7 Best Healing Crystals for Taurus Season

Updated on February 22, 2023

Healing Crystals

You’re a Taurus, want to manage your traits more effectively or even have people in your life who were born under the sign of Taurus? Well today we are discussing seven healing crystals for Tauruses. Practical, reliable and responsible but also stubborn and set in their ways; yup — I am totally talking about you!

What Are The Characteristics Of Taurus?

Taurus is the zodiac sign that represents a person born between April 20th and May 20th of any year. Tauruses are down-to-earth, grounded people who have been known to be reliable when needed most. Just don’t ask them to go out with you on Friday or Saturday night!

Tauruses are loyal and dependable. They will always do what they say when they say that it’s done. Tauruses also have a practical side, which is why you can rely on them to power through even the most difficult of tasks with minimal fuss or complaining (although this doesn’t mean there won’t be some!). On the other hand, Taurus’ don’t take themselves too seriously – because at their core lies an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures such as good food, beautiful scenery and exquisite fabrics.

Tauruses are Earth signs, just like Capricorn and Virgo. They’re logical and practical while also being able to see multiple sides of any situation.
As an Earth sign, Taurus has their share of negative traits too! Commonly they suffer from a high degree stubbornness or the “my way or the highway” attitude; other times it may be that need for freedom- maybe even more than most people do. Sometimes when seeking this desire for independence in order to satisfy desires – these earthy individuals will seem misguided with no real goal defined in mind (but don’t worry about them because they know what’s up!).

During Taurus season, healing crystals are a great way to manifest your desires. They can bring about physical and emotional changes as well as provide spiritual catharsis during the process of purging negative energy from your life.

One of the best ways to know which crystals will work for you is by locating your date of birth.

So, by finding what crystals align with your date of birth, you give yourself a serious head-start!
But remember! All signs share elements of traits from all other signs. Furthermore, the Sun is only one element of your birth chart. You also have different planets in different locations and they all have a bearing on personality. So while these are best for Taurus there will always be some overlap I highly suggest getting this free personalized reading about Moon Sign and discovering even more about life

If you don’t have a Taurus friend or family member in your life, then fear not! Crystal healing is an excellent way to balance and re-balance the typical traits of a “Talesian.” If you do happen to know someone who falls into this category, be sure to get them unique gifts – I recommend crystals because they are always perfect for any occasion!

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7 Healing Crystals & Gemstones for Taurus Season

1- Emerald

Taurus is the astrological sign whose birthstone, Emerald, also resonates with their heart chakra. So an emerald pendant or necklace would be most effective for them – especially during Taurus season when they are more focused on emotional matters and relationships in both business and romantic contexts. But this stone can benefit you as well! It has been said that like many other gemstones it helps manifest money which we all know a little extra cash could really help out around these times of year…

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Emeralds are a gemstone that have been traditionally used to promote the idea of abundance. Wearing them or adding small crystals in your rituals and spells will help bring this energy into your life through Taurus season.

The ancient Greeks wore emerald for its healing properties, so much so that they believed it could protect their precious livestock from illness because these gems were considered sacred by the god Zeus himself, who was often depicted with an emerald set in his forehead as a symbol of wisdom and power!

Carnelian is a stone that gives Taurus season the courage and confidence to take massive action. It can also be helpful for those needing help with job interviews, or asking their crush out on date night! Carnelian relates to the root chakra as well which helps you feel grounded and safe in your environment.

The Taurus season is a time for braving the unknown and exploring new ideas. One way to do this during your meditation sessions or when you’re feeling uninspired is by chanting “I am here” while holding Carnelian stone, which can help clear any negative energies that are coming from outside sources like other people’s thoughts as well as one’s own self-doubt.

2- Rose Quartz

A stone that is perfect for practical and logical Taures, rose quartz helps forge emotional bonds with others. It also softens the interaction you have with people so they are more willing to bend towards your will. This gemstone can be helpful if you’re feeling a little down or out of alignment as it encourages self-love and care too!

Rose quartz is the crystal of love, but it can also be used for other purposes. If you need people to have a softer attitude toward you in your personal or business life, rose quartz might just do the trick during Taurus season too!

3- Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a crystal with many healing properties. It can help you speak up for yourself and come out of your shell, giving you the confidence to get across what’s on your mind in an effective way. Beyond just communication, kyanite heightens intuition which comes in handy when something doesn’t quite feel right but isn’t exactly clear either; it’ll give you peace of mind by helping ease social anxiety or any other issue that might be troubling someone who needs support from others.

Blue Kyanites are excellent stones for anyone struggling with communicating messages effectively as well as those looking to hear themselves better internally through increased intuition

If you need a little extra confidence, kyanite can help. Imagine the feeling of being in front of an audience with nothing but your skills to back yourself up and then having someone say “you’re going great so far!” Whether it’s a big event or party, presentation or speaking engagement-someone like me could use something as beautiful yet simple as Kyanite on their wrist for that added boost when they really need it!

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If you are nervous about giving speeches publicly because people might judge whether its good enough – wearing jewelry such as kyanite will give them courage during this tough time.

4- Boji Stone

Boji stones are perfect for bringing you back into alignment during Taurus season, as they represent duality and balance.
Think of yin and yang energy. If you’re facing a situation where you know what to do but feel reluctant or stubborn to go your own way, Boji Stones can help clear these blockages with the masculine ridged stone giving support in making choices that may be undesirable at first glance (but will ultimately prove most beneficial).

The smoothed stones will assist you in your journey to find balance.

The smooth stone’s feminine energy is perfect for helping one on their personal voyage of self-discovery by providing them with a sense of peace and serenity along the way.

5- Sodalite

Next, sodalite is a great stone to wear during Taurus season. Sodalite has the ability to combine logic with intuition in an intelligent way that will open up your spiritual perception and make it easier for you to take note of what’s real and observable as well as intuitive nudges and hints which cannot be seen or heard by five senses alone.

Jayne’s new gemstone, sodalite, helps her see the potential for both sides of a problem and find creative solutions.

6- Amethyst

For those looking to get in touch with their inner self, amethyst is the perfect crystal for Taurus season. Amethyst can help provide intuition and insight into your life and spur on a sense of security within you while boosting any psychic abilities that are being used through tarot cards or pendulums.

Sleeping with amethyst by your bedside can help you experience more intense and next-level things like astral projection or lucid dreaming.

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How To Use Taurus Gemstones and Crystals

Time to get your Taurus on. This zodiac sign is known for being patient and calm, so why not use that patience today by finding out the best crystals and gemstones? A crystal can be used in a variety of ways: decorating your home or workplace; as an accessory such as jewelry or clothing; you could even buy one for someone else! The possibilities are endless with how these mystical objects have been said to bring good luck if worn close enough (or touching) oneself. Some popular stones include topaz, amethyst, citrine- it’s all up to what works best for you whether you want something sleek like smoky quartz or big chunks like peridot. Trust me when I say there will never be

1- Meditate with magic crystals

There are many ways to meditate with crystals. Some people use them for sending and receiving energy, others do not want the physical aspects of it at all! To send or receive energy from your crystal, follow these steps:

-To send a message into a crystal that is in your dominant hand (send), find peace within yourself and visualize what you would like the outcome of this communication to be. Once done imagining, place an intention inside the stone using only one hand while visualizing how powerful this connection will become if put correctly between two beings who know each other well on different levels spiritually. The act should take around 20 seconds max; there’s no need to go longer than that as we’re just opening up paths here

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2- Put crystals on your desk while you work

Work is tough enough as it is, with the long hours and relentless deadlines. It can be hard to find any time for ourselves in this hectic world that we live in today. But crystals offer a way for you to keep your energy levels high at work by setting them on your desk or even having one sitting right next to you where you’re able while working so they help raise positive vibes throughout the day when life just feels too heavy at times.

3- Use crystals for divination

Meditate on your purpose and intention with crystals in hand.

Certain crystals work well for divination, such as tarot readings or meditation rituals to induce a trance-like state of mind where messages from the spirit realm are more readily received by clairvoyants and other spiritual consultants who rely heavily upon their intuition. Crystals can also improve clarity and speed during these sessions when used to get into tune with higher realms of consciousness while meditating at the same time about what you would like to know through this reading today; crystal therapy is an user-friendly way that anyone can use them!

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So, What Is The Best Crystal For A Taurus Zodiac Sign?

Taurus, the bull-headed gemstone. Emerald is your Taurus birthstone and a perfect representation of all things Taurean: passionate about life but stubborn to change; Earthy in nature with an appreciation for wealth and beauty. But don’t worry if you’re not into emeralds or amethyst doesn’t work as well on your wrist– any one of these five crystals would do! Whether it’s due to their color scheme (which matches that lovely green eye) or just because they have some similar properties like healing power, there are plenty of great options for those who want more than stones when choosing jewelry pieces

Which stone should be worn by a Taurus? Hands down – Emerald. The colors match perfectly with its earth

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