50 Positive Affirmations [ Self-Love, Self-Confidence & Self-Worth ]

Updated on April 4, 2022


Love for yourself is a daunting idea. It sounds so self-centered and weird to say you love yourself, but what does that even mean? Is it simply the act of caring about oneself or loving who one is as an individual? And how do we know when someone has arrived at this state of being where they are satisfied with themselves without needing anything else in their life besides themself (ahem, narcissism)?

If you want to love yourself more, using positive affirmations is one of the easiest and most effective ways. In this post I’ll share 50 self-love affirmations that can help get you on the right path!

How To Use Affirmations For Self-Love & Self-Confidence

After reading this list of affirmations for self love, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Fear not! I wrote an extensive post full of creative ideas on how to use these affirmations – so feel free to check that out if anything is unclear or confusing! But here are the basics for anyone who needs it:

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1- Speak them into the mirror in the morning

Mirror work is a technique popularized by the late Louise Hay and it involves gazing softly at your own reflection in the mirror, stating positive affirmations to yourself. It only takes five minutes each day of this activity for life-long change!

With the help of this book, many people have been able to overcome their addictions and eating disorders.

They’ve also lost weight, attracted love into their lives and earned more money in careers with just by starting with a few minutes looking at themselves every day.

You may not always love the mirror you see in your reflection, but how can it be avoided? In “What is Your Mirror Telling You?” author Jim Carrey gets pragmatic and practical about what we all know deep down: bettering our lives starts with self-reflection.

By just starting at where we are now (ourselves) rather than waiting for some future event to happen before things get better or worse, this book provides a great framework of understanding that allows us to take control by changing ourselves first instead of trying to change other people around them.

Mirror work is a simple way to get started with meditation. I’ve created an in-depth tutorial for you so that you can start mirroring immediately! Check it out if you want to save time and jumpstart your daily affirmation practice without any hassle.

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2- Subliminal Affirmations

You might want to try subliminal affirmations!
Subliminal affirmation is a recording of an affirmation played at such low volume that only your subconscious mind can hear it.

This way, the music playing will occupy all of your conscious thoughts while also hearing those positive messages as well.

Things are going to start getting better for you. You’re finally on track and all your hard work is paying off! I know that things have been tough lately, but it doesn’t seem like they will be much longer because the universe has a plan in motion just for you.

It’s time to keep doing what makes sense; continue taking action each day with confidence and determination so that success can come knocking at your door soon enough!

3- Meditation

You could do one of the shorter affirmations like “I love myself,” or look for a phrase that relates to you on an emotional level.

Repeat it over and over in your head while focusing on breathing deeply, feeling comfortable with yourself, and being proud about who you are.

You can choose any affirmation as long as it makes sense to use each time- even if its not short! You might start repeating “thankful” after taking deep breaths because when we feel grateful our mood feels lighter which is what many people need during tough times.

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4- Writing

Self-care is an important part of living a healthy and happy life. One way to practice self-love, as it’s been called, is with the 55×5 method.

This simple technique can be done in five minutes or less by repeating one positive affirmation 5 times each for 5 days straight while you are doing something that makes your heart sing–walking around the block, drawing from nature inspiration at your local art museum–whatever brings joy!

Self care doesn’t have to take up all our time; sometimes just 15 minutes will do! The idea behind this new philosophy started out as little more than a hashtag on social media (#selfcaresundays). Now people across America find ways they need some ‘me’ time when their

5- Posting

Write your self-love affirmations on post-it notes and stick them in places where you’re likely to see them. Make sure these are visible at all times!

I recommend putting a few of the most important ones by your bedside table, or next time that pesky guilty feeling takes over just remind yourself why it’s so worth loving yourself with some soothing words from one of our favorite quotes like “I can’t love anyone more than myself.”

Write down any negative thoughts about being alone and attach a note reminding you that this is how we get better acquainted with ourselves.

50 Positive Affirmations For Self-Love, Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Here are 50 positive self-love affirmations to increase your sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

I’m someone who always sees the silver lining, and today I’m showing up even stronger than ever before. Challenges will only build me up in ways that make me more resilient to life’s highs and lows because if you can conquer your challenges then there is nothing out there you cannot do!

I am successful. I know that the outcome of my life is a result of what choices and actions I take in this world, so all success comes from me.

When faced with difficulty or adversity not only do I have love for myself but also empathy and understanding as well since we are one being on this planet together!

My response to difficulty will always be filled with joy because it’s an opportunity to grow into something new: stronger, wiser, more mindful – no matter how difficult things may get…I can count on myself first before anyone else when times feel tough because there isn’t anything too big for me now!

Ever since I was little, I have been grounded and focused on the task at hand. When my mother would tell me to do something she knew it would be completed with excellence because of my attention to detail.

Because work is so important in life, every morning is a new chance for me enjoy what can possibly happen that day and even myself as well if need be!

I am surrounded by love, and my life is full of joy. I’m confident in myself and eager to grow every day!

I am surrounded by love that I can feel. My life is worth living and my purpose on Earth is clear to me now.

The power that I have within me is limitless. My goals are a part of who I am and how far my creativity will take me. There’s nothing more beautiful than the strength in our resilience; it carries us through even when we think all hope is lost, but with time there comes new life as well as challenges to overcome.

We’re each so different from one another which means every day has something fresh for you to experience if only your mind could open up enough to see it!
I can do anything because nobody else on this planet ever had or made decisions like mine before

I am in a position to say “no” when I need or want. My body loves what it does and has done for me, so I should too! It’s okay if sometimes my mind is not as strong as the rest of me; that just makes us unique, doesn’t it?

I am not like most people.
All that I need is within me, and it’s because of this that life feels so easy to live.
There are no limits when you’re healthy! There’s nothing but potential waiting for each day – all the while knowing my goals can be accomplished with ease thanks to my energy levels soaring at a constant rate throughout the course of any given time period .

I’m a confident person who knows what I want and can ask for it. The universe is working to bring me the things that will make my life better, so as long as I trust myself enough to know when something isn’t right, then everything should be fine!

I am present in love and compassion. My mind, body and spirit work together as one to generate perfect harmony within me. I deserve happiness because of my divine nature that makes it possible for me to tap into the universe’s support system with ease so that all good things come my way.

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How Will You Use Self-Love Affirmations?

This list of 50 affirmations for self-love, self-confidence and self worth will help you create more what you do want in life – less of what don’t. So send yourself all the love and light that we deserve!

I am present in love and compassion. My mind, body and spirit work together as one to generate perfect harmony within me.

I deserve happiness because of my divine nature that makes it possible for me to tap into the universe’s support system with ease so that all good things come my way.