Manifestation Games That You Can Play Indoors

Updated on February 23, 2023

Manifestation Games

What a time to be alive! With everything in the world right now being so intense, I’ve been craving some lightness and fun. Might as well have some laughs while we’re here – it’s good for your mental health.
Remember that the law of attraction is always working 24/7?

We all have power to choose where we place our attention; what you focus on becomes more powerful because you give it energy by paying attention to it (or lack thereof).

So let’s make this winter season something special with these healthy distractions from all the madness:

Games are fun, right? Well today I’ll teach you five games that will help bring more of what you want into your life.

You can play them in the comfort of your own home too! Now sit back and relax because we got some new tricks up our sleeve this time around…

5 Manifestation Games You Can Play Indoors

The outdoors is a wonderful place to play with manifesting games.

But if you’re stuck inside, we’ve got your back! By playing these indoor-safe manifester board games, you can have endless hours of fun

without needing any additional resources or bumming out over not being outside in the sun.

And did I mention? Indoor use will also help keep that pesky doubt at bay and give room for self love during this process as well!

A significant component of manifesting and strengthening your confidence in your ability to use the law of attraction effectively is lightening it up and enjoying the process by finding an outlet indoors where everyone wins no matter what happens – even when things don’t go according to plan which they never do anyway because life

Creativity is one of those things that can be hard to come by when you are locked inside.

In order to keep your creativity alive, there’s a few easy and fun ways for you to do the following: boost it, engage with your subconscious mind in new and creative ways, or even attract what you want more easily! Here are some ideas just for yah:

Manifestation Games is a new type of indoor game.

Designed to help you manifest your desires, the first Manifestation Game will be released in three months from now!
Included are five different games that can all lead up towards one goal: making money through manifestation practices such as dieting, exercise and meditation so they pay off big time by helping us achieve happiness with less effort.

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manifestation is fun

1- Try A Gratitude Blitz

The “gratitude blitz” is a fun way to practice gratitude.

It’s as simple as speaking out loud or writing back-to-back all the things you’re grateful for, and then saying “Thank You!” at the end either aloud or in your head five times.

I’ve been doing one every night before bed and they really help me sleep better!

You’re grateful to be alive, and you should take the time for a gratitude shower.

-It legit feels like your whole body is being showered in positivity every single day when I use this

method because it really just makes me feel incredible.

I recommend setting a timer – five minutes are plenty enough for this exercise (plus there’s no need to

get all that sweaty).
For example, during one of my showers today: “I’m so happy with who am; life has given me more than

most people have ever had.” And then: “Things always happen exactly as they’re supposed too”

Have you ever felt so happy that it seemed like nothing could go wrong? Well, by saying thank-you for five minutes straight, this feeling will start to take over.

Trust me!

Try a gratitude strike! You may not realize it, but by writing down five things that make your day great

and making an effort to appreciate them during the week will change how you feel about life.

In order for this strategy work though one must take action – if nothing else do what’s truly important in each moment because our thoughts can come later when we have more time or energy from doing other activities regularly scheduled throughout out days like yoga sessions and meditation times.

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2- Try Manifesting Someone To Text You

Now that the New Year has come and gone, it is time to connect with those around you.

Why not strengthen your manifesting muscles by attracting contact from a specific person? You can do this through visualizing positive experiences with them or sending out an intention for connection in their direction!

Do you know someone who is always texting or calling and driving you up the wall? Well, this game will

show them that they are not your only option.

You’re going to experiment with manifesting by trying to get in contact for a whole day! It’s best if it’s somebody people don’t often talk to but have had some sort

of interaction before – so choose wisely.

To start off, select “New Contact” on Facebook Messenger then type their name into search bar just like

any other friend would be found through an app such as AIM (ask me about my AOL days!).

This way you’ll see everything they’ve posted over time including what school/college grades they got and even messages from years ago when

This is how you do it:
-Cut the head off of a hot dog, and put in on an empty toilet paper roll.

You can also wrap one around a balloon to make your own version of breadsticks!

You are texting your best friend, who is not in front of you.

You catch yourself thinking about how nice it would be to see their face and hug them right now, but instead you focus on the task at hand – sending a

message that will hopefully make them laugh.

If you can’t get a hold of your crush, try this game! It’s simple.

For the next few days to week, don’t send

any messages or do anything they might think is too desperate.

If no contact has been made over that time period then it may be worth letting them go if there hasn’t already been communication from their end for awhile before starting the experiment (since social

media doesn’t count as talking).

However don’t despair because we all know in life patience pays off and eventually someone will reach out when least expected so wait patiently until they do!!

What happens if you try manifesting someone to text?
The first thing that might happen is, and this has been proven by quantum physicists as well; the goal of any person trying to cause an effect with their thoughts will be almost impossible without help from another source.

If we use energy for example – like lighting up a candle or turning on some electronics then there needs two people involved: one who supplies electricity (the generator) and another who receives it (or absorbs).

To generate enough force needed in order make something happen requires both parties working together which makes representing yourself coming into contact/communication easier said than done! Even though science says its virtually impossible ,

3- Draw Your Manifestations (Get Creative!)

What if you used your senses to help manifest what you want? Imagine for instance, that by now, I’ve

heard of the law of attraction scripting technique.

The idea is that once a person has written down their hopes and desires on paper they will attract them in return.

But have people considered painting or drawing scenes from their future life instead?

I’m not really good at art so it’s hard for me to say whether this could work better than using words but personally I think there are merits here because we use our other senses when engaged with an activity like cooking which can be seen as similar to imagining one’s desired outcome while doing something


You don’t need to be a professional artist or have photoshop skills.

Just use your imagination and creativity!

Draw what you desire, not the other way around.

Your vision is often times more powerful than our thoughts can ever hope to be so let’s start drawing!
A manifestation doesn’t have order or logic-it just happens when everything comes together at once in some magical fashion – so why should we draw it? Well first off I think that any art form allows us an outlet for creativity which can help release stress from everyday life because who doesn’t want their soul

wearying days spent creating instead of worrying about bills needing paid or deadlines looming overhead like an angry hawk ready swoop down upon its prey menacingly talons spread out wide menacingly sharp fangs bared vicious intent—urgh okay maybe this one isn’t healthy but nonetheless artists

doing manifestation

4- Charge Your Water To Manifest With Ease

Have you ever had the experience where someone touches your water and it suddenly sparkles? Well,

that’s not a coincidence.

It turns out there are actually ways to charge our own drinks with positive intentions!

Try this simple game: before drinking any water from now on, hold it in both hands for a few moments

while envisioning bright light or energy coming through them into their drink.

Next send one strong intention of positivity (whatever feels great) along with the light/energy so when they consume it will feel good all over again!

This can be anything from feeling more energized after working hard at work to getting back together with an old friend we know what makes us happy – why don’t we try charging some of

Drinking water is an easy way to keep a positive mood and good health.

It’s also great for your skin, hair, joints, kidneys and liver! The more you drink the better – it doesn’t have calories or sugar so there’s no

reason not to indulge in all that delicious H2O.

With the economy being as tough as it is, we can’t help but be grateful for how versatile our new

collaboration tool has become.

Times like these are difficult to say the least and with so many small businesses struggling, you need all

of your resources intact if you want a chance at success.

Fortunately we had an ace up our sleeves: this awesome new collaboration tool that doesn’t sacrifice quality in any way shape or form- I mean who wouldn’t love better communication just when they really needed it?

Have you ever considered that your water can be charging? If it is, then this article will help.

With all of these tips and tricks for manifesting easily with ease in mind keep reading!
MEMORIZE: The first thing to remember when trying to charge any object or person through manifestation techniques like Qigong (or Chi Gong), Reiki healing energy work, harness the natural power within yourself through meditation etcetera–you have two options on how they do so-either by sending positive intentions into an item/person if its tangible form; OR just having faith

5- Play The Hidden Treasures Game

One way to stay entertained at home is by playing the Treasure Hunting game.

This not-too-challenging, yet still fun and rewarding activity involves looking for a hidden treasure inside your house!

The best part about this game? You can find anything of value that you want – money or something else valuable enough, like old photographs from when you were young or even an expensive perfume bottle

left over in one corner of the living room.

Finding these treasures will make waiting around all day seem less excruciating than it already was!

I bet you thought that was all the cash in your life, but there’s more! You might be able to find change scattered around your house.

The couch cushions are a good place to start – pull them out and check underneath for coins.

If you have an old purse or any other sort of bag laying around with some pocket space, it is worth checking as well; often times people keep spare money stowed away just in case they need it later on

down the road.

Check under car seats too – sometimes we forget about those hidden spots because we don’t use our cars

every day (or even ever!).

A penny saved is a penny earned, so don’t stop there.

If you find any old coupons or gift cards in the back of your kitchen drawer, and they haven’t expired yet – use them!

Remember that anything counts when it comes to saving money: even an additional cent off should be

considered valuable enough for you to go out of your way for.

Have some fun with this exercise – try looking through different household items such as clothes from last season (check pockets), e-mails where maybe someone sent over a coupon code without realizing what time frame was left on said discount; heck look under couch cushions too if need be!

Play detective until every single one dollar bill has been found 😉

Counting up all the treasures you find on your treasure-hunting expedition is a good way to see how

much money has manifested for you with this game.

And it’s even more interesting if at the end of every trip, before leaving and counting up each pile individually, try doing some quick math in your head: multiply together by two any number that appears

twice consecutively (i.e., 2 x 4 = 8). It will be surprising just what can happen when we start looking for patterns everywhere!

The thrill of finding hidden treasures can be a huge motivator for players.

Follow these steps to play the game: 1) Draw an outline around three objects that are similar in color or

design 2) Have someone else look only at what’s inside this shape, then try and find all three centers 3).

If you’re feeling confident enough take on another person’s challenge 4.)

There is no wrong answer here – whatever YOU decide will make YOU feel good 5- Find something hidden between two others 6); Create your own secret code using symbols from nature 7-) Switch positions so next time they have SEARCH duty 8 )You need not reveal ALL details when asking questions 9), But do share some information if THEY choose 10.

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manifestation manifestation

Final Thoughts

This winter has been brutal when it comes to being inside, but now that the weather is starting to get warmer and we’re able to spend more time outside again, I’ve discovered a new way of making your

wishes come true: manifesting games.

These fun exercises will help you channel all those negative feelings into some positive experiences!

The Manifestation Games That You Can Play Indoors

The summer heat is exhausting.

It’s not just for your physical needs either; humidity can make it hard to concentrate and think clearly, which means we’re more likely than ever before to stay indoors where there are ACs (and fans).

So what games do you like playing when the weather sucks? We’ve got some great suggestions below!