How To Use The Magic Pillow Method For Manifesting

Updated on February 23, 2023

Pillow Method

If you’re anything like me, the thought of manifesting your dream life can be thrilling in theory. You want to change things up and make them better for yourself and those around you — but then there’s that one problem: laziness!

In my experience with this process, I’ve found myself somewhere on a spectrum between full-force inspiration followed by an intense period of manifestation methods (pulling tarot cards or making money spells) to just being lazy as hell. When it comes down to it though, when is self-love not worth any extra work?

If you can relate in any way, then you’re going to love the pillow technique! All it takes is a few minutes of focused intention when laying your head down on your bed at night. This method has helped me manifest money, career success and relationships into my life just by sleeping each night.

Really — today we’re discussing how I manifested everything from better work opportunities all-the-way up to finding true compatibility with someone special under this practice that’s literally too good not to try out for yourself!

Before You Try The Pillow Method

You gotta make sure nothing in your “karmic profile” prevents you from getting where you want to go, otherwise, you might not be able to successfully manifest what you want.

For example, if one of your life lessons is overcoming the idea that having money means more than anything else and yet hyper-focused on manifesting money yourself; it will be hard for the universe accept your affirmations or intentions.

What if we told you that when it comes to manifesting your intentions, the universe responds much better to creativity rather than just saying “I have an extra $500”?

It makes sense — how could you know what stands in between achieving those goals and not getting them if all of your focus is on one goal with no room for flexibility.

Just take the time to download a free copy of your numerology report. It will tell you all about yourself and life’s many mysteries!

The Pillow Method is a two-minute process that will help you work out the kinks of your mind while also providing insight into what’s to come. It can be done anywhere, anytime – and it only takes less than three minutes!

The benefits are endless: find yourself more confident in any situation with better mood; get rid of unwanted thoughts & feelings without having to worry about where they go or who sees them first; never have another bad day again because this method provides complete peace and tranquility for those moments when life gets tough.

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What Is The Pillow Method?

The pillow method is an easy manifestation technique that you can use to activate the law of attraction while you sleep. In some ways, it’s like putting a wish under your bed at night which will magically appear when morning comes (hopefully).

You can tweak the trick in many different directions and I’ll show you how but for now let’s stick with what makes this work: write positive affirmations on paper then make sure they’re charged up before placing them underneath your pillow!

You may be lying in bed, and you’re fast asleep. But don’t worry because your subconscious is wide awake! While we sleep our minds are at work; they’re thinking about all the things that happen during the day.

And that’s when it happens: The law of attraction kicks into gear and starts attracting forces to bring us what we want from life — even before we’ve had a chance to think consciously about them or do anything yet ourselves.

How To Create Pillow Method Affirmations

The first step to working the pillow method is coming up with your positive affirmations. You have wiggle room here, in that there are no hard and fast rules applicable for every situation.
However, I’ve tried this technique many times and had better results some of those times over others. When you hear the word “affirmations” most people might think about regular-style one-sentence affirmations like these ones on a list of positive money affirminats (sic).

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Have you ever wanted something so badly and it just never happened? Maybe the timing is off or maybe someone else messed up your plans.

It’s frustrating when we wish for things to happen but they don’t come into fruition. Luckily, there are ways of dealing with these feelings that can be fun and creative!

One way would be writing a letter as if what you want has already happened because then those negative thoughts won’t have any power over us anymore since our desired outcome will technically already exist in reality.

The idea behind this strategy is called mental contrasting; comparing how life is now versus imagining how great future possibilities could actually become (as long as we work towards them). Putting all your hopes on paper like this makes everything seem more

Have you heard about scripting? It’s a popular manifestation method all on its own. But by “stacking” your law of attraction manifesting rituals on top of each other, you can effectively multiply the energy output and speed!

Isn’t that neat?” I’ve written a super in-depth tutorial about scripting (and even giveaway free templates to help get started).

But, in the next section I’ll quickly go over how you can mix scripting with the pillow method. As it is a bit different.

Scripting for manifestation is not something new to me – but what about those who are just getting started? Are they doomed? In this article I will cover that question and give pointers on how beginners should get acquainted with script writing so their manifestations come true!

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Example Pillow Method Shifting Affirmations

If you want to take the shortcut and write single affirmation statements rather than writing a long scripting letter, I wanted to share some positive affirmations that will help you shift realities with the pillow method.
To manifest love: “I am in a happy, healthy relationship with my soul mate.

” To manifest money: “I joyfully receive unlimited income from multiple sources every day.” For peace & happiness: “I enjoy a life of calm, joy and peace.”

You don’t have to write in my voice, but I do encourage you to find your own. You are the only one who is able to articulate what it really means for you and if someone else tries they will always fall short of achieving their fullest potential because there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes down to that!

How To Combine Scripting With The Pillow Method

Scripting is a way of writing down affirmations and reciting them to yourself, often for the purposes of manifesting desires. Scripts are generally very long but if you’re using it specifically in conjunction with the pillow method then it can be as short or detailed as desired- such scripts should still act like bridges between traditional scripting exercises which tend to go on much longer than what’s used when doing this exercise.

For example, let’s say I want an extra $100; so rather than spending lots of time crafting my own script from scratch (which would take hours), I could copy one designed for another purpose that already has all the relevant details about how exactly money manifests itself before me and fill in those blanks myself by adding my

You could make a positive affirmation that says “I am so happy to have $100 extra dollars!” and then anoint it with oil.

But I’ve had excellent results when I expand that to a few paragraphs.
I find it easier to really get in touch with my desires if what you want is something concrete, like money for example.
Ideally, you’d sit down with pen and paper, take a few deep breaths and start visualizing how incredible it feels getting the extra cash!

Then write about having already received your wish as though time has past-what are doing now? How do people react around me differently because of this new found wealth? What does all this mean for my life going forward!? It should only take 10 minutes or less (ideal) since we’re talking about things which fire up our emotions on their own accord so all writing needs

Once you have a clear understanding of the manifestation, it’s time to start manifesting your dreams! You can do this by following these steps.
First get yourself in that “zone” and visualize what you want for as long as possible. Next say out loud three times your strongest desire with feeling like once again about how great life will be after achieving this goal- make sure to use words such as “I am” or “will feel” rather than just saying things without any emotional investment at all!!!

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The last step is simply belief – believe so deeply into whatever you’re wanting before starting on anything else in order to bring forth its desired reality quickly and easily!!!!!

Two Ways To Get Manifestation Oil

Intention oil is a powerful ingredient that can be used in healing rituals, spells casting or just for general good vibes. There are two main ways to get your hands on this potent liquid: you either buy it online from an Etsy shop like mine – probably the cheapest way; or if you’re lucky enough to live near me (or somewhere close) and want something more personal then I am always happy to meet people at my office space.

Intention Oil is one of those things where there’s no right answer because whatever floats your boat will work!

If you’re looking for convenience try buying intention oil off Amazon, but if interpersonal contact matters more than saving money then come down here and see us

1- Make your own manifesting oil

First, if you have knowledge of essential oils and/or are willing to do a little research on the best oils to blend together for your desires, make it yourself! The right combination can be as individual as they come.

First, if you have knowledge of essential oils and/or are willing to do a little research on the best oils to blend together for your desires, make it yourself! The right combination can be as individual as they come.

I personally love making my own concoctions with rosemary oil since not many other people seem to find that scent appealing. It might sound like hard work but once you get going in this hobby there will always be something new awaiting discovery from all over the world so don’t give up too quickly!

– First, if you have knowledge about essential oils or want an interesting DIY project then try blending them yourself by using ingredients such as lavender grown locally near where ever YOU live (maybe even start one indoors).

You want to manifest on autopilot. But, do you? By investing time into research and blending the oils just right it will also work out well in any case! Plus, if you’re feeling creative or have a set of oils already then go for that as opposed to making your own oil which is messy anyways so either way there’s no harm done.

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2- Buy Ready-Made Manifestation Oil For Your Intentions

I used to be skeptical of buying manifestation oil because it was in a gray area of what I trust.
But if you work with crystals, you also don’t know where they’ve come from, whose been handling them, etc…
You just clean them first with your energy and that’s what I’ve done with all the manifestation oils I’ve bought and things have gone great! My favorite brand is hands down Art of Root for specific purposes like self-love or prosperity affirmations.

Do you always feel like there is nothing that can cure your ailments? Well, here’s a chance to get better. With oils from, it won’t be hard for you to find one perfect match!

Let me take the guesswork out of your life with these few suggestions:
1) If pain relief and wellness are what ypu’re looking for in an oil then try their CBD hemp oil or peppermint essential oil which has been known as “nature’s analgesic.” 2) For sleep problems such as insomnia and stress related issues, lavender could help because they have this calming property – not only do its benefits soothe our body but also calms down emotions too if

  • Money Manifestation Oil
  • Love & Romance Oil
  • Safety & Protection Oil
  • Heartbreak & Grief Oil

The best way to manifest your desired outcome is by using a manifestation oil. Place the letter or affirmation you have written and dab some of this special oil on it, then fold up the paper and place under your pillow before going to sleep!

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Adding Manifestation Oil To The Pillow Technique

In this post, I will share with you what the pillow method is and how to craft affirmations that make manifesting your desires a whole lot easier.

It’s time for us to move on from the basics in order to take things up one notch! Get ready because we are going deep into intention oil-making territory next…
What does it do? Well, as mentioned before there may be many ways of doing this but my personal favorite way is using an essential oils recipe like our example above: $100 + 13 drops Cedarwood = Manifestation Time In My Life (MMI). What about you?

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If you’re manifesting money, adding a drop of this oil should make the process more effective.
Adding just one drop to your intention as it’s being formulated will increase its strength and allow you see results in 1-3 days instead of 1-3 months!

How Long Do I Do The Pillow Method?

The way I do it is since I’ve written a scripting letter, and have something to read and reflect on before bed each night. It doesn’t work as well if you’ve written standard affirmations.

Since when you write your scripting manifestation letter, the emotion that goes into them really makes reading one every day for eight days straight less of an effort because for those nights we get transported back into this wonderful vibration like we did when writing our letters in the first place- so make sure to take note!

What Do I Do After The Pillow Manifesting Method?

After you complete the LOA pillow technique, there are a few options. You could store your paper with other manifestation exercises in your journal for safe keeping if you have one (which I highly recommend!). Another option is to light it on fire and let the wind take its ashes into infinity!

The idea of letting go sounds great so maybe try folding up this intention-filled piece of paper and storing it somewhere that isn’t too close – like inside your wallet or purse? Whatever way feels right to release energy around manifesting this goal.

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Can I Do The Pillow Method With My Phone?

You may have heard of the Pillow Method. The idea is to take a positive message that you want as your affirmation and write it out on paper in big letters, then sleep with this piece of paper under your pillow.

I recommend writing affirmations by hand if possible because they are not as strong when typed onto an electronic device such as a phone or tablet which makes them less effective than their handwritten counterparts .

You can also add other rituals into these manifestations like burning specific candles before bedtime for example – but what’s most important about doing this method is taking time each day to reflect upon and appreciate all that we truly do have now!

Some people might ask if you could use your smart phone instead of just using pen-to

If you want to manifest your desires through a simple, inexpensive process like using the paper and pen method with manifestation oil or burning it for ashes that can be sent into the universe via blowing on them, then there are some limitations.

For instance if you try this technique while holding onto your phone too tightly because of impatience or lack of understanding when doing so will not work in those circumstances at all times.

You might find yourself frustrated by these limits but don’t worry as I have found alternative solutions such as writing down what we wish to create first before making edits where necessary (or just getting used to) how best they should be manifested!

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Does The Pillow Manifestation Method Work?

Recently, I saw a story on the news about an 8-year old girl who is making dream pillows for children with terminal illnesses.

You can imagine her surprise when she found out that there are other ways to create these same types of wishful bedtime companions! One way is through manifestation and it only requires intention, dedication, patience–and this great book by Dr. Joe Vitale called The Attractor Factor: 9 Simple Steps That Will Give Anyone Whatever They Want In Life .

This method will show you how to design your own custom pillow using colors or patterns that make you happy while also creating energy waves in response to what goes into them like affirmations and prayers before they’re finished off as unique one-ofsies just

I hope you enjoyed learning about this nighttime manifestation routine! It can really help you find the power of sleep and create new positive habits that will change your life.

With love, light, and most of all — magic — I’ll see ya soon my friend with more helpful tips for sleeping better at night 🙂

The future is now if you know what to do. Get your free numerology reading and find out how it can help guide the way for a better tomorrow!