it all worth while.

The Universe is here right now, sending messages of clarity straight from the cards! Get ready for a three card draw where we’ll answer any question about what’s holding you back or if there really might be another chance with them out there somewhere!

When you have clarity, then focus on these journaling prompts to manifest your ex back into your life. Once ____ and I got back together my relationship was better than before because…then when we came back in contact with each other again, it felt like everything went right from where we left off!

When I first saw ______ again, the years between us seemed to melt away.
Time and distance are nothing when you have someone who understands your mind as well as they understand yours.
I was relieved that we were both so open with each other about our feelings from before- it made me feel more secure in how strong this bond is now.

Exactly How Does Manifestation Journaling Help?

When I was asked what types of things have manifested in my life, it made me think. The list started with a new car and then moved onto more materialistic items such as clothes that fit properly or shoes without holes to fill.

As the thoughts continued, images filled my head from past vacations abroad where I remember natural beauty like playing on white sand beaches under blue skies and sunsets over crystal clear water- but these are only memories now because they’re not there anymore.

Suddenly reminiscing about those moments brought an ache deep within when remembering how much time has passed since them – this is something else entirely we don’t often talk about: Time passing too quickly for our liking so soon enough all those treasured memories become nothing again…

I once had a measly bank account, was unhealthy and depressed. I made the decision to change my life by writing down all of the things that would make me happy every day for one year – what manifested?

A dream car! My health improved dramatically while living in an incredible home on beautiful land where we can hike or enjoy our horses whenever we want.

We are married with a wonderful son who is not only healthy but also intelligent and kindhearted as well- something I never could have imagined when at my lowest point before journaling became part of daily routine.

I was skeptical at first, but before I knew it life had started to change and my journal became more than just a place where you can make lists.

The changes in the beginning were subtle-my mood shifted because for once things weren’t so dire anymore, or they didn’t seem as bad when I got home from work each day.

But over time that changed too: there came a point where breaking up with someone wasn’t such an emotional rollercoaster like it used to be; being single again felt freeing instead of lonely and scary; meeting new people no longer seemed daunting (I began seeing friends everywhere).

And then one morning after waking up on Christmas Day alone last year without any plans whatsover – something

Just because the law of attraction is not for everyone does not mean that it has no effect on anyone.

The Law of Attraction may or may not be working in your life but don’t assume you have a low vibrational frequency just because you can’t seem to make any money, find love, etc., means this secret system doesn’t work when there are plenty evidence and stories from people who were able to either manifest their desires through visualization or by using manifestation lists as detailed here: How To Write A Manifestation List To Activate The Law Of Attraction.

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Law of Attraction Manifestation Journaling Can Take Time To Work

One small step at a time, you will surely climb the ladder to success.
If one is committed and has patience as their primary virtue they’ll be able to follow this simple mantra: ‘One day at a time’
Some people say it could take days or months for others years but remember that along every mile of your journey there are those little incremental baby steps making progress toward change which helps keep you going on up. It can also make things seem more manageable when seen in smaller chunks instead of larger ones!

For a few minutes every day, tune in with your higher self and be more open to the possibilities that exist within you. If done for months or years, this could lead to success beyond measure. But if not done at all then everything will have passed by without ever knowing what is possible…

When you decide to commit, the Universe responds in kind and starts delivering on your desires. Have a fun day!