4 Steps To Manifest Your Ex Back

Updated on February 23, 2023

Manifest Your Ex Back

It’s totally normal to be in denial and want your ex back, but you have to move on. You can’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself all day long; time heals a lot of wounds so try not dwelling too much about the past!

I know it might seem impossible right now (we’ve been there before), but if you really want him back more than anything else…and he is still the one burning desire that lingers with you…don’t give up hope yet!

Today I am going to share four steps which will help get your ex-lover come running back into our arms again:

I know you’re trying to get back at him for what he did, but I need you to hear me out. For starters: don’t do this!

It’s not worth it and will only end up hurting more than just yourself – your kids will hate themselves forever when they see or have something happen with dad again because of the choice their mom made.

Plus, can’t worry about whether his new family is all happy like yours was before everything happened?

This one sounds a little harsher…


1- Get Centered & Grounded

Want to find peace? Take some time for yourself, settle in and be present. First thing is that deep breathing exercise – think about how things went wrong or any questions you may have around the situation. What ONE question would calm your mind at this moment and help move forward with clarity?

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2- Focus On The Question

When you think about your ex, what do they look like? Do the edges of their face blur together and all become a single image or does it seem as if one aspect changes even though everything else stays exactly in place?

What is he doing when this happens to him: smiling at you from across the room, laughing with friends over drinks on his birthday night out, crying after breaking up months ago.

The point is that no matter how perfect someone was for us before-good looks but bad person deep down; ugly inside while being attractive outside-they can only be imperfect now because we know them so well. It’s important not to dwell too much on past mistakes made by our significant other since nobody would ever want an exact.

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3- Get Your Question Answered

The cards will provide you with clarity on your questions, as well as answers to whatever is troubling you. They’re free and there are no mistakes! With three selected from the beautifully illustrated deck of Tarot Cards, we can take a closer look at some possible outcomes.

4- Manifest Your Ex Back

You should feel much more confident after your free reading. I’d like to discuss what you have learned and how we can move forward together with the next steps in mind.

I’m always happy when my clients leave feeling comfortable, supported, and excited about their future!

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The old saying is true: there’s someone for everyone! Whether you are still madly in love with your ex or not, it can be really hard to let go of the past.

There are many reasons why people might want their partners back into a relationship; some examples include feeling lonely and unhappy without them, wanting more kids together (if they have children), hoping that things will change this time around if one person has changed significant aspects about themselves- such as going sober from drugs/alcohol addiction.

For example. Whatever the reason may be, grabbing hold of those feelings again isn’t always easy—especially after ending an unhealthy or abusive partnership where both parties need space apart to heal on their own first before coming back together stronger than

How would you like to spend the rest of your weekend?
The opportunity is right in front of you and it’s easy! All that needs to happen for this night-in getaway with Netflix on a Friday evening, is inviting him over.

You can enjoy some quality time together while staying warm under one roof – what could be better than that?!

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Winning Combination For Getting Your Ex Back

Breakups and break-backs are part of the human experience. You may have wondered how to get your ex back, but there’s a reason you need both clarity from free reading *and* tactics for getting him back fast! Some people skip over one or the other because they just want to know what do next right away–but it takes longer that way.

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If you don’t want to regret it, then follow these steps.
It’s not silly if you care about your relationship and are willing to invest a few extra minutes now for months or even years of happiness with the one that matters most!

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