How To Manifest Your Dreams With Positive Self-Talk

Updated on February 23, 2023

Are you failing at manifesting? That’s not too surprising, because if you haven’t been successful before!


Whether it’s telling yourself “you can do this, you look beautiful today, and I know you are going to have an outstanding day today!” or reminding your reflection in the mirror of all her flaws — don’t underestimate how important self-talk is.

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Self-Talk Can Be Tricky

Thoughts are the most powerful manifesting tool we have. They created your reality, and they can change it too–all you need is a little reminder to keep them flowing in the right direction!

Every thought that pops into our head has immense power for creating or changing realities all on its own.

But here’s what makes self-talk truly awesome: not only do thoughts pop up audibly sometimes (“I’m so tired!”), but also silently inside of us (we’re just sitting there going “ugh” over and over again).

And this silent variety? It’s actually far more potent than those out loud ones because it leaves room for imagination to flow freely without interruption from other people around us who might be trying their bests at distracting.

It’s no surprise we have endless chatter in our heads. What if you were careful enough to control most of that negative self-talk?

Consider this, when people spend 15 minutes a day doing the 55×5 technique and affirming something positive about themselves while sleeping for 16 hours straight, what good is it then!

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5 Tips For Making A Habit Of Positive Self-Talk

In this article I am going to discuss the importance of self-talk in regards to manifesting your desired outcomes. As you may know, affirmations are a great way for tapping into the law of attraction and allowing it work best with us humans!

Self talk is thought as primarily being something that we do internally but research has shown that externalizing our thoughts through saying them aloud can make even more impactful results than just thinking them alone.

This means by repeating statements about what you want or need out loud at least 3 times every day will help ground those thoughts while also helping create an action plan and vision board so they’re easier to see on a physical plane instead simply existing only mentally where there’s no evidence whatsoever other than faith .

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1-  Be Aware Of “Self-Thought.”

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation and suddenly realized how much time has passed without your awareness? You’ve probably experienced what psychologists call “blinking,” or being conscious for some amount of time before passing out briefly into unconsciousness.

It feels as though our minds are constantly generating thoughts that we can never control: this is called “monkey mind.”

The longer these random thoughts persist on their own accord – uninterrupted by consciousness – they penetrate further towards the subconscious level.

Some experts believe there’s no boundary between these levels; instead it all exists to serve us at different times depending on where we need focus most (think about when you’re driving).

It’s easy to get caught up in your thoughts and start worrying about everything that could potentially go wrong. However, this cycle can be harmful as well because it prevents you from manifesting what is right for you.

To tame the monkey mind, pay attention to how often things are going through your head so they don’t take over every aspect of life!

The mind is a powerful thing. If you can train your monkey to obey, and tame it from running amok on the fields of your brain at will for no reason whatsoever – as if there was nothing holding it back then what would be stopping everything else?

If self-talk goes unchecked, or without management over time we stray into that dark abyss where our own thoughts are looming around us like monsters in an unexplored cave with little light save those few candles we’ve lit ourselves when all hope seemed lost… but wait!

There’s still some life left in these wicks of fuel yet – just enough to keep them burning until morning comes and they’re finally put out by the rising sun again…

I found that one of the most mundane ways to start a day is with a few minutes sitting in silence and not thinking.

It’s simple, but it can be surprisingly difficult as thoughts will constantly creep into your head. But when you have achieved this state of clarity, there are no distractions so you’ll find yourself able to think more clearly about what exactly YOU want out of life!

I used to be a skeptic. I mean, how can you really meditate in just twelve minutes? And what are these “subliminal” audio tracks anyway? But then one day my boss told me about it and urged me to give it a try; so after some convincing by everyone around the office – and out of curiosity for goodness sake!

– I downloaded this free subliminal track on mindfulness and positive self talk from YouTube, plugged in my earbuds, turned up the volume as high as possible without hurting myself or anyone else nearby (make sure not too disturb others!) closed my eyes while sitting upright like Buddha statue on meditation cushion with spine straightened back against chair – which is something that we all

I love manifestation practices because they’re easy, fast and FREE. I’ve got one for you! Give it a try today and tell me how much you like it tomorrow.

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2- Watch Your Language

You may not realize it, but your words are powerful. Whether you’re telling yourself that you suck or talking to others about their flaws and insecurities, take a minute to think before speaking negatively. You might be surprised by the effects of what you say on those who hear them!

I’ve been doing this for years and I find it really interesting. The other day, while walking down the street to meet a friend of mine, she was talking about how much they were looking forward to seeing me when all of a sudden I tripped on something.

She told me that “Oh wow! You must be moving too quickly!” It made me think back through my life and realize every time someone said anything nice or complimentary (instead of being mean) towards one another there would usually end up in some kind of success happening shortly thereafter.

We should try thinking like we’re speaking into our own ear so as not to fall victim again but if you have any advice please share with us what your best antidote is?

You are the only one that can keep yourself accountable for your words. Become conscious of what you speak to others and, most importantly, to yourself! The sooner you start reprogramming yourself with better ones, the more likely it is that they will manifest in your life as a habit.

3-  Keep it Real

When it comes to manifesting and the law of attraction, there are many things we can get wrong. One big thing is forgetting that while affirmations are okay dreams need to be realistic too.

You may say you want a million bucks but if your current income can’t even cover basic living expenses this isn’t going to work for you anytime soon no matter how much positive energy or faithfulness in practice as well because what do I have left when my home falls through?

Downright lying about unpleasant circumstances won’t give us anything worth working with either like pretending abuse didn’t happen just so we’re not embarrassed by our abuser’s family members at Thanksgiving or berating ourselves when feeling human emotions such as anger, jealousy, sadness

We all make mistakes, but it’s important to be kinder and gentler with yourself when any of those inevitable errors occur.

Rather than denying that the mistake happened or making excuses for your bad behavior, try looking at what you could have done differently in order to avoid repeating this same error again later on down the line.

It is okay if you feel wronged by other people as well- just keep an eye out for how over time these feelings are affecting not only your mental health, but others around you too (such as friends/family).

4-  Enlist a Friend

If we are not careful, those negative thoughts about ourselves can snowball into a wave of self-doubt. How do you know if you’re the one creating that downward spiral?

Listen to your own voice when it speaks up in conversation or think back on what’s been going through your head recently and see which feelings surface…I never knew I had a way of speaking that seemed like I was expecting failure, until one day when my friend told me.

That really shook up everything for me – at first! But after giving it some thought and self-evaluating myself in depth, she wasn’t wrong about the sound of my voice: It felt as if success didn’t come naturally to others because they saw how hard work is necessary to achieve what you want out life.

I used to believe I could conquer the world all on my own, but it took some trial and error. In hindsight, this is where a little help would have come in handy! The subliminal audio track that had been shared with me earlier helped significantly-and yet even so things seemed tough for awhile there despite what I was doing right.

But then one day something strange happened: everything just fell into place like magic! And here we are today–a testimony of how sometimes you need help from others afterall when life gets too hard or doesn’t seem fair at times 🙂

Your closest friends and loved ones can give you a good idea of how effective your mindset is in achieving what you desire most.

Ask them to rate, on a scale one-to ten (one being negative and ten being positive), the attitude or speech patterns about money from any given time period. The answer might surprise you!

You will be amazed how effective this short subliminal track is at helping you focus.

The free audible download, which takes less than 10 minutes to complete, works wonders for a variety of listening difficulties and can help those who suffer from ADD or ADHD keep their minds on the task at hand with an easy-to-use process that requires no effort after it finishes running in your background.

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5- Be A Friend

Be more positive to others and you will be a better person for yourself.

Sometimes it can seem like the world is against us, but here’s an easy solution: just change your focus from negative things and people to find good in them instead.

This doesn’t mean that those bad thoughts won’t enter our head occasionally – they’re human after all! But by surrounding ourselves with positivity we not only become happier as individuals, but also grow stronger when faced with negativity because of how familiar it becomes.

It can be hard to notice other people’s negative self-talk, but when you do it may seem like a never ending cycle. One day I noticed myself in the mirror talking about how terrible my hair looked and then turned around just as another woman was complaining out loud about her own!

When we are close enough friends or family members sometimes they’ll ask us for support with their negativity and even though it feels uncomfortable at first, by filling that emotional cup of theirs (especially if they’re doing this all on their own) you will start seeing more positive energy coming back your way.

I always love being reminded what an amazing person I am – especially since so much focus is put on our flaws these days from magazines telling me how awful my

The way you think about yourself can make a huge difference in your life, and it’s not as hard to change bad habits of self-talk as you might think. Here are some simple ways to turn negative talk into positive:
‘turns’ ‘swears’, ‘this stuff is so small’; “but has the potential for really helping… also bring[ing] joy to those around me.”

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Final Thoughts On Positive Self-Talk

There are so many benefits to positive self-talk. Learning how to speak positively and encouraging words can help you achieve your manifesting goals in major ways, making it worth the effort!

There’s a free subliminal audio track that I created. It works for just about anyone and it’ll just take you one week to experience the benefits of this product!

I thought I had lost my way
But now, with the support of you and me – it never was so hard to stay in line.
I will love when people hurt themselves over time; I’ll show them how they’re worth this strife. With courage honed by faith, there is no better place than here at your side.