369 Manifestation Method ( The Game Changer )

Updated on February 23, 2023

This number has a lot of different meanings, but did you know it could be used for manifesting your desires into reality in no time? Whether it’s money or romance (or something else!) the 369 manifestation method will have people lining up just about anything.


369 Manifestation Method

Getting in alignment is the #1 reason why people can’t manifest their desires with the law of attraction. Numerology readings are 100% free and customized to fit your birth date, so they provide an easy way to feel aligned when trying out this process for yourself!

The information in a numerology report is important to have when trying to manifest something. Imagine writing out all those words only for it not work! You’ll regret if you don’t take advantage of your reading now because no one else will have this same opportunity as you do.

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Get The 369 Journal I Made For You

The Manifestation Method is a proven system for manifesting anything you’re really, truly wanting. In two phases: an inner phase and outer phase, The 369 has enough space to work through the first five steps of both so that you can get on with your life!

What is the 3-6-9 Method?

The 369 method is a technique that uses writing to bring your dreams into reality. It’s called the 3-6-9 technique and it involves: three times daily for six days per week; nine total sessions in one month before moving on to another letter from A through L).
To make my mornings more efficient, I try to wake up three times a day. When waking up the third time at night, it helps me feel refreshed in the morning because my body has had enough rest.

After a long day of work, it’s time to rest your head on the pillow. If you’re lucky enough for this process to happen, then that means “it worked.” All 33 – 45 days in a row has paid off and now all you have left is nighttime bliss!

Step-By-Step 369 Manifesting Instructions

Are you interested in the 369 method? Are you looking for a step-by-step process to understand how it works and why people are so excited by this new way of problem solving ? Then, read on!

Step 1: Set a clear intention

According to the Universe, if you want something specific and clear, then that is what will happen. You need a solid goal in mind for it to become true; otherwise nothing can come from nothing. For example: If I wanted $100 today (or by any other date), or wealth waiting in new ways- those would be my outcomes because they are clearly stated as such!

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A new technique I started with the law of attraction is choosing a daily affirmation to say as soon as I wake up. One thing that has always worked for me when it comes to manifesting small goals quickly so they don’t have much meaning but allow more time and confidence in working on larger ones down the line, is picking something easy and quick.

One example was this month’s goal where my aim was 1k YouTube subscribers by the end of October (which would then snowball into other manifestations). To start things off right away, what am

Many people have a hard time working towards their goals and dreams, but there are some simple ways to deal with the negative thoughts that might occur. If you want these helpful techniques – keep reading!

Our subconscious mind always tries to throw negative assumptions into our minds about anything from what others think of us if they see us failing at something big; putting down.

However, there’s always going to come points when our subconscious mind will try throwing negative assumptions into our minds about anything from what others may think about us if they see us failing at something big; putting down.

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Step 2: Set Your Positive Affirmation

Our subconscious mind always tries to throw negative assumptions into our minds about anything from what others think of us if they see us failing at something big; putting down.

However, there’s always going to come points when our subconscious mind will try throwing negative assumptions into our minds about anything from what others may think about us if they see us failing at something big; putting down.

I’m so excited about receiving an extra $500! I’ve been hoping for a lucky break and today, it finally came. Jacob asked me out after many years of being single, which makes sense because we make a great pair–I can’t wait to go on our date now that he’s asked me out! My friend Cassandra texted back with her news as well which was exciting because we haven’t seen each other in awhile but she is always the most positive person

I am grateful for all of my YouTube subscribers because without them, I would not have gained enough followers to expand my social media presence. My channel has grown significantly over the last year and some people attribute that growth partially due to new advice or dating tips they discover on my website every day.

I’m so thankful for everyone who subscribes! Without you guys, there’s no way this channel could ever grow as big as it is now – especially considering how much more content we can produce with your help #grateful

The key to manifesting our goals is having intense emotions. To do that, we need these 3 elements in an affirmation: 1) Present tense verbs 2) Intensity of each word and 3) use present progressive instead of past simple (e.g., I am doing vs I did). Here are some affirmations for inspiration – Don’t forget these key elements when creating them on your own though- they must include the following:
1.) Use present verb tenses; e.g., “I am feeling” not “I feel”.
2.) Have emotional intensity by using words like “amazing” or even better “nirvana” because if you don’t think it enough then no one else

Step 3: Write It Down 3-6-9 Times for 33-45 Days

Next, it is time to write your affirmations! Whether you want to create a journal dedicated just for this purpose or put them on paper, I recommend creating one space. That’s why I created the 369 Manifestation Journal!

Can You Do The 369 Method On Computer?

Sometimes using a pen and paper can have better results than typing on your computer. In order to find out why, it is important that you do more research into how affirmations work so maybe next time things will go differently!

Step 4: Prepare To Receive

You can manifest a new job by looking for opportunities and applying yourself physically. You need more than just motivation – you also require the physical side of things like your eyes to make it happen on that level too!

When it comes to finding love, people put a lot of energy into their desires and nothing happens. It’s important that we nurture our desire both energetically AND physically if there are steps needed before fulfillment occurs- or else disappointment will be waiting around every corner.

Do you have the space in your life for a significant other? If not, start cleaning! Organize things into their own place with labels. Get rid of stuff that reminds you why or what’s attached to each one if it gives motivation when needed. Cleaning out clothes can be therapeutic too – going through them will remind us why we purchased certain ones and memories they hold on to may give an extra push towards getting motivated or moving forward putting all this behind us together

Making sure there’s space in your life for a significant other can help manifest one by organizing things into designated spots rather than being piled up like Hoarders: Buried Alive (or worse!). You could clean out closet just as much therapeutically – remembering purchases at

To prepare for what you want to come into your life, clear out space in which it’s easy to invite and receive new things. Then allocate time between commitments that will allow flexibility when adding a new event on top of your schedule so not feel overwhelmed or stressed during this transition period.
By following these five steps, you can manifest something specific from nothing but intention: 1. Establish Intentions 2. Clear Blockages 3. Create a Chance 4) Deliver Final Message 5). Get Ready For Your Goal To Show Up! These are all things we should follow through with if we want to achieve our goals and get what it is that we really desire in life without any obstacles holding us back

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Is The 369 Method Real?

If you haven’t heard about the 369 method, then I have good news for you. In fact as I write these words 3 6 9 sounds are echoing in my head-“the actual 369 method of writing what you want is easy enough.” But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily ‘easy.’ You see, life happens.

For those people who are trying to figure out how many days of the week they work, I have some tips that will be beneficial for you!

There can never be enough time in a day. We all feel like we’re always running around and then at night when we go home there’s still so much more that needs done before bedtime. It just doesn’t seem fair sometimes but it is what it is and nothing ever changes until something does right? This might sound crazy with everyone talking about how tough things can feel – no one has any extra money or energy because everything goes straight towards bills which makes this whole self improvement thing look impossible… But maybe its not as unrealistic as first thought if you take small steps every single day.

When someone wants to use the 369 Method, they must be completely honest with themselves. They cannot try and change something that isn’t there because it could only cause problems down the road. The power of this exercise is its ability for people to manifest what already exists in their lives rather than create new things out of thin air which doesn’t always work out well!

You Have To Do The 36Do 9 Method With A Pen?

There are lots of ways to manifest our desires into reality, but I find that sketching them out can be the most fun. This technique allows you think about what you want and draw it on paper without having any physical effects until we take action like using a pen or marker! Here are three ways to try this method for yourself:
We should be sure to surround ourselves with images that represent growth and positivity. Otherwise, this may lead us down a path of negativity which will result in ripples throughout our lives for the worst! Furthermore, writing letters can work because it allows many people (whoever reads the letter) to find inspiration from these written words allowing energy ripples into their own life which might manifest similar things later on – just like how they did for you.”

I’m glad I don’t have to rely on the kitchen drawer. It can be difficult when you’re trying to make a dish and all of your options are lacking, like not having enough ingredients or utensils at hand for whatever it is that needs fixing.

369 Manifesting Method Tips & Tricks

A fun and efficient strategy for breaking up overwhelming tasks is the 369 method. This entails dividing your task list by day of week, setting alarms on your phone as reminders to avoid missing out something important again due to too much clutter in our head at once!

1- Set a fun reminder in your phone

The 369 ritual is a fun and easy way to bring good luck into your life. To do it, set up a reminder on your phone for 10:69; make sure you’re in front of the clock when this pops up! When I try manifesting something with someone else, anchoring can really help me- remember that time we bought ice cream? That’s an association I want every time my craving hits again.

One way to manifest becoming a published author is by bringing cake into your life. When I work, there’s typically something sweet waiting for me after my shift ends that reminds how delicious sweets taste while also making sure I always have some on hand 24 hours per week 😉

Congrats! You just became a NYT Bestselling Author. Wow, found out my first book hit #1 on Amazon!” Try setting an alarm three times every day to get excited about this accomplishment. When you see one of these notifications pop up, it reinforces in your mind that this has already happened—congratulations are not far away!I can do it again if I remember to show up every single time like today. And when we think about or write down all the feelings that are happening automatically, there’s no way for us not get bored.

2- Don’t be afraid to switch things up

You can’t escape your affirmations. For about a month, you’ll think of it constantly and at different times throughout the day until they become true! But if all three key areas focus on one affirmation for 33-45 days straight, success will be easier to achieve.

You can focus on one goal for a certain time period. For example, let’s say you want to manifest a text from someone who is very important in your life. You write down what they mean for you and think about how that might change if the person never calls or

For example, at 8 AM I plan to work towards my goal of getting an email from this special person by focusing only on intentions such as “I will get an email” but when it comes around noon-time where specificities are required like sending out emails with applications attached!

The text never came. It’s been hours since they sent the last message and you still haven’t heard anything from them yet – not a single word about their day or whether there was someone else in mind for that date on Saturday after all even though they said it would just be casual if nothing happened with your coworker… Is this worth hoping? Should I wait until tomorrow to send another inquiry, knowing full well how many times we’ve tried texting again only to get silence as our answer before?

While the old adage “You can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ears” may ring true in certain situations, it is not 100% accurate. As long as you create your intentions from a place of pure positivity and keep consistent with any exercise routine, there are no wrong answers!

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3- Look for 369 method success early on

Have you ever noticed seeing the number 1111, or triple ones? While it may seem like a coincidence at first glance, this is actually an indicator that your message is being received! There are several different types of numbers to consider when looking for signs. Keep reading to find out what they mean…

I was watching TV one day when all of a sudden my name came on the screen. I had no idea who said it or why, but after thinking about what happened for a bit, remembered someone earlier in the week asking me if they could remind themselves later to tell me something important. Coincidence? Maybe not – because that same person ended up calling and telling me an old friend from high school passed away unexpectedly! This story reminded us though how lucky we are as well as bringing back some memories which got us talking about our favorite times together with them before moving onto other topics unrelated to this incident at hand. Another time I found myself checking out clothes online then minutes later ran across another article saying items will eventually need replacing so might be worth.

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Commonly Asked Questions About the 369 Method

What kind of benefits does the 369 technique have? With all these great things happening in my life after using this technique every day for months, what can people expect from trying out this new approach? Well…

By now, you should be ready to try a method that is going to change your life! But before we get into how I came up with it and why it will have such an effect on your health, let’s talk about common questions. What are its benefits? After using

What kind of benefits does the 369 technique have? With all these great things happening in my life after using this technique every day for months, what can people expect from trying out this new approach? Well…

By now, you should be ready to try a method that is going to change your life! But before we get into how I came up with it and why it will have such an effect on your health, let’s talk about common questions. What are its benefits? After using

1- Can you use the 3 6 9 method on anything? 

If you want to manifest something specific that is for another person, it will only work if they are willing. Although the other party might not say so because of fears or reasons, there’s always free-will involved in all situations. The second situation The one method you can’t use to manifest a million dollars is if your subconscious has intense resistance towards it. This means all manifestation techniques won’t work since there’s no way around having an open mind for them!
I always encourage people to start small because big things are actually possible if you’ve experienced manifesting smaller goals. It’s also important that we have faith in ourselves and our abilities when it comes to these bigger, more complicated ones!

2- How long does the 369 method take?

Meditation is the perfect way to relieve stress, improve your overall well-being and increase empathy. Studies show that meditation can decrease anxiety about daily events while increasing optimism!
You want a new job? A promotion at work perhaps or maybe just some more friendly attitude from you boss then it’s time to start meditating. Meditation has been an ancient practice where individuals find moments of quietness in order for their minds to be clear.. It turns out through various studies people who are able to utilize this technique have lower levels of stress as well as increased empathy towards others all while having decreased anxiety over day-to-day things happening around them!

There are several benefits to mediation, I’ll list a few suggestions. If you’re trying to learn something like math or memorize poetry as part of English class then mediation would be beneficial because it will help with your concentration which makes the tasks easier.

3- How often can you do the 3 6 9 method?

Most important is just to be grateful for what you have. You can do the 3-6-9 method as many times a day, but I recommend focusing on one request and round at a time. It’s also good idea leave space in between desires; don’t start up another right after finishing this one or your brain will overload! Be calm These exercises are intended to help you feel less anxious about your life decisions. This will allow for more comfortable decision-making in the future, like whether or not having kids is right for you.

4- Can you do the 369 method on your phone?

There are many ways to manifest your goals. You can use the 369 method on your phone, but if you want high success rates it is not a good idea! Some people will get results from using their phones while others simply won’t–it depends what kind of person they are and how much time they’re willing to put in for this process? What would you do if after spending all that effort typing things out on your phone or computer nothing happened within 3 weeks?! How could you be certain whether lack of result was due to insufficient efforts OR there just isn’t anything available yet…

When I write my thoughts down, it feels like the pen is an extension of myself moving across paper to create a picture that only exists inside my head. It’s in these moments when everything comes together and all seems right with the world- when I feel whole.

5- Can you do the 369 method all at once?

I want to share with you the most powerful way I know of receiving what you desire. It’s called 369, and it comes from engaging three aspects: mind, body, and spirit while visualizing daily over an extended period of time. If this is done at once then there won’t be any power in that so stick with doing each affirmation 3 times per day!

Self-care should be easy to fit into your busy schedule, but unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. And while you might tell yourself it won’t ever get easier and none of these affirmations will make a difference, if you practice self care three times per day then wellness will bounce back stronger than before!

When you’re trying your best, it’s okay if things don’t turn out exactly how they were supposed to. You can still learn from mistakes and do what you can. Even the smallest of changes counts!

6- Is the 369 manifestation method witchcraft?

The law of attraction and manifesting is not witchcraft. Many witches do fear backlash for revealing their craft, but it has nothing to do with the misconception people have that this is how they practice magic.”369 is a method not to be confused with witchcraft. The 369 method, named after the thirteen African American women accused of practicing voodoo against white people during an 1831 Louisiana slave rebellion led by Charles Deslondes, involves harnessing your own energy as well as positive energy from space (a place where everyone can tap into). All you need is faith.

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Final Thoughts On The 369 Method

Getting your wishes granted and in touch with the spiritual side of life may seem like a far off dream. The 369 manifestation method, however, is an effective way to turn these dreams into reality! I know that when you hear something seems crazy it’s hard to believe-trust me though this works. With just one simple number sequence using positive energy has helped manifest many things for myself including clarity about where my path was meant lead spiritually not long ago. And we’re offering free numerology reports if you want more guidance on how best to use this technique – but trust me nothing helps better than simply believing and practicing what feels good (the guide also provides some tips!)

I love hearing from people all over the world who are making changes in their lives. In fact, I frequently get emails from folks telling me that they’re happier and healthier because using this practice to commune with oneself or praying for a friend’s health really made them feel better about themselves. Some even wrote saying it changed everything overnight!

My students write to me saying that my classes have helped them become more aware of their surroundings without feeling overwhelmed. They also mention how meditating has given them relief from stress and overwhelming life situations before finding peace within themselves again.

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