Spiritual Signs That Your Ex Misses You [ Top 9 ]

Updated on February 23, 2023

Spiritual Signs

It’s been a while since you broke up with your boyfriend, and I know it feels like the pain is unbearable. Do you wonder if he misses you as much as how much more often than not? You’ve tried everything under the sun to find hope that things will be different between us but nothing has seemed to work- so why do we continue this way of living where one person always suffers in silence when they’re being crushed by their own heartache? It doesn’t have to go on any longer!

While some people believe that the truth is written on your face, it’s not always so easy to see. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of their feelings and thoughts about your relationship with them then this blog post has 9 signs which will help reveal what they may be thinking or feeling deep down inside.If_the_universe_was_sending_you_signs_would_you_notice”>If the universe was sending you signs, would you notice?

You know, it sounds crazy but if you want to see crystal clear signs that your ex misses you then try something out.

How much do they miss being with someone who is so like them? The answer lies in the numerology of their birth date and time.

Now whether or not one believes 100% into numerology all the time doesn’t matter since when seeking psychic signage about how a person feels for an ex-partner because love relationships are coded by numbers hardwired at specific dates and times of births can reveal a lot on our romantic futures/destinies

Do you feel like the universe is against your relationship? Do you find yourself always chasing after people who just won’t give up on their independence, or are there some inside of you that keep pushing away opportunities for a fulfilling connection with someone new and exciting.

Maybe it’s time to take a look at what these numbers may reveal about how much support from the cosmos has been granted in your life so far!

Numerology can be an enlightening way to uncover the answers you’ve been looking for. By entering your information, downloading a free report and getting prepared with all of the knowledge you need, numerology will help reveal what’s going on in their head!

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How spiritual signs work

You may be wondering how these spiritual signs can show that he misses you. How does it even work?
But before I get into how this all works, let me tell you what is different about your relationship with him.

It might seem like the sweetest and most low-key thing in the world right now; but trust me when I say it’s not a coincidence that nothing else has ever come close to feeling as special or romantic for either of us before. This means something more powerful is at play here: we are connected on an absolutely soulful level somehow!

Every couple has a bond that goes beyond the physical. You two are bonded in ways you may not even realize, and it is likely one of those spiritual bonds.

There have been many lifetimes where your souls have orbited each other as soul mates or twin flames; this will continue to happen through times both good and bad for the foreseeable future! It’s important to know when things aren’t going well though because sometimes wires get crossed (and then reconnected).

When an ex shows up every time they’re around you despite being mad at them, this might be their way of telling how much they still care about what happened between y’all – but don’t worry if he/she’s just trying to communicate with you spiritually.

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1- They text right when you’re thinking of them

It’s always exciting when your ex sends you a text right as you’re thinking of them. It’s like the universe is trying to tell us that we are on their wavelength and it feels pretty good, too!

But what do you say when your ex sends a text out of the blue? The key is to not rush into anything. You need to take some time and think about everything that has happened between you two before reacting, otherwise there’s an increase chance it will kill any possibility of starting again with them.

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What should I reply back then? It can be tempting just send one or two words like “hi” but if this doesn’t come off as aloof enough they may get discouraged from trying again in future texts (and we want them reaching out instead). Instead try taking more space – give yourself 30 minutes to collect your thoughts first so that even though your response won’t seem instantaneous, they’ll know how much thought was put

This is why you should never date a guy with ADHD.
A common misconception about guys who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is that they’re all jittery, weird and prone to making poor decisions in life—though this isn’t usually the case.

While some people diagnosed with it are like these stereotypes, most of them don’t fit into any particular mold; instead they just tend to be really energetic or impulsive at times when what’s being asked for doesn’t require much brain power from them! This can also make them great friends but lousy boyfriends because their brains literally need something else going on around him if he wants his full capacity working so without other stimuli, such as social interaction or physical activity-

You’ve got the perfect guy, but you need to know how to reel him in!

If he can’t stop texting while you’re thinking of him, that’s a sign for success. Just make sure this is what you want and don’t be afraid of risking it all because everything so far has been going amazing!

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2- They appear in your dreams

Your ex appears in your dreams because they miss you so much. That’s why it is important to pay attention to what we dream when our old partner comes up, especially if the relationship ended on bad terms.

The second spiritual sign that your ex misses you is them appearing in your dreams! It may be hard for us to think about someone who broke our heart and come across their face while dreaming at night but it actually means something very deep – not just an indication of a happy reunion or where one might meet again someday as lovers; often these appearances are interpreted by some tarot diviners as being warnings from spirits, guardians or ancestors trying to tell us there’s unfinished business with this person (like unresolved feelings). In order words:

Do you keep dreaming of your ex? If so, there is a common meaning that you are meant to be together. It can seem like an unfortunate coincidence if they were at the exact same time as well and shared in their nostalgia with you.

But when it happens all of the time- these synchronization will happen ALL OF THE TIME -you’ll know on a more spiritual level this was always inevitable for both parties!

Your ex usually has vivid dreams that are often times related to you. Pay close attention, they might just be trying to let you know how much they miss your presence in their life!

3- You receive angel numbers that point to them

The next spiritual sign your ex might miss you is when he or she sees unusual numbers. These are sequences of the same number, over and over again in random places! For example: If an ex wakes up at 2:22 am but then three cars driving past have their license plates reading 222 on them that day.

Then they stop to buy a snack at the gas station later – only for it to come out exactly $2.22?

You better believe that your spirit guides and angels are trying to tell you something through the number 222. When you see any of these numbers, find out what it means by looking up its meaning on a website like Spirit Guide Angels or Angel Numbers Today! You can also get insight into how much strong they feel about their relationship with an ex-lover which often confirms if they’re thinking about them too.

The best angel numbers for love include 2’s so don’t have to be limited to 222 but pay attention in case there is some significance those two digits might hold individually as well as together!

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4- You see a pink feather

Another spiritual sign your ex misses you is the appearance of a pink feather. As with angel numbers, feathers are sacred signs and symbols from the universe.

They’re communication on a higher level! Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be an “real” bird feather: this can be someone mentioning or talking about seeing one, such as when they’re reading something or watching TV; it could also come up for them if they see any kind of image depicting birds – like going through their favorite book looking at illustrations by chance (or even finding themselves drawn unwittingly into popular advertising campaigns).

5- A song on the radio

Another sign that your ex is thinking of you might be when they hear their favorite song on the radio. Especially if it’s a fond memory from back in the day, and then suddenly they start singing to themselves? It means that somewhere deep down inside them there’s still some love for you!

6- You hear their name more than usual

Another way to know your ex misses you is if they keep hearing their name. Whether it’s through the TV, at a store or anywhere else! Chances are that something similar may be happening on their end too and maybe there was more of an emotional connection than one might have guessed before this breakup happened?

This shows how connected we can feel with someone even after being apart for some time.

7- You run into them at strange places

Sometimes, the Universe has a way of bringing two people back together. If you’ve run into your ex at weird and random places like the grocery store or waiting in line for coffee then that could be another sign! It means on some spiritual level you are so connected to them they will wind up at the same place as you (at least once).

Your past relationship is not over even if it feels like it because after seeing each other again there may still be love between both parties where one party realizes how much they miss their ex-partner while being reminded about what made them fall in love with this person in first place.

If you find someone who intrigues and interests you, make sure that they know how much of a difference their messages to us can mean.

It’s not always easy for some people to gauge whether or not we’re interested in them–so if your crush starts texting at an irregular time then it may show interest! And the importance goes both ways: If after messaging back-and-forth with this person they refuse contact again without any explanation, it is either because they are seeing somebody else already or maybe just don’t like being contacted too often? To avoid looking silly by ignoring another person who wants more from us than our fake text conversations, let these signs be hints as when responding might be appropriate.

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8- They find your stuff in their space

One of the most powerful spiritual signs that your ex misses you is when they tell you they found something of yours in their personal space.

If, for example, both people lived together and recently broke up – this could be less clear-cut as there may have been plenty more opportunities to find things after moving out. But if it’s been a while since one person last saw the other or never even shared an address with them before breaking up – then these are definite hints! The thing about spirituality and spaces (think home vs heart) is that many times we think we can completely move on from someone else’s place but symbols come into play like what occupies our head space versus what resides in our heart space included how much physical memory remains present

In retrospect, the best way to not get your stuff taken is simply by being nice and letting people know what’s yours.

First off, don’t assume that it won’t happen because you are too cool for school or only hang out with good kids. You might just be on someone else’s radar! A big indicator of whether they’re really into you or want something from you is how often they contact/text message after a first encounter- otherwise known as stalking behavior in its more typical form.

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And if this person has come up once again in conversation when no one should have seen them around lately? They most likely found an opportunity to sneak away while everyone was distracted (or passed out) and took their chance at stealing some

When you hear that your ex is seeing someone else, it might feel like a punch in the gut. But there’s still hope for reconciliation!

It’s never easy to see an old flame with somebody new — but if they’re open about their feelings and are making changes for themselves then maybe forgiving them isn’t so hard after all.

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9- People keep asking you about them

When you notice people in your life asking about the ex that broke up with you, it’s natural to feel a twinge of sadness. This is because everyone usually knows there was some relationship and they’re trying not to bring back bad memories for you all over again.

But what these well-meaning friends are really trying to say is “Hey! You deserve someone better than this!” So don’t be scared when other people mention how much more happy or relaxed they seem since getting out from under their thumbs–it may just mean that one person has finally realized he deserves so much better too

When talking about an ex who left us behind, we often see others act differently around us – like avoiding any topics related to them altogether or bringing up

When people keep asking about your ex, it’s usually a sign from the Universe because they can’t help but think of you!

Remember we talked earlier about how telepathic dreaming and texting with an old flame are just accidents? Well if someone accidentally says something to you that reminds them of what used to be between us (or come on too strong) then I bet our thoughts have been crossing paths. That’s one more sacred sign than my past lover has been thinking back…

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Just one or two signs is plenty

You know your ex misses you when they start doing things that remind them of the good times. This is why, if you see any of these signs in their behavior and are still unsure about whether or not to take a second chance on love with this person, then it should be easy for you to decide!

No two relationships will ever be exactly alike; so don’t assume that just because some people experience all eight of these spiritual signs from an ex means YOU need too. You might only need one sign – which is enough for most people at this time in life anyway.

If you wait too long or handle communication with your ex in the wrong way – they can drive them away forever. But, if you learn what to do, how and when… they can come back to you and rebuild a relationship so much stronger than ever before!

So many women have had success manifesting their exes once they saw that door wasn’t shut for good. Some of those who learned too late about what was happening were left behind by an ex now married to another woman while some even has one or two kids born from the marriage without any input at all from themselves – it doesn’t sound like fun does it?

While they still show signs of interest

It’s not easy to get a relationship back from someone who doesn’t seem interested. The best way we’ve found is through communication and empathy–but most importantly, you’ll need patience!

And start your happily ever after story. You’ll be so happy you did!