10 Signs Your Manifestation Is Not Coming

Updated on April 4, 2022

Manifestation Is Not Coming

When you first started to do the law of attraction and manifesting, it was so exciting. You focused on what you want with such hope that the universe would deliver – but then time went by and nothing happened! It can be hard when your patience starts to wear thin from waiting for something good in return for all this work.

But there is a possibility that even though things haven’t come yet, they will or maybe not at all. What if those other times where life seemed like an uphill battle were manifestations too?

Today I’m going to talk about how we often go through periods of self-sabotage without realizing it as well as some tips on making sure these cycles don’t take over our lives.

You’ve been waiting for your manifestation to come, but it just doesn’t seem like its going to show up. Here are ten signs that your manifestation is not coming and what you can do about it:
-It’s hard when we don’t know the outcome of our desires because there may be no clear sign one way or another as whether they will happen.

Holding onto hope still makes sense even though sometimes this isn’t enough justification nor does a person know how long he has waited already so time passes without him knowing if his wish was fulfilled or not;
-If someone offers realistic advice on why something might never work out then take heed in their words more than an encouraging friend who says everything should go well all

1- Negative angel numbers

When it comes to manifesting, you don’t want your angel numbers from the universe to be too heavy on fives. This means that if you’re waiting for something and it’s taking a long time, get ready for change — whether good or bad.

All of us have seen the movie “The Seven Year Itch” where Marilyn Monroe is married to a man she doesn’t love and decides to wait for her true love.

Well, in numerology, seven can mean you’ve got some waiting on your hands before getting what you want which could be anything from good luck with money or romance (depending how it manifests itself).

However; when it comes to relationships this number represents solitude and isolation – two qualities that don’t really go hand-in-hand with commitment or partnership!

Believe it or not, the universe has a way of communicating with you and sending signs to let you know whether your manifestation is coming. If this sounds too far-fetched for your taste, read on as I list some other ways that will help make trusting these messages easier in general life decisions.

In addition to angel numbers which have been talked about ad nauseam by spiritualists everywhere at one time or another–there are plenty more signals from the universe out there just waiting for us all!

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2- You get “no” tarot cards

It’s no secret that tarot cards are a great tool for divination. The problem is, most of us don’t know how to read them! If you’re struggling with manifesting and the law of attraction then it might be time to break out your deck – or at least take some time learning these ancient symbols from an expert in this field.

Tarot decks can help anyone divine messages they need so urgently through their readings about situations ranging from love life problems all the way up into career guidance questions.

Some people like me use these tools as self-help techniques because we have such powerful intuition inside ourselves; while others may just want more information on what’s coming up next week when they meet their new boss after accepting a

Tarot cards are a great way to find out what your intuition is telling you. There are some questions the answer will be clear and there will also be other times when it’s unclear yet still worth checking. If you really want something, see if pulling one card can help figure things out!

3- You sense total stillness

You can feel it in your bones. The synchronicities come to you and let you know that what’s for YOU will not pass by.

You’ll always be able to smell the high-level vibes coming from all directions, because when we’re fully aligned with our goals and desires, they are sure as hell going to find us!

When it feels like you can’t sense your own intuition, the air is still. Things feel quiet and motionless; however, be sure to rely on that gut feeling! Trust in yourself because if something doesn’t seem right — trust what you know deep down inside of your soul.

4- You start to have bad dreams

Sure, you might have a few nightmares after manifesting something big. But if it’s not just one or two bad dreams and they happen more than once in the following days – then your manifestation may be waiting for its perfect time to come out!

5- Your emotional health begins to suffer

You know you’re not going to manifest it if before the manifestation occurs, your mood goes from being happy and energetic to feeling sad or low.

6- Your search for signs dominates your life

You may be forgetting to let go of your intention. It’s okay to ask for signs that it is coming, but you should not rely on them too much and obsess over the results.

You know that feeling when you’re up late at night worrying about everything? That’s not what trusting in the universe and process looks like. If you behave this way, your manifestation probably isn’t coming. Luckily there is a fix for this…relax!

7- You keep changing the goalposts 

What’s the point of aiming for a destination if you keep changing it? That can be frustrating and takes away from your clarity. It also means that you might not be expressing gratitude as much as we should in life, either!

How you can hinder your own manifestation efforts:

8- You keep asking for the same thing

If you find yourself going back to the same thing, it’s probably not coming. It may seem like a good idea at first because repetition helps build habits and affirmations but does that really make sense if what we want is for things to change? Besides, why would they happen quickly enough when other people manifest their desires in an instant?

You know what’s easier than doing the 55×5 method? Earning more money! But if you insist on trying to manifest that $50, try scripting. Cinnamon spell is a little too hocus-pocus for me.

9- It’s been a very long time

It’s difficult, but you have to accept that it might not happen if the goal is too far out of reach. For example, let’s say you want a vacation with your boyfriend and months go by without one materializing when in reality there’s been any progress whatsoever on this front.

If things are strained between the two of you because his work has him traveling constantly or he just isn’t into spending time together like before then maybe it means accepting an idea for yourself instead- plan something solo!

I know it hurts to have your desires denied, especially when all you want is for them to come true. But there’s a reason they’re not happening now and that could be due in part because of past karma or maybe even the karmic debt from another person.

It may never happen but either way we can’t wait around with blue balls waiting for something that might never arrive!

It’s hard having our dreams rejected; I get it–you’ve probably been working on this goal since forever ago and hope springs eternal every day only to find yourself still here without any change at all…But sometimes nothing changes no matter how long we plan-there are reasons why people say “the best things take time”.

10- You get a definite “no”

You may think that this is an easy way to make money by manifesting things you want.

Don’t get me wrong, it can work if done right but a lot of people end up being disappointed when they find out the truth behind their manifestations.

You must be honest with yourself if your ex refuses to talk and has blocked all of your channels. They may not want you back, which can mean that it is time for you to move on!

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manifestation manifestation

What to do if your manifestation is not coming?

There are times when you can’t manifest what you want, but your best bet is to relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t let it get to you if a few things don’t work out because something better will come along soon enough, I promise!

If time doesn’t seem like an option for now or ever again in some way (I’m not suggesting taking long breaks from life), then there’s always another route: visualization techniques that allow us to create our own reality without actually physically doing anything ourselves.

Ask yourself these questions before giving up on manifestation altogether: Did my intent align with universal law? Was this just part of being human and nothing more? Is someone else using their energy against me intentionally or otherwise blocking

When we obsess over signs, it can take a toll on our lives. Even if you’re going at things super hard lately and have been preoccupied with reading into every little detail of your life as positive or negative “signs,” that frantic chaotic energy may be what’s blocking you from manifesting the desires in your heart.

The truth is there are many powerful ways to consciously co-create abundance, just not ones where we try throwing all of our eggs into one basket — because when we do this type of thing it blocks us from an open path for receiving manifestations in multiple forms (like more money than I ever thought possible). For example let’s say I want $100 dollars extra to show up elsewhere; instead setting my

Manifesting and asking for help from the universe doesn’t mean you get to slack on your part. I wrote an entire blog post with tips, ideas, and inspiration about what to do when manifestation just isn’t coming enough!

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I am extremely proud of how far we have come together during our journey through self-love and awareness. But remember — life isn’t permanent; nothing lasts forever (even good things).

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