Magical Manifesting Crystals & Their Healing Properties

Updated on February 23, 2023

Crystals are making a huge comeback in popularity, as so many people have been benefiting from their beauty and ability to help us manifest our desires.

There’s just one problem: where do you start with all of these different kinds? So we’ve made it easy for you by compiling the top five places that sell crystals!

Crystals date back forever but they’re having a serious resurgence now because there is no shortage of new believers searching out more ways to connect with themselves.

Many things can be attributed to this renewed interest- including how beautiful they look when placed on tables or hung up around your room, the positive association most people feel towards them (they make excellent Feng Shui) and even some medical benefits such like reducing minor pains if rubbed

You’ve probably heard people go on about how crystals can help with healing, but you may not know which ones to choose.

Well don’t worry! Here are twelve different types of stones and where I get my beginner stones at the best prices (including an affiliate link)!

Manifesting Crystals

Crystals have been said to heal the body, balance emotions and energy levels, strengthen your aura or energetic field. I’ve always wanted my own collection of crystals but with so many different kinds out there it can be difficult deciding which one is right for you!

Do not worry though because this three-pound mixed lot will give you an introduction into over 10 different gemstones in all shapes and sizes that are sure to resonate well with any beginner crystal enthusiast like me who doesn’t know where to start!

It’s a great way for beginners as myself (or anyone) interested in learning about these amazing stones at their convenience without spending big bucks on individual pieces from every single type.

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How to Choose Law of Attraction Stones

Do you know the best way to select a gemstone or crystal? The crystals choose us. But don’t worry if this is your first time picking one out, they can’t be wrong!

There are many ways people might pick their stones: by looking at what feels most beautiful in color and shape; which ones resonate with them on an emotional level; where it’s found (whether near water, under trees); through dreams of colors during sleep …whatever makes sense to you!

You’ll feel drawn right away when finding “the” stone that speaks volumes about who we are individually as well as universally–so get ready for some serious soul-searching fun.

Find out which of your astrological signs are compatible with the zodiacs to find a sign that matches.

Happiness is what you make it! If there’s an area in life where this statement rings true, I’m guessing it would be dating and relationships.

One way people can get more insight into their love lives (without having to second-guess themselves) is by looking at their chart for compatibility matching based on astrology’s 12 Zodiac Signs’ attributes: Aries (March 21 – April 20), Taurus (April 21 – May 20), Gemini May 22 June21 ) Cancer June22 July23 ), Leo ▷July 24 August 23 Vir

Quartz Crystals For Manifesting Focus & Clarity

Quartz is a type of crystal with many healing properties. Quartz ranges in color from clear to opaque, but most commonly quartz you see refers to the standard form which can be transparent and translucent.

Quartz Crystal Healing

Clear quartz crystal is the rockstar of stones. It not only helps clear your mind and expand you consciousness, it also make a great gift for someone who needs to get their head in order!

Clear quartz is a very unique stone with many different uses. For example, it can be used in place of any other gemstone as long as the intention you have set for that piece matches what your goal will require. It’s like an all-purpose tool!

Clear Quartz: Unlocking Potential

Black Onyx Properties For Manifestation

First on the list is Onyx. This unusual black crystal usually has more of an opaque appearance and you will find it in a lot of jewelry as a dark gemstone, especially rings with stones set all around them or even just one big stone to make up for their name sake themselves – Black Diamonds!

Onyx comes in different colors but we are talking about the darker ones here like jasper which does not have any transparency whatsoever.

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Emotional Healing Properties Of Black Onyx

The black onyx stone is one of the most powerful stones in existence. It can be used when you are experiencing emotional stress and it’s especially helpful during times of high anxiety or grief after losing a loved one or pet.

Black onyx is one of my favorite gemstones because it reminds me that I need to take care of myself. It helps with confusion, physical ailments and emotional instability alike!

I really love wearing my black Onyx necklace from time-to-time when life gets rough–it always makes me feel more centered in body, mind and soul.

Black onyx can be used for a variety of purposes as well: whether you are experiencing difficulty staying focused or feeling emotionally unstable due to external factors like stress at work (or school), this stone has got your back!

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Amethyst Magical Properties For Spirituality & Intuition

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones in jewelry, and it also has healing properties. Amethysts are a beautiful stone that come in shades of purple depending on where they’re mined from.

They can be used as birthstone for February babies born under zodiac signs like Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo or Pisces

Amethyst Manifestation & Crystal Healing

Amethyst, a type of quartz that is actually the most common variety in nature and has helped to improve brain potential for centuries.

It offers headache relief from hangover pain or lack of energy when you need it too! Amethyst also helps with strengthening your spiritual connections like never before as well by bringing out some major benefits at an affordable price–guaranteed not to disappoint

Labradorite Manifestation Properties

Labradorite is a type of feldspar that comes in vibrant colors, usually multi-colored. It has blues and purples with yellow, green, red streaks or flecks which make it the perfect gemstone for those who love to be creative with their jewelry pieces.

Labradarite can be white or have different shades of purple, blue and green in it. Some labradorite has browns, greys or even black that looks like its just a shade darker than the other colors but is actually another color altogether such as grey-purple!

Labradorite can come with many different hues including dark blues to light greens. It may also appear quite clear when seen against some backgrounds so you’re able to see each individual hue mixed together which makes for an interesting sight indeed!

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Healing Powers of Labradorite

Labradorite is a very special type of crystal that can help you find out what psychic abilities you have. It will also bring your level of consciousness up and protect your aura from harm, while giving an extra boost to any changes in life which might be hard for us to complete on our own.

Blue Agate For Manifesting Better Communication

While all agates are awesome, we’re going to focus on one particular type that is especially powerful: blue lace agate.

These stones have a rich green-blue color and lacy patterns which represent their strength in healing the mind as well as providing protection from negative energy.

Healing Powers of Blue Agate

One of the most effective stones to use for healing are blue quartz. This healing stone is an excellent choice for when you have chakra healing done with different stones and crystals, as it heals into the throat area which affects your voice, opens up this energy center in order to clear it out.

Blue lace agate can also be used by balancing positive energies throughout your body – specifically if worn on or near one’s neckline where there will be close contact between skin and crystal during wear time; such a location would ideally not only provide physical benefits but emotional expressions too!

Aquamarine Crystals For Manifesting Calm & Relaxation

Aquamarine is a stunning healing crystal that many people are familiar with. Its calming blue-green color has led to it being featured in jewelry, but few know its full potential for aiding recovery and fighting stress.

Healing Powers of Aquamarine

Water is an important element in our lives. We need it to survive, and we use it for everyday tasks such as cooking or cleaning dishes.

What you may not know about water though, is that its value extends beyond just aiding us physically; the power of aquamarine can be used spiritually too!

Aquamarine helps people find their true identity by balancing out emotions when someone feels stressed or anxious because this calming stone has a balanced energy which makes it perfect for meditation sessions where one needs help finding peace with oneself while expressing themselves more freely at heart level through chakra healing practices like using blue aquamarines with your third eye area located near your forehead between those two eyebrows on top of my nose–yes really!–to provide soothing calm

Topaz For Manifesting Motivation & Positivity

Many people are familiar with the power of topaz, but few know that this gemstone comes in a variety of colors and has healing properties for just about any ailment. You can find it as colorless quartz or orange browns, red pinks to yellow greens–even pinkish-blue!

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Healing Powers of Topaz

Topaz is a great crystal to have when you need some motivation, relief from physical ailments or emotional scars. It can help with forgiveness and provide joy on days that are tough for you emotionally

Jade Crystals For Manifesting Transformation

Jade is a tough gemstone to tell the color of. It’s either green or white and not translucent in appearance, making it difficult for jewelers to determine its true hue.

Translucent gems are easy for jewelry makers because they allow light through their edges, but jade’s opaque nature makes this impossible – leaving many questions about what you have found when shopping!

Jade is an ancient stone that was used for everything from jewelry to kitchenware. The jadeite mineral has a deep green color, which can range in darkness and lightness depending on the source of it’s extraction.

It is sometimes mistaken as being white or black due to its translucent appearance, but there are also rare cases where they’re bright yellow-green!

Jade often symbolizes good luck because of how abundant this gemstone can be found near China – think about all those lucky bamboo plants you see at your local grocery store…

Aside from onyx, this one other healing crystal with emerald hues: jade. While most people will know what these stones look like by now (a very dark shade of green), some don

Healing Powers of Jade

Jade is a powerful crystal. Not only does it give clarity to the future, but can also help manifest one’s dreams and goals through its encouragement of feelings like generosity and courage.

With jade by your side as you set out on this journey toward renewal, there will be nothing that stands in the way!

Jade embodies transformation – so when people are trying to get rid of their fears or work on themselves for tomorrow, they know just who has their back: Jade himself.

Rose Quartz Crystals For Love & Relationships

Rose quartz is a stone of love and romance. It’s frequently associated with Libra, Taurus, and other zodiac signs that are affiliated with the concept of love or relationships.

The pinkish hue reflects it being indicative as an emotional healer for all those who find themselves romantically hurt in some way- perfect if you’re looking to get over someone!

If you were born between April – May/September – October then chances are good your favorite type of gemstone may just be rose quartz because this particular kind tends to have more of a pink color than any others might not.

Rose Quartz has been historically linked mostly closely to Libras and Taureans but there’s so much more behind what makes this precious mineral one worth keeping

Healing Ability of Rose Crystals

Rose quartz is known for providing a relaxing and calming atmosphere, as well as promoting healthy relationships. This beautiful healing crystal not only helps you with your own emotional energy but also makes the perfect apology gift to mend broken bonds in loved ones’ lives.

Obsidian Crystals To Manifest Protection

Obsidian is a dark, yet translucent stone. It can often be confused with black onyx as it has the same qualities and features of some obsidians like being opaque or nearly completely black in coloration. Obsidian comes from volcanic glass that forms when lava cools down to form new rocks after an eruption occurs.

Healing Ability of Obsidian

Obsidian is a powerful healer, providing physical relief from arthritis and joint pain, muscle cramps, or indigestion.

It can also cleanse your body of toxins when you need to detoxify yourself so that it’s easier for the spirit to heal damaged areas on both an emotional and mental level.

It has been used in spiritual healing rituals for millenniums due its power as protection against psychic intrusions by astral beings who may be trying to steal energy away from energetically low people with confused mindsets seeking clarity about their life path

From the time of Native Americans to modern-day, obsidian has been used for various purposes. I am most interested in its healing properties! You can get other types like golden or mahogany but black is my favorite because it helps with self control and negative thoughts.


Lapis Lazuli For Manifesting Mental Clarity & Truth

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious gemstone that comes in blues, golds and purples with flecks of color.

Lapiz was first mined as early during the Bronze Age over three thousand years ago near Afghanistan’s border to Pakistan. Today it can be found on every continent except Antarctica!

Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties

Lapis Lazuli is perfect for finding oneself and achieving a higher level of consciousness, as well as being useful with the throat chakra during healing crystal therapy.

It not only offers awareness but also assists in creative thinking and self-expression through communication. If you’re having harmful energy, it helps replace that with better vibes

Lapis lazuli is a gemstone that can be used in its raw or polished form. If you hold the stone against your throat, it promotes better energy and will help to heal any wounds on the body.

Citrine Crystal For Manifesting Happiness & Joy

Birthstone jewelry is often given in November to those who have birthdays that month. Some of these stones include blue-green topaz and orange citrine crystal. Both are associated with Sagittarius, so a lot of people born in this time will receive the gifts on their birthday!

Citrine crystals gain energy from sunlight, which means it’s not only good for you but also causes more happiness when we’re exposed to light daily or even outside during breaks at work.

Citrine Crystal for Healing

Citrine crystals are a great investment for anyone who wants to have an uplifted and happy lifestyle. Citrines not only cleanse your aura of negative energy, but they also bring light into your life with their happiness and joy that will provide clarity in all aspects of yourself including body and mind.

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Final Thoughts On Crystal Healing & Manifesting

If you’re new to crystals and don’t know where to start, I highly encourage you get a bulk crystal set. You can try out different types of stones without breaking the bank!

And you can share your extras with friends! 😉

With love, light and most importantly — magic.