Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Updated on February 22, 2023

Major Arcana

The Fool is the beginning of a journey, and The World marks its end. In between these two cards are all major moments that define what we’ll carry with us as we go through life — it’s why they’re called Major Arcana!

Do you want to learn more about the Tarot? Starting with The Fool, this is a journey through life. With each card comes new knowledge and wisdom as we follow our protagonist on his path in search of enlightenment. Join me now for an adventure into your own mind!

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0- The Fool – Possibility & New Beginnings

The Fool is the first card in any deck of cards, which can make it a tricky one to understand. The more you learn about this elusive character though, the better off your game will be!

The most notable feature on his face are his eyes- wild and unseeing with no real understanding of what he has just walked into. He’s wearing clothing that appears tattered by time as if they have been worn for years without changing them at all and an expression so innocent that you would think him incapable of doing wrong even while knowing how deceptive appearances could be. This man is walking forward blindly towards something unknown but not uncaring; instead excitedly anticipating the next adventure waiting around every corner or right down front where there may lie some sort

The Fool is one of the most well known cards in the tarot deck. It represents new beginnings, opportunities and freedom; a blank slate just waiting to be drawn on. The card can also represent potential – with life’s journey still ahead, it’s no time for fear or hesitation – but instead an opportunity to do something spontaneous and live life for what you know will come next!
The innocence that this card brings speaks volumes about how important it is when we’re able embrace our curiosity and intuition without being afraid of taking risks or jumping into unknown territory headfirst.

The Fool is the card of new beginnings. When reversed, it may mean that you are resisting going on a journey for fear of what lies ahead or being too cautious and not taking enough risks in life.

The Magician is the ultimate manifestation card that has all of your materials in one space. When this person shows up, you are blessed and have everything you need to create what you want or need. The number “1” symbolizes how every beginning starts with a spark of inspiration; it’s like lighting the fire for success! If drawn, use its energy to manifest whatever inspiring idea comes into mind as well as any other needs on hand.

Your plans are blocked from coming to fruition because you have poor planning skills and an overinflated sense of self.

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2- The High Priestess – Intuition

The High Priestess is a powerful card that stands for intuition, the subconscious mind, and divine knowledge. This makes it easy to see why she’s an important figure in Tarot readings – her wisdom can be used as guidance from beyond ordinary understanding!

The Priestess is a card that always points you towards something bigger than yourself. Whether it be divine knowledge or universal truths, The Priestess will guide the way and show you what lies behind the veil of life. When reversed, she can point to someone who doubts their intuition and neglects this powerful feminine force.

3- The Empress – Nurture, Creation

The Empress is a powerful archetype that represents the Mother, creativity and abundance. When The Empress shows up in your life it’s important to embrace her because she will bring you beauty and grace as well as success if you allow yourself to do so.

4- The Emperor – Authority

The Emperor card is one of the most recognizable cards in Tarot, and for good reason. The man on this card stands tall with his perfect posture that makes it seem as though he was never afraid to stand up straight even when everyone around him bowed their head low. He has a beard like Zeus’s powerful beard, but without all those animalistic features or thunderbolts shooting out from behind his backside. This guy looks more human than god-like because we can see there are wrinkles under each eye: His wisdom speaks volumes about life experience; so much so that you know he must have had some rough times himself before reaching enlightenment!

In Ancient Greece and Rome, emperors were considered gods who ruled over everything they surveyed due to

The Emperor is one of the most powerful cards in a tarot deck. He usually appears as an older man seated on his throne and holding onto two symbols, which represent power over both worlds: spiritual (informal) and physical/worldly. Sometimes The Emperor can be interpreted as political figures like fathers or bosses, who are also able to maintain control over their employees’ lives outside work hours; however it doesn’t always have to mean this–especially since feminine energy lines up with earthly endeavours too!

Many people are led to believe that the Emperor is a strong and mighty ruler. However, when reversed it can actually be quite dangerous as they will often do things without thinking about what could happen if something goes wrong or ignoring any safety precautions just for their own personal enjoyment at times.

5- The Hierophant – Tradition

The Hierophant is a symbol that typically represents the need to go with what’s always been done. The card may represent religion as well, because it reflects old and traditional beliefs that are practiced for no other reason than they have been in practice since time immemorial—not spirituality per say but more about going by tradition without question or challenge.

The Hierophant is about conformity, obedience and sticking to tradition. It may indicate that one should educate themselves by going back to school or exploring new ideas in order not only adhere with the rules but also make sure they are fulfilling their true potential.

The reversed Hierophant can represent someone who says it how it is and there’s no room for disagreement, but this has a downside. Without doubt or discussion, the truth may not be revealed.

6- The Lovers – Partnership/Connection

Life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes we make mistakes, but when you find the one person who completes your life—literally makes it whole again with all of their flaws that are just perfect for yours—you feel like nothing else matters. The Lovers is about a love so strong that not even society can tear them apart or stop what they want to do together

The story of the Lovers is about what happens when you make a choice without knowing that there are two more possible outcomes: getting heartbroken or making the right choice. You don’t know if it’s worth giving up your independence for love, but sometimes relationships do just happen and we think they’re “right”. The upside to this card is self-love; once you find yourself again (or establish another type of love), then everything else falls into place!

7- Chariot – Movement

The Chariot is a card that symbolizes great accomplishment and advancement, with the will to do anything for those who dare.

The Chariot is an ambitious card with a determination that will not allow anything to get in its way. When the Chariot shows up, it’s clear you cannot be stopped from reaching your goals. It signifies self-confidence and inner strength as well as being resourceful enough for any situation at hand.

The Chariot feels powerful, but not in the same way. There is no sense of direction or control as you move through life at breakneck speeds and everything becomes a messy blur.

8- Strength – Quiet Control/Courage

The Strength card is all about control, but by being gentle. It’s not a forceful rule like you may see with The Emperor.

Strength is knowing that you are enough. It’s not about exerting force or commanding respect, it’s an inner strength where you know how much power and value resides within your own being. This card will encourage us to tap into the courage of our convictions because they’re worth fighting for without having the need to show something off or prove anything in order be worthy of love and belonging (in other words: we don’t have to do any heavy lifting). When this Tarot Card turns up reversed, usually means one thing – there may actually be more going on than meets the eye at first glance; whether physically, mentally, emotionally incapable of dealing with what’s in front-of-you right now; maybe even just uninterested

9- The Hermit – Rest/Respite/Isolation

The Hermit is the “wisest” of all. He has been through his own struggles and knows what it takes to overcome them, so he helps you along your way on The Fool’s Journey as a guide.

In solitude, The Hermit card is about taking time to rest and relax. While they are alone — it’s not lonely. Their relaxation comes from the much-needed break after a long journey ahead where you can take care of yourself before continuing on with what lies in store for them next. When reversed, we see that this solitary figure actually feels isolated by their own choice due to loneliness or exclusion which doesn’t feel good at all because deep down inside they would rather be part of something greater than themselves instead of feeling so disconnected as if there’s nothing left but emptiness

10 – The Wheel – Chance/Fortune

What if the Wheel of Fortune could represent your whole life? It’s true, you never know what will happen next. And that sounds like a tough game to play! But wait… isn’t this just how it is in real life anyway? We make decisions and we don’t always know how they are going to turn out–and sometimes there’s Karma involved (think “what goes around comes around). If the Wheel turns up reversed, then you can be sure: You’re stuck with something that makes no sense at all because nothing good ever happens when things go round and round until someone decides to change course.

11- Justice – Balance/Karma

When The Justice card pops up in the Major Arcana, it is a clear and precise representation of what has already happened. It won’t take into consideration your emotions or feelings on any given situation. They want to make sure that they look at all available evidence before coming to their decision about how you should be treated for past wrongdoings.

Justice is just and fair. It’s about making the right, logical choice for everyone involved in a situation. Justice isn’t always what feels good or looks pretty but it can help you make decisions that’ll work out better than sticking with your gut instinct would have as well as give justice to those who feel robbed of their due diligence in life so far.

I’m going to need a reset button on my computer after reading this article. It’s just one long list of complaints, and there isn’t even anything that could be taken as fact – it all sounds like baseless speculation at best! That kind of attitude can lead us down the wrong path for sure; we’re better off trying something different instead of being stuck in old patterns because they might not work out now anyhow.

12- The Hanged Man – Pause & Release

The Hanged Man is the perfect symbol for letting go of your burdens and worries.
The card’s inverted meaning indicates that you’re refusing to let go, or trying too hard at something; when we find ourselves in this situation it’s time stop putting up resistance and release our grip on things.

It’s hard to know what direction you want your life to go in when everything feels like it’s moving too fast. It can feel demoralizing, but don’t worry! You are not alone and even if things seem slow or stagnant now, there is a good reason for that. Remember that patience will be rewarded with the opportunity to grow from being put on hold–it means having grace while knowing full well about all of those times when something seemed impossible until after we were able forget completely about how difficult it was at first and enjoy whatever success has come as a result

The Hanged Man is not just a card of self-sacrifice. It’s also about accepting life as it comes, and learning from the lessons we’re given. The reversal doesn’t change that meaning too much–the idea remains very similar to how one should live their lives in order to be successful on some level or another.”

13- Death – Transformation

The Death card is the most powerful of all cards in tarot because it carries so much charged sentiment. It can often be misinterpreted as literal death, but this couldn’t be farther from reality! The only thing that means when you see a Death card pop up in your reading is change and transformation—it’s time to release what’s holding us back and move forward towards new phases of our life with confidence.

Quitting is a decision many people have to make at one point in their life. You’ll experience pain, but not always! Sometimes it’s the mutual agreement that leads you out of an unfulfilling relationship or even a business partnership no longer meeting your needs and wants. On other occasions, quitting may mean walking away from what feels like security for something far more rewarding: starting up your own company after leaving behind years as someone else’s employee where you never felt fulfilled by how they treated employees or customers; deciding to move on from friends who just keep bringing negativity into every social gathering rather than uplifting everyone around them with support when times are tough… these were all decisions I had made over time, each feeling

Death can also be a blockage to transformation.
It’s stillness – but not the good kind. It’s that feeling of knowing you should leave your job or relationship, but refusing to make the leap because you’re moderately comfortable. Other times it is dramatic and stressful: death represents an obstacle between us and our aspirations for change in life; when we are willing to confront this challenge head on with courage, then there will always be something waiting at its end in exchange as well!

14- Temperance – Balance/Moderation

The Temperance card is about balance. There are so many competing interests in our lives, and sometimes you need a reminder that it’s okay to be imperfect – even if just for now. Reversed, the temperance symbolizes excess or imbalance with vices and other things too!

Ever feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels in one area of life and neglecting the rest? It might be time to take a step back, re-evaluate the things that matter most.

15- Devil – Vices/Temptation

The Devil card is often seen as a terrifying image. However, this isn’t the devil most people think of in relation to Christianity and hasn’t been for quite some time now. The idea that it’s not all about temptation or vices either – rather its your own choice power you have over what happens next with regards to different outcomes.

The Devil is a part of the Tarot, and it’s tempting to think that he only represents bad things. But The Devil can also be your guide through challenging moments in life because sometimes an old habit or friend from years ago just might help you out when you’re having difficulty making decisions about what path to take next with your relationship woes.

There are a lot of things you can do to help yourself get out from under this mess.

16- Tower – Loss/Disruption

When the Tower falls, it means that something so big and shocking is about to happen in your life. The shock of this event will shake you to your core; everything major about who you are or what defines you now may be changed forever.

Struggling through a tough time? A Tower moment is guaranteed to come. Maybe you found out your partner cheated on you with your best friend or maybe it was something more personal, like losing someone close to you and dealing with the pain of that loss all alone. It’s hard but we know things will get better eventually — because they always do! We’re hopeful for what comes after this difficult period in our lives too; sometimes The Tower brings us new opportunities for growth when everything else seems hopeless.

Fate is like an opportunistic stalker who has his sights set on you. The smoke clears, the air gets warmer and you think everything is back to normal until suddenly it all becomes clear that there were times where fate was trying to warn you about something but because of your own obliviousness or inattentiveness, nothing happened as a result.

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17- Star – Hope

It’s been a long journey, but we can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel. The Star is full of hope and will lead us into brighter days ahead!

The Fool’s Journey has taken me to some crazy places in my life so far- I’ve experienced loss, upheaval, drama and more than once felt like darkness would never leave. But as you near its conclusion on your card deck there emerges not just one shining star that leads through all these troubles… no four stars shine down with brightening rays from above which point towards what awaits those who are still standing after such difficult times; new opportunities for success await if only patience can be found again amidst it all

The Ace of Cups can offer you the reassurance that everything will be okay in due time, even if things seem bad right now or as though they’ve been going on for way too long. This card symbolizes an awakening–a revelation-of sorts. You are being called upon to restore your faith and what is possible so you can move forward and rebuild your life!

In a world where the Tower falls, there is no light- only darkness and despair. And when that Star finally glimmers on the horizon for just an instant? It’s like nothing else in life can compare to its beauty.

18- Moon – Façade/Illusion

The Moon is the card of intuition, the ability to sense something that isn’t visible or audible. The High Priestess and her intuitive senses are as different from this moonless night sky as you can get; while she emanates light in a dark room, he’s shrouded by it.’

The next major arcana we will explore is one about intuition—but not what kind of intuitions make you feel connected with some higher power. Instead these are all about sensing things out there like an old friend on Facebook who doesn’t post pictures anymore because they got married again last weekend

The Moon can be difficult to understand, but people often feel uneasiness and fear when they sense something is wrong.

It’s that gut feeling you get on the street late at night or in a dimly lit room where it feels like someone else is there with you watching your every move. It could just be intuition telling us we need to turn around; go back home instead of walking straight into danger. The moon represents anything from premonitions about death or illness- don’t ignore what’s inside anymore than ignoring sunshine would allow for safe passage through life!

There is a darkness in you, and it’s to be expected. It’s natural for your mind not being at peace with itself. You may want to seek help if The Moon appears while reflecting on how things are going because this could mean that something isn’t right internally or externally which can cause anxiety and depression, as well as delusions of self-doubt.

19- Sun – Enlightenment & Happiness

The Sun is a card of rebirth, coming out into the light, and surviving. It doesn’t matter how dark your past has been; you’re ready to move on now that you’ve healed yourself. You can find so much beauty in this world around us- it’s all here for our taking as we learn not to fear going outside again or meeting new people!

The Sun is still the symbol of happiness and awakening, just in a delayed form.

20- Judgment – Awakening/Arrival

When you’re in the right place, it can be difficult to draw a card that reflects what is going on. Sometimes we have to face our embarrassing moments from years ago and see how they helped us grow into who we are today.

The Judgment card of the Major Arcana represents your moment of reflection on your journey; And sometimes you might remember all those little moments in your life that make you cringe just a little bit- maybe when you were mean or stingy, or hurt so now hurting others out there too? You’ve since matured and grown up but think back about every embarrassment and mistake made then find yourself two routes: To love oneself despite these things with great peace–and embrace them for helping make one self who he/she

When you don’t love and accept yourself, it can cause some pretty terrible things. When the upright Judgment card is reversed, for example, one might judge themselves too harshly or never think they are good enough because of their mistakes instead of seeing them as a learning experience. These types of feelings have been shown to lead people down quite an unhealthy path with self-destruction being near inevitable at times if not addressed early on in therapy sessions before symptoms become chronic.

When this card flips over though (and that happens from time to time), those thoughts about how bad you really are disappear completely – leaving only peace where there was pain!

21- World – Completion/Ending

The World card symbolizes the end of a cycle. It is up to you how that journey will be: whether it’s one filled with trials, hardships and sorrows or not. The choice is yours!

You’ve been on a journey, but it hasn’t always been easy. You graduate from school and get your degree; you buy the house of your dreams- or so you thought at least. But sometimes we tend to think that once we “make it” there is no more work ahead for us when in reality there are new challenges waiting just around the bend as our next phase begins with The Fool reversed card meaning some resistance to moving onto this level again because going backwards feels uncomfortable even if only for now. Maybe deep down inside though, like many other graduates out here who feel lost after finally getting their degrees, worries about how they will thrive outside of higher education await them too…

Ultimately, parenthood is inevitable. Some people are lucky enough to experience the joy that accompanies their first child’s birth before they decide whether or not this world will be a good place for them and their family. For others, fear of what lies ahead can paralyze you at the idea of giving birth to your offspring with no clue as to how it might affect you in each subsequent stage until death do us part when we have outlived our children and grandchildren who were once our primary source of support

Some believe life doesn’t really begin until becoming pregnant but most would agree parents don’t know true happiness without experiencing pregnancy themselves – especially if it’s one’s very own baby about to enter into existence on earth.

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