Seeing Signs But No Manifestation? Why!

Updated on February 23, 2023

Seeing Signs

You’ve been sending your manifestation out to the universe, seeing signs that it should be coming soon, and then waiting…and waiting. What gives? You’re not alone! Here are some of the most common reasons you might see a sign when no manifestation is happening – and how to fix them.

1- You have doubt

You know that it’s hard to manifest your dreams and goals, but deep down inside you start doubting whether they will come true.
I hope this does not sound discouraging because I have some good news for you: the key is to work through those feelings of doubt in order to get what we want!

There are a few ways how exactly do this – firstly, spend more time focusing on all the things going well with our lives instead of always thinking about where there might be setbacks or obstacles; secondly, talk positively about ourselves (tell people around us who see potential in us); thirdly make sure we stay motivated by reading books like “Think And Grow Rich” which has been my favorite book since high school so far!

The subconscious mind can so easily get in the way of your manifestation process.
We, as humans are creatures that often doubt and question things without any real reason to do so.

We live our lives clinging onto fear just because we’re not sure what will happen if it doesn’t go accordingly with what’s expected out of us by society or family members who have high expectations for you after all these years–fearing this is how we feel justified about being alive on earth; furthermore, fearing change but always accepting it at a certain time in life when there’s no other choice left open to make anymore since those many fears finally take over one day and push everything forward like an avalanche into overwhelming territory where happiness ceases its existence altogether while negativity prevails instead

It’s time to take the next step in understanding who you are! Your date of birth can tell a lot about your personality and how it influences other people.

So what does numerology say? With this free report, find out more about yourself than ever before so that you’re able to make an informed decision on where things go from here:

You can find all of your secrets buried in the stars. You know you’re born, but did you ever wonder what date and time?

A numerology report is a personalized profile based on one’s birth data that offers insight into their personality traits and compatibility with others. It also provides guidance for making decisions about careers, relationships, travel plans and more!

Sometimes you might feel like there are some things that will always mystify or confuse you no matter what. That’s a feeling I know well, but after getting my reading from this psychic medium it was clear: Universal energy is real!

Once she told me about myself based on the accuracy of her report and specific details in regards to my life experience, personality, challenges/gifts, desires/fears – all without ever knowing anything about me beforehand-I knew for sure we were onto something powerful here.

It turned out she had secrets I never even told anyone before so when they came up naturally through our conversation -it confirmed everything else because now both sides have their say at confirming its authenticity which just proves how accurate psychics

You will be astonished by the amount of success you can achieve with access to this online course. If you follow its advice on how to live your fullest potential and avoid challenges in life, it becomes so easy for that magic wand called “abracadabra” or poof…magic!

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It is like someone waves a magic wand, says “Abacadaba” and then Poof…Magic!”

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how to manifestation

2- You’re manifesting signs, not results

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to manifesting is that we see signs but don’t see results. And sometimes this might be because you’re attracting manifestation sign, and not result.

Signs are easy enough to find: your car horn goes off by itself at just the right moment on a road trip; or someone offers an unexpected compliment about how much they love something you’ve been trying for months now… But those things have nothing do with actually achieving what was desired!

As soon as I realized that my focus wasn’t aligned properly, all these little coincidences started happening more frequently in my life—coincidences which pointed me towards new opportunities and helped make them happen too.

Let me tell you about a time I encountered an angel number.
Your soul mate might be waiting for you and it’s up to your intuition to guide the way! Just don’t let yourself get distracted by what signs that would mean love all day every day, because they may not lead where we want them too.

If you want to find your soul mate, imagine the type of person that would be perfect for YOU. Forget about whether or not he exists and just focus on what YOU need in a partner!

3- There’s something you need to do

You know how sometimes the universe will send you signs but no manifestation to let you know that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough?

It’s because it wants to clear your pathway of any obstacles so communication is easier. That’s why I recommend getting an accurate numerology report, too!

You know when you’re close to your manifestation because the steps of what it will take are all there. Maybe they have yet to manifest, or maybe you don’t quite remember that step in order for something big and life-changing like this to happen.

Download a numerology reportto see if any numbers jump out at you as indicating where things might be off track.

4- Your desire is changing

Changes in what you want can confuse the manifestation process. Sometimes, it happens! You think you want something and then change your mind over time, not really knowing why or how to express that desire fully.

So when signs start appearing about what is coming – like a new job offer for example – by now there’s some small part of yourself where things are “iffy.” For me this manifested as an unexpected opportunity at work I didn’t even know was available until they offered it up to me on my way out one day.

It seemed too good be true but after careful consideration (and prayer), I decided to take advantage of the chance while trusting all would turn out well because manifesting isn’t just waving a magic wand; rather its

You’ve been working on it for a while. You wanted success, more clients or exposure to your work but there was always something holding you back from getting all the way into what you felt deep down inside that this is where I should be in my life right now.

Something subtle has shifted and instead of seeing signs coming without really going anywhere – they’re starting to come up already which confirms just how much time and effort goes into manifesting one’s desires when things are aligned with our truest selves!

If you don’t get what you want, just simply state your new request! It’s okay to change your mind knowing that the universe will give back.

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5- Your desire is out of alignment

We often find ourselves feeling unaligned with the things that we manifest, like going to college or landing a job. And while it’s easy to get swept up in what society deems as success – money and power – these are not your goal.

You want happiness! But everyone defines this differently; you might be trying to achieve “success” but doing so out of duty instead of desire for yourself which will make achieving any manifestation seem just out reach from where you stand now.

A prime example of this is if society tells you to go the traditional route, get a degree first then attend graduate school and work at a high-profile career that brings in big bucks.

Maybe someone even expects it from you because they’ve seen others succeed before! So maybe you study hard for years, apply to different programs with hopes of getting accepted but nothing comes up. You might see signs that lowkey make sense like: “you’re not cut out” or “it’s just not right.”

But all these thoughts about your future are really consuming instead when deep down inside what made them attractive was never worth it anyway.

It turned into something else later on so now we have an inner battle going where one side is telling us ‘

Every time I feel discouraged that my dreams are not coming true, it’s because the universe is reminding me to stay patient. Little by little, things happen in our lives whether we see them or not – and as they do come about for us one way or another- you can take a look back at all of those times when life was hard but something good came out of it too.

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6- You’re afraid of negative consequences

What are you seeing in the world that could be getting in your way? It could be as simple as:

When your heart aches at night because you’re alone, the idea of manifesting a soul mate can be tempting. But what if they end up wanting to get back together with an ex?
Mantra: It doesn’t mean it won’t come when I’m ready for it; just that now is not my time yet!

When signs start appearing in your life-telling you this may soon happen – then know everything will work out as long as I am waiting patiently and open mindedly.

There are many things that can be holding you back from manifesting. You might feel like giving up, but do not give in to the negative thoughts and feelings!

To fix this, sit down with a pen and paper or your phone’s note app which ever is easier for you. Make a list of all the possible negative consequences that may have been subtly preventing success while maintaining an open mind by accepting their truthfulness even if they seem unreal at first glance

doing manifestation

7- You’re too attached to the outcome

When you are too attached to something, it can easily slip through your fingers. For instance, say that you want a specific person in your life and they do not seem interested or available for contact.

You send out the intention to the universe with love then busy yourself afterwards- but what if this does not happen? You might start seeing signs of them coming back into your life like on social media when all of a sudden they unblock you!

Here is where things get tricky: What happens next could be detrimental to getting what we really wanted – as we become obsessed with their answer instead of living our lives day by day until they decide otherwise or come around themselves…

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You’ve been putting so much energy into manifesting your desires, but lately you notice that it’s not working. It might be because all of the frantic efforts have only made things worse – when really what needs to happen is for you to relax and enjoy life! The best thing that can help with this process? Chill out a little bit more!

If you want your future to be filled with love, happiness and prosperity then stop waiting for the perfect time. Do that right now!

8- Something better is on the way

What if all of the signs you were getting from your ex meant that they’re just not ready to commit? In this case, it might be a good thing.

It means he or she is still thinking about you and doesn’t have anyone else in mind yet. If so, go ahead and date new people while waiting for them to come around again!

If things are looking bleak because nothing seems to happen after seeing signals coming from an old flame one day (and then some), don’t worry too much–it’s probably for the best!

The universe has something even better planned out; maybe their hesitation stems back before when they decided against committing themselves fully with someone other than yourself.

Is it really worth holding on to the crap from your past? You could end up with someone even better. Just listen for that blessing and be open to receiving him or her!

9- You’re being impatient

It’s important to pay attention to how long you have been waiting for your manifestation.

When we start seeing signs that our desires are coming true, it is easy and understandable to get excited. It’s not uncommon for people who send a message out into the universe only wait an hour or two before they see sign of their manifesting happening!

But if after three days or even one week (or more!) nothing has come through yet – then its probably still too early in the process-it may be time just need patience!

We all have those moments when we worry and wonder if it’s already too late.

It takes some time to see our manifestations, though they do take a while at times. But don’t get discouraged! Stay positive, stay hopeful, enjoy the wait – because as long as you’re alive then there’s still hope for what is coming next in your life.

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manifestation is fun

Final Thoughts

It’s been hard to understand what you want and why the universe is not responding with signs that your desired manifestation is on its way.

Here are some of my tips, advice, and guidance for manifesting more easily! When it comes down to it, all we can really do about anything in life is set our intentions- be clear about what we need or don’t need as well as how much time each one should take before moving onto something else.

And when dealing with things like money which require a lot of work but often only yield meager rewards at first glance (though they tend to grow exponentially), have patience while keeping an eye out for opportunities where you could make adjustments along the way so your efforts ‘come into alignment