The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings

Updated on February 22, 2023

High Priestess Tarot

A tarot card can be a powerful tool for spiritual reflection. The High Priestess, the third Major Arcana in your deck of cards, is all about intuition and making connections to our Higher Self.

We will explore other meanings of this Tarot Card throughout the post!

The High Priestess Tarot Card Keywords

Something that may be unknown to the conscious mind is always present in our subconscious. Our intuition, spirituality and psychic ability are all subtle clues from this mysterious part of ourselves. This can cause mystery sometimes but it also provides a deeper understanding as we develop these abilities through creativity, sensuality and desirability; feminine energy which has divine knowledge embedded within her (the goddess).

Something deep down inside you might feel hidden or elusive- yet its influence on your life cannot go unnoticed. We have enormous power waiting for us at any time – like an invisible force guiding each one of us with messages just below the surface layer of reality whether they’re coming directly into contact with consciousness or not!

The psychic has some troubles with their abilities, and is experiencing unwanted attention. They are also displaying signs of aggression, have lost self-control in a situation they may not want to be around people at all times; additionally this can manifest as an inability for the individual’s intuition to work properly or communicate telepathically. The person could feel repressed on a spiritual level where there is no desireability from others which makes them become frustrated by life itself because it feels like nobody cares about them anymore considering how isolated they’ve been feeling lately.

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The High Priestess Card Description

The woman’s head is covered with a veil, her face hidden in shadow. Her eyes are closed as she sits on the throne and holds two objects of power: A crescent moon-topped wand that weaves its magic through the air like threads; an open book which glows white hot from within, casting shadows against dark blue robes decorated with stars and moons. Behind her veils blows wind carrying secrets across starlit skies to be heard by ears only meant to listen – but you can’t turn away now either…

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The High Priestess tarot card contains many symbols about life cycles: The crowning horns represent fertility or virility while also acting as protective wards for wisdom seekers who seek counsel under this figure’s guidance

Her dark, mysterious eyes peer out from the shadows of her headdress.

The High Priestess in tarot is a sign you need to listen to your gut and trust your intuition. Things aren’t always what they seem on the surface, so pay attention! The Universe may be sending you sacred signs and symbols that can help guide you — make sure not to miss them because this could prove crucial for such an important decision. With The High Priestess upright, it might represent someone who has practical knowledge or wisdom about life due their past experiences. This person would likely be able to teach others how best do this as well since they are wise beyond their years with much experience under their belt already

Upright High Priestess Meaning For Love

Your desire to search for love will be at an all-time high. Your desires manifest in a variety of different ways, but The High Priestess reflects the part that you are seeking fulfillment and longing from someone else who can provide it.

Upright High Priestess Meaning For Money

You may not be able to pinpoint the answer, but The High Priestess card is a sign that when it comes to your career or job, you have something up your sleeve. In an upright position she’ll tell you there’s room for more knowledge and understanding in this area of life which can lead to new opportunities opening before you!

The Fool wants us all following our intuition – just don’t question what we’re being told later on down the line because sometimes answers are hidden within spirituality-based decisions. It’ll take creativity though (and possibly some bravery) if want things like money flowing into your world from every direction by way of work/career success.

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Reversed High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings

The High Priestess is an unarguable figure, but when reversed it suggests that your intuition and subconscious mind are leading you in the direction of the truth. Though this may be frustrating at times as there can still be moments where confusion reigns supreme, more often than not following these instincts will lead to a better understanding of yourself for both others and even just day-to-day life decisions. There’s also potential consequences if you continue down this path — either by willfully ignoring them or because they go unheard entirely!

The High Priestess is the card of self-care and introspection, asking you to look inward before looking outward. If The Hight Priestess shows up in a tarot reading it could mean that you are trying hard to impress others while neglecting your own needs or fantasizing about what life would be like with someone else rather than staying grounded in who you really are.

You may be settling for the wrong person because you don’t want to be alone.

You might find yourself highly desirable on your dating scene with tons of options, but none of them interest you at this point in time and it’s just easier to take someone who is willing than stay single. This can lead a lot more conflict between partners due to their differences outside interests as well as different levels of needs fulfilled within the relationship which leads people believing that they are not compatible even if there was passion early-on in the relationship or before marriage

Reversed High Priestess Meaning For Money

Finally, when The High Priestess shows up for money, she might represent someone who is being manipulative.
She knows how to get what she wants and isn’t afraid to use other people’s weaknesses against them. It can be disheartening if you find out that the person you trusted was manipulating your feelings or thoughts in order to manipulate their own agenda. But don’t feel too bad because this card will warn about it in a reading before they have a chance! Keep your eyes peeled next time around because some cards are more sneaky than others – though ultimately we must remember our true selves first so as not to fall victim again

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It’s important to make sure you understand the consequences of your actions and how they might affect your finances. The most common thing people do is spend money on things that aren’t necessary which can lead them into debt down the road if they’re not careful.

For many, it seems like a good idea to go out and buy something new because clothes are getting worn or we need a new house for our expanding family but when all said and done what really needs replacing may be more than one item at once so think about where there could potentially be cost savings by buying these items in bulk instead of piecemeal as this will give us much better bang for buck!

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The Empress tarot card meaning is the symbol of motherhood, creative power and feminine wisdom. The key to understanding her energy comes from what she holds in her hands—a scepter which represents authority, a shield that stands for defense against negative forces as well as an overflowing cornucopia signifying abundance both physical and emotional. To fully understand where you are headed with this deck it’s important to read the other cards around her so make sure not only pay attention when drawing these!

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