How To Create A Vision Board That’ll Actually Manifest

Updated on February 23, 2023

Vision Board

Many people believe that a vision board is the key to manifesting your dreams. In this post, I am going give you step-by-step instructions on how to create one for yourself!

A Vision Board is made of pictures or images which are placed in an organized way and then displayed somewhere where they can be seen every day.

A typical goal would include different photos with short phrases about what it means to achieve that goal written under them (e.g., “I will have my dream house by January 1st 2020”). This blogpost has two methods for creating your own personal vision boards so start today and make those goals come true!

How To Create A Vision Board In Minutes

I’ve made so many vision boards over the years (and yes, they have ALL come true) and I wanted to share my favorite supplies with you here.

-Cork board or other sturdy material that can be pinned on both sides
-Ruler for cutting out your images of people/places ect. from magazines; make sure to measure each one before cutting! For example: if we are using a 7×7 cork board then our final product should include 3 across and 5 down -or else it will not work properly when placed in the designated “slot”

If you’re looking for a way to get started with manifestation, here are some great options. If it’s something that interests you in the slightest bit, this is your opportunity!

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What is a Vision Board?

The idea of a vision board is to take all the things you want in life and create an interactive collage that inspires your dreams. I made one with photos, quotes, affirmations – any inspiration for my goals!
The first step towards success is making it visualized so when its time to make them come true we have something concrete to use as motivation.

How Does A Vision Board Work?

I’ve read about visualization techniques before, but I always thought it was too far-fetched or not worth the effort. But since reading this passage and taking a few minutes to create my own vision board, I have been more optimistic in achieving goals that seemed impossible previously!

I mean how many people can say they reach their desired future without having tangible experience? It is so much easier when you use pictures for words; your brain better understands what you want rather than just stating an abstract idea.

I would find myself daydreaming about how I wanted my life to be and speaking in positive terms like I already had what was coming for me (when the truth is that it wasn’t). When nothing worked, there were some clues.

I found myself living a gap between who I said or thought that I am and who other people saw; an identity crisis if you will.

I made my very first vision board when I was feeling really stuck. It started as a way to visualize what kind of life I wanted and then, something about it clicked!

Almost instantly everything began unfolding for me – new opportunities were coming, one after the other which led me into career in graphic design where all this creativity could be put to good use.

Yes-things are still changing rapidly but now there is a lot more peace with each transition because they’re happening on purpose rather than just being created out of nowhere without any input from you at all!

1- Vision Boards Raise Your Vibration

In the depths of our struggles, we sometimes forget to work on manifesting what we want.
The only thing is that when you’re trying to manifest something from a low point-like not having any money and wanting some for food or rent–it doesn’t usually come easily!

You can try all sorts of things like setting intention, doing spells or meditating but it’s probably going take more than just wishing with an open heart; at least in my experience (and I’m sure others will agree)!

So if you find yourself asking “How do I get this?” start working on how to make your life better first so that maybe one day soon enough good fortune comes knocking!

If you’re looking for love and romance, loneliness may be your destiny. Creating a vision board is an easy activity to get started on the process of manifesting what you want in life instead!

It also helps if there are too many thoughts going at one time because it would be difficult to wallow in self-pity while creating this amazing piece that will help attract more positive things into your life.

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I’m in the process of creating my vision board, and I know it’s going to be amazing. Not only will this increase vibration on a cellular level for me, but that alone is enough reason to get started!

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2- Vision Boards Help You Gain Clarity On Your Goals

Here’s the thing about goal setting – it can be really hard. We often have a million things going on in our lives, and are still trying to figure out what we want from this life; so figuring out how you’re supposed to set goals with that is quite difficult!

But I’ve heard of people using “vision boards” or collages as an easy way for them to capture their thoughts while also visualizing themselves accomplishing those big dreams.

It sounds like it might work well if my main desire is just having clarity around where my future will take me because once they know what they want, well then there’ll be no stopping ’em!

When it’s time to create your vision board, you can end up spending hours searching for inspiration and adding in the perfect words or affirmations.

But what if there was a simpler way? We’ve got some tips on how to have more fun with this process so that you get clarity quicker!

3- Vision Boards Serve As Anchors

Creating a digital vision board is an excellent way to keep your desires “in your face.” This technique can be used by just about anyone, and it’s perfect for those who want their dreams in front of them at all times.

You’ll see the background on which you’ve laid out what you want most every day – sometimes multiple time per day! And because this isn’t something that will get buried under other papers or go unnoticed when we scroll past our screens throughout the course of each workday, it could very well serve as a catalyst in helping us stay committed to achieving these goals.

Sometimes life seems so fast-paced that one might not stop long enough to think hard about what they really desire from their future self; but creating a

Digital Or Physical Vision Board – Which Is Better?

One of the most popular methods for achieving goals is a vision board. It’s an invaluable tool to use when you are feeling stuck or just need some guidance in your life that will lead you on the right path.

Now, there are two types of boards: physical and digital ones! Both have their pros and cons with how they work but which one should you choose? Let’s break it down so we can figure out what type best fits your needs!

Physical Vision Boards

You have a stronger energetic connection with physical vision boards. Your intention flows through your body and out of your hands, which helps you to stay in alignment. It’s also easier when it feels fun!

You have to be creative, imaginative and innovative when it comes to making a vision board because there are certain materials you need that can sometimes take time gathering.

The artistic abilities of the person in charge of creating their dreamboard could also be an issue as they might not feel like what is being created looks good enough for them or anyone else who will see it once complete.

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Digital Vision Boards

Vision boards are great, but if you want something that’s really mobile and easy to edit then digital vision boards might be the way for you.

With online software it takes only seconds to create your first board! You can also make different ones depending on where- like at home or work. And they’re so portable too; fitting into devices of all sizes with ease

In the digital age, many people are turning to using their computers and smartphones as a way of creating visualized goals.
You can still print out your images if you wish, which will make them physical dream boards too! Instead of just being able to look at your phone screen or computer monitor all day though, wouldn’t it be great to have something tangible?

That’s why I’ll show you how both methods work in this article – so that whichever one suits you best is available for use right off the bat.

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Physical Vision Board Supplies

With a vision board kit from Amazon, you can make your own physical vision boards in less than 15 minutes!

A package of these kits comes with everything you need to get started. This includes the necessary tools such as glue gun and cutting mat – but also artistic items like stickers that have inspirational quotes or colors on them for design inspiration.

With this wide variety of materials included in one box, there are countless possibilities when it comes to making something unique just by mixing up what’s already available!

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1- Poster Board

If you want a dream board in your bedroom, then it’s time to get creating! The first thing that needs assembling is the frame. I recommend getting an inexpensive one which can be any color of the rainbow but if you prefer something more vibrant for this project go ahead and choose accordingly.

Once your frame has been built, all that remains are simply cutting out images from magazines or google searching pictures with words on them like “travel,” “career goals,” etc., depending on what type of dreams you’re trying to aspire towards achieving during these next few years as well as where they may take place (on vacation somewhere tropical?).

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2- Pictures Of What You Want To Manifest

You can get a great idea of what your life will look like in the future by making some high-quality images and looking at them every day.
Some people prefer to use already existing pictures from magazines or other sources, while others might have more luck with getting clip art books that include all sorts of different types of photos. You may not need an entire magazine if you just want something specific!

Vision boards are a great way to express your goals and aspirations. Quotes, affirmations, pictures can be used in the board as inspiration for where you want to go with your life!

You can buy premade vision board clip art books or print from online sources that offer free downloads of awesome designs like Pinterest

3- Scissors

You might think you don’t have scissors, but I bet there are a few in your kitchen. Look for them next to the cutting board or near any other blade-type utensils and voila!

You now have everything you need to put together this project — all that is left is finding some paper with images on it (or as my son likes saying “interesting stuff”)

No products found? Well lucky us because we can use anything out of our house like maybe those leftover holiday napkins from Thanksgiving dinner last year or how about dad’s old coffee mug he forgot at mom’s place after his most recent visit?

4- Adhesive

For a clean, crisp look that will last throughout the years to come, invest in an adhesive for your poster board. You’ll need something strong enough not only to hold up but also keep beautiful color and images intact!

The best way is with rubber cement or glue stick- just dab it on corners of each image and you’ll have yourself a great looking work of art forevermore!

5- Colored Markers

Colored markers and pens are a must if you want to add any pops of color or additional design elements. Make sure the writing utensils have bold, bright colors for maximum effectiveness!

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How To Create Your Physical Vision Board

Pick the items that most align with your intentions and put them on a board. Choose pictures or words from images you’ve saved, written down in journals, noted online—anything to represent what it is you want for yourself.

There is a lot of pressure on women to be perfect. We want that picture-perfect board, but manifesting boards are not about being polished and perfected; they’re just as much fun when we let our desires flow freely.

The process of building your dreamboard can help you feel more in tune with yourself and what matters most to you–rather than going for perfection which may or may not give us the results we desire anyway!

The Ideal Order For Vision Board Photo Placement

Start with images

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so be sure you do everything in your power to create the perfect Pinterest board.

You’ll want to take this step seriously by gathering images and other things that you feel belong on it beforehand for an easier overall process when time comes around.

You never know how long something will stay up on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook these days before disappearing forever!

So if there’s any post-worthy moments happening now, then they should go into your pre-layout as soon as possible just in case anything happens later where people can’t see them anymore due to site crashes/outs of commission periods _____? Fill it with all the important memories from today – don’t wait until tomorrow

One way to create a vision board is by sorting the items you want into groups of importance. The most important images and words should go in the center, with other pictures radiating outward from them like spokes on a wheel–which also applies for what they represent as well!

If creating one isn’t your thing (or if it feels too overwhelming), there are several ways that will help produce similar results: For example, make collages out of magazines or print articles about things you desire online; sometimes just reading an article can provide inspiration since our minds naturally think about solutions when we’re presented with new information.

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I love the idea of a vision board because you can use it to visualize your goals in life. Whether that means traveling, finding someone special, or achieving success with an important project at work – anything is possible when we have pictures representing these desires and words for motivation!

If you’re looking to save time and effort, go with glue guns. Sure it may seem simple but there are some tips for getting a great project out of the way in no time!

For optimal results try using rubber cement or hot melt adhesive instead as they dry faster than other glues so that everything is stuck down quickly without waiting around hours on end while your art piece dries.

Once finished, don’t forget to seal your work — even if not required by craft store specifications because this will keep moisture from seeping through overtime which could cause cracking at any given point later on down the road when water finally starts going into contact again with exposed areas like seams where paint has chipped away over years of wear-and-

Add color & design

Start by gluing all of your images and quotes onto the board. Once they’re in place, it’s time to add a burst of color with your markers!

Feel free to write additional words or draw little cute hearts – whatever you like best will work great on this project. And that’s it! Your vision board is now complete.

Place it where you’ll see often so that every day can have some positive inspiration as well as reminders for what matters most to you right at home

How To Create A Free Digital Vision Board Using Canva

You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and see something in the way of a photo or video that makes your heart skip?

You may have found it by chance, but what if instead, every time you scrolled past an item online with the potential to make 100% of our dreams come true irl (sorry), they were tagged for easy access. Well now there is such thing as digital vision boards!

Not only can we create these on Pinterest where most people search visual inspiration anyway…but some brands are even creating their own boards so users like us get first-hand insight into new products coming soon from companies we love – which means more space saved on my phone’s camera roll too 😉

Last, but not least- Canva! I use this tool to create my vision boards and it’s so easy. Just sign up for a free account on then follow these instructions:

1- Select The Correct Template

I wanted to create a desktop wallpaper for my laptop just so you can see the process. Right after you login, type “Desktop Wallpaper” and click on it right away when your screen pops up with options like below:
You will be presented with this blank page where I added text and images that I liked!

2- Add Free Images

With the Canva app, you can create beautiful work with a wide selection of free gorgeous images! For this example I’m going to make a super simple vision board for manifesting abundance.

So, what will we need? “Money” – check (image). Wealthy-check (another image)! Luxury is one thing most people want in their lives too and travel tops that list time after time so here are some more awesome photos: money bag; all green bills stack on top of each other as if they were growing like plants out from under your feet – must be heaven right?!

All blue cash stacks on top of eachothers mixed together oceanside–now that sounds amazing. And lastly but

3- Select The Text Tool To Add Quotes Or Affirmations

You can also add text to your images if you want! There are tons of fonts, colors and overlays that will make your project more unique.

I chose the affirmation “I am a magnet for abundance and joy” in a simple font, which made my image stand out even better with this quote displayed on it.

You can use different types of texts as well like quotes from books or sayings–whatever fits best with what you’re trying to convey.

4- Download Your New Vision Board

In less than 15 minutes, you have a super easy and totally fun vision board that will keep you in alignment with what you want to manifest!

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Final Thoughts

I’m sure you enjoyed this vision board tutorial! But if not, feel free to sit down with a friend and make your own.

If the sample wallpaper is anything like what I created for myself, then be prepared to have some fun creative time on an upcoming day off from work or school. Happy manifesting!