How To Charge Your Crystals With Your Intentions

Updated on February 23, 2023

Have you been living under a rock? You really have not heard about people manifesting change in their lives with healing crystals and gemstones, have you? Well now is your time to shine because it’s true.

Not only are they great for decorating on the desk or around your neck but these shining pieces of Earth can also help us achieve even our biggest goals!

Healing stones give many benefits like elevating mood, attracting love and romance, manifesting money- so if that sounds up your alley then maybe try some out today

Have you ever wondered if crystals can have magic?
For me, the answer is yes.
I’ve been a little skeptical about this for some time until I found out one thing: there are different ways to charge your crystal before they start working their healing powers on you!

Today, let’s learn how to do that together so we can see first-hand all of the benefits from using them.

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Charge Crystals Intentions

Crystals are much the same. You can have them sitting on your shelf, but until you turn them on and give it instructions for what to do when someone needs healing or advice, they’re just pretty rocks with no purpose

Crystals are exactly the same as plain rocks, until they’re charged with energy. You can tell you’ve done this when your crystal starts to shine and emit a beautiful glow!

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Can Crystals Transfer Energy?

Imagine a world without our modern electronics. What would we do? We’d have to find other ways, right then and there, of powering things up — like the way they did it in ancient times!

That is why crystals are so important today; not only because they’re pretty but also their ability to hold energy might be more than what you thought…

A quick guide on how to charge crystals with your intentions.

The process of charging a crystal is simple, contrary to what some people may believe and the amount you know about it does not always correlate with its effectiveness so don’t sweat it if this isn’t something new or exciting for you.

It’s an easy way to manifest change in our life when we use them as tools during meditation or yoga practices, create jewelry out of them (think necklaces), utilize their energy by placing one in front of where ever we’ll be working at home- either around computers or near appliances that can emit harmful electromagnetic waves like microwaves…

How To Charge Crystals With A Ritual of Intention

If you want to charge your crystals, simply take the following steps. First of all, make sure that they are in a place where light can reach them and clear out any negative energy from previous use or intention.

Then hold your crystal over an incense burner with sage inside until it starts crackling – this will cleanse both the space as well as provide additional purification for what is about to happen next: charging!

Next up comes meditation time; find yourself a comfortable position (or get cozy on top), close your eyes if possible, and focus solely on sending positive thoughts into the stone so that its natural energies could be enhanced by those who come after you.

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Lastly but not leastly would be cleansing again before storing away for another day’s

1- Clean Your Crystals

When you’re ready to clean your crystals, it can be difficult. There are so many methods and techniques that every witch has their own way of doing things.

All the different ways in which a crystal could have been used or mishandled before hand is just one reason why they should always be cleansed when first acquired. You never know who handled them beforehand-or where those hands traveled from!

One simple technique for cleansing stones would involve using sage while saying a prayer over them, or even by submerging them into salt water with an intention set upon turning away negative energy; these two options represent opposite ends of the spectrum but both work well as ritualistic purification tools unto themselves

This is a quick and easy way to cleanse your crystals. Bathe them in sunlight for a few hours, set it on the windowsill or outside under some moonlight.

Cleanse with sage smoke before washing in salt water (careful because you may not want to submerge any of these more fragile stones). Planting this crystal will also neutralize its energy after cleansing!

Don’t worry, this is totally doable. Just pick a method and get it done so you can move on to the next step!

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2- Create Your Sacred Space or Ambience

Considering how much time we spend sleeping, it is surprising that many people don’t set the mood for their sleep ritual.

Instead of going to bed with a racing mind and thoughts about tomorrow’s busy morning or worrying over what you are doing in your day job- which will only disrupt your sleep pattern – try setting up an intention before bedtime so as not to disturb this important time slot.

If you want to feel positive and empowered, it’s time for a crystal charge!

If there is one thing that can make your day better than before, the answer might be as simple as crystals. Crystals are natural powerhouses of healing energy.

There isn’t anything they cannot do or help with — from performing rituals at home to restoring mental clarity after work – they’re versatile little guys who love giving back in any way possible! But what does this have to do with charging them?

If we don’t give these sacred rocks their due attention on occasion (i.e., by storing them under direct sunlight), then our own personal wellbeing may suffer greatly- which nobody wants when all you need is a few minutes out in nature

3- Establish A Connection

We all know how hard it can be to focus and get work done these days. With texting, emailing, Facebook notifications popping up on your phone screen… the list goes on! It’s just too easy for our minds to wander off into some other place that we aren’t paying attention.

But when you’re meditating or doing any kind of practice like yoga – something where you have a clear intention in mind – things are different; there is greater clarity and less distraction because everything is going towards achieving this one goal at hand: being present with oneself (or whatever) right now.

In order not to spend an hour scrolling through Instagram before realizing what day it even was let alone accomplishing anything productive- start by taking 10 minutes out

4- Charge Your Crystal With Your Intention

Once you are at peace, take your crystal in your dominant hand. Spend at least a minute or two sending the positive energy of your intention through it and into yourself to help make sure that its power stays strong for as long as possible.

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To get started, spend some time visualizing what qualities you want this particular stone to have — maybe focus? Maybe joyfulness?

In my experience, I always intuitively know when the process is done.
I find that there are a few ways to tell if it’s complete: You can feel an energy rush through your hand and out of your fingertips; you may get some tingling sensations or numbness in certain body parts like fingers, hands, arms or feet; this light might also be seen as well on any surface near by – maybe even yourself! Once these things happen then stop using the word “focus.”

But don’t worry because with crystal healing just about anyone who tries has success at first try.

There is no need to believe in superstition! The Universe wants you to know that it’s okay if something doesn’t work the first time. You just have to learn how crystals work and what they can do with a little research, patience, and practice.

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The Crystal Heartbeat Charging Method

There is no need to believe in superstition! The Universe wants you to know that it’s okay if something doesn’t work the first time. You just have to learn how crystals work and what they can do with a little research, patience, and practice.

You can start by getting comfy and quiet. You need to be alone for this, so you really don’t want anyone around or any other distractions.

Clutch your crystal over your heart as it pulses with the beat of your heartbeat while whispering a word that inspires you into its center – something like “love” or “peace”.

Money is all around you- just open your eyes, and see. You can find money anywhere from a vending machine to the most expensive restaurant in town! All you need to do it ask for what you want with an intention of getting that very thing.

An easy way would be if I wanted $50 at this moment: say “money” three times as my heart pulses (not too fast or slow). This will boost how much energy moves through me when asking – which means more likelihood of receiving whatever we’re wishing for!

Crystal Healing & Charging FAQ’s

With the dawning of a new era in which we are more aware and conscious of our surroundings, people have come to realize they need their own personal energy healer.

In this article I’ll discuss some commonly asked questions about crystal healing as well as how you can charge your crystals with intentions!

Some may wonder what happens when an individual’s intention is for themselves? This process should be done before bedtime so that both body and mind will relax into sleep much faster than usual.

Simply choose one or two stones from among those listed below, hold them tightly in each hand while breathing deeply for 15 minutes before going to bed at night.

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1- How do you go about choosing the perfect crystal?

A crystal is a powerful and valuable tool that should be used with care. You may not always know the type of crystal you are drawn to, but it will find its way into your life moment by moment for reasons unknown until they become clear in hindsight.

I’ve been a crystal healer for years and get asked all the time what my favorite crystals are. The truth is, it really depends on your life situation at that moment.

I can tell you however about this amazing set of raw crystals that has everything you need to start with! My first big purchase was a 1lb variety pack like this one- so affordable too which is great because we sometimes forget how much money we spend when there’s no end in sight- but don’t worry these will last forever (see #4).

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It also comes with instructions to support self discovery (#2), unlike other guides where they just expect us know things without any help (#3) or offer very little guidance as if there were only four ways


2- What can I do with a charged crystal?

Healing crystals are a powerful tool for healing. But how do you use these stones? There’s so many things that can be done with them once they’re charged up! Check out some of my favorite ideas:

-Holding the stone in your hand and taking deep breaths, while visualizing yourself feeling better
-Placing it under your pillow to promote calmness or sleep
-Charging it by placing on top of water overnight then drinking this “charged” water first thing in the morning

Although you might be tempted to keep your crystals sitting neatly in a row on the shelf, it is important that they are just as much at home around your person.

We all have our secret spots where we tend to feel most grounded and centered; why not use them for crystal storage?

Keep some of those extra special stones with you while driving or meditating – if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time practicing Reiki healing energy work, it’s never knowing when nature will throw us a curveball!

3- How often do I need to charge my crystals?

If you have any crystals in your home, it’s important to cleanse and refresh them regularly. Make a habit or monthly ritual (like the last Sunday of each month) that will keep everything running smoothly!

4- Where should I keep my healing stones?

The best place to keep your healing crystals is in a beautiful vase, because they are energy-based and should not be handled by others.

I store my cleansed stones inside these velvet storage pouches that come with either satin or silk lining–which can make anyone’s space feel more magical!

5- What’s the difference between cleaning and charging crystals?

Cleansing your crystals is the process of removing any old charges that they have had prior to you receiving them.

Let’s say, for example, that you just bought new ones online and don’t know where they came from or how long ago someone handled them – all those things can leave behind a stagnant charge on each crystal which might be unpleasant if unknowingly used in an energy healing session with another person.

To remove these negative energies before use I recommend smudging your crystals by passing smoke over it while saying words like “cleanse” or “purify.” You could also pass water across its surface as well but keep in mind this will only work after using the other method first!

Once you’ve cleaned your crystals, they have no charge. To activate them for a specific purpose and ensure that their energies don’t get depleted in the process of working with other people’s intentions, it is necessary to give them some energy by charging them first before sending out into the world again.

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Final Thoughts

The power of crystals is unparalleled.
It’s a part of my daily life, and I know it can be for you too! First step: get the right crystal in your hand (or on your body!).

If you’ve already chosen one or they have selected themselves to come into contact with, then great! You’re ready to charge them up by following these simple steps…