How To Write A Manifestation List

Updated on April 4, 2022

Do you want to know how the law of attraction can help manifest anything and everything your heart desires? If so, read on!
To make it even easier for you to get started with this life-changing technique in a matter of minutes (or less!), I’ve created an easy manifestation list template that will do all the hard work for you.

Simply download it from my blog post below!

Manifestation List

If you want to manifest your heart’s desire, make sure that you’re in alignment first. So many people jump headfirst into the law of attraction because it sounds exciting and cool only for their manifestation not work out as they’d hoped.

The most common reason why manifestations don’t work is by being un-aligned – and what sucks even more? You might not even know!
Truthfully speaking, if one has energetic blockages or doesn’t feel at peace then they are wasting time working with a list like this; but when we address our own beliefs about love from an open perspective so that fear isn’t blocking us anymore, anything can happen!

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How To Write A Manifestation List

1- Start With A Manifestation Journal Or Notebook

As a manifestor, you’re going to need some tools. The first thing on your list should be setting aside space for manifestation work- ideally this is dedicated journal with affirmations and inspiration that speak to who you are as an individual.

But don’t worry if all the pieces aren’t in place yet– it’s always good to start from what we have!

I can’t get enough of these cheerful, colorful patterns and I own a copy of each!

2- Meditate, Get Grounded & Connect

In order to become centered, focused and grounded you must do the following:
First shake off any negative or stagnant energy by getting up from your seat. Now because this may not be enough we recommend taking a minute for yourself to shed some light on what it is that will make you happy in life.

You can focus on anything at all such as an object of beauty (like flowers), positive affirmations about yourself, something funny like pictures with friends having fun together; whatever makes you feel good!

How would you like to spend your time? Would it be more useful meditating or playing around with someone, or putting on music and moving around in a sacred space that allows for manifesting.

3- Brainstorm The Details Of Your Desires

This part of the exercise is supposed to be free and liberating. I recommend writing what you’ve been feeling for a while now, or maybe go through your day in detail so that you can get it all out on paper. Let me know how this goes!

Writing is about letting your spirit and intentions flow through you. Write whatever comes to mind, whether it makes sense or not.

You’ll be surprised at what ends up coming out on paper when you give yourself permission to speak freely without worrying too much about getting the perfect sentences down just right!

Five to ten minutes of uninterrupted time, just for letting anything flow out. You could write words, phrases or paragraphs about how you want to feel and then let it all hang loose!

4- Create Your Manifestation List

What do you want in a relationship? What kind of person are you looking for out there?
Do they love to travel or sit at home on the couch snuggling with their puppies all day, while watching Netflix and reading books.

Are they an introvert or extrovert who thrives off social interactions like parties where everyone dances until 2am when it’s time to get up early for work yet again tomorrow morning.

You have so many thoughts about what makes someone good enough but how can we know if any one is even right without manifesting them into our life first by writing down everything that’ll make this perfect partner come true! Trust me I know from personal experience; nothing feels better than finally making

I see myself with my partner, walking down the aisle and getting married. We go to France for our honeymoon where we walk around in awe of all its beauty while eating croissants on every corner.

My husband brings me flowers home from work each Friday night so I can enjoy their sweet fragrance before he arrives at 8 o’clock sharp bearing a gift as well—a small token of his love that tells me how much I mean to him; one week it was a bottle of champagne that will remind us both about this day until we’re old together holding hands watching movies on the couch like best friends do – just you wait!

The passage states that, with careful consideration and a little bit of math, you could establish the following.

Some couples are so in love, they enjoy a beautiful wedding and spend time together during the honeymoon. They might also occasionally receive thoughtful gifts from each other throughout their marriage.

The best way to get into the flow is by not overthinking it.

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5- Write Your Manifesting List In Present Tense

Our wedding was beautiful and all of our friends and family were there, as well. The honeymoon to France was incredible! My partner always blesses me with thoughtful gifts that I love deeply- he knows how much we enjoy doing hobbies together too.

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6- Rewrite Your Manifestation List, But With A Twist

By rewriting your list of positive events that have already occurred, you can manifest more good things in the future.

Now this is where magic happens! Once you’ve got a complete manifestation list ready to go on paper or screen, it’s time for some rewrites so that we don’t just put down what we want – oh no, our goal is to get stuff done and do great things too (in case there was any question).

To make sure we have all bases covered when using this method of bringing about change with intentionality and positivity alike, why not include every single one of those successful moments?

The past should serve as fuel for the future; by having an updated version at hand before starting out fresh each day gives us

Sometimes, a quiet life can be boring. But not when you write down your thoughts and then read them to yourself as if they were true! For instance, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to live in an aesthetically pleasing home.

Why wouldn’t you want that for yourself? So what if it’s only make-believe at the moment? If we’re going letter by letter through this passage I just created using my imagination — from writing “I enjoy living” all the way up until reading these words out loud – our subconscious mind won’t know whether or not what is being said is real or fake because of how simple sentences are structured here.

And so while I’m engaging myself in activities like drawing sketches on paper or imagining walking

I love my best friend, Christina, and can’t wait to hang out with her again!
Best friends are one of the things I’m grateful for on a daily basis. In fact, they’re lucky if we go more than two days without chatting or seeing each other in person.

So when it comes time for me to manifest something that’s not already here (and let’s be honest–not everything is going perfectly), then having great friendships like mine make life so much better because at least I have these awesome people who will always support me no matter what happens next.

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7- Review The Manifestation List Often

There are so many ways to put your list of goals into action. One way is by setting a reminder in your phone or calendar, and deciding how you’ll reward yourself when the goal has been met!

There are a myriad of ways to get your point across and here are just three: the “Top 10” list, Twitter chat, and infographics.

The first is an article format that will outline ten points in detail with links for more information on each topic or idea; tweet chats happen when you use a hashtag (#) where other people can answer questions as they come up; finally there’s graphics which communicate through visuals such as charts, graphs etcetera so be sure to have all your data ready!

A lot of people know how to manifest their dreams. One way is by placing a list in multiple places where you will see it often, like on your bedside table and the fridge door.

The more frequently that you review this list, the faster things can start coming into fruition for yourself! Try using some affirmations from other exercises like 55×5 or do something fun with visualization techniques such as anointing copies of your manifestation lists with special oils so they go double time (or take advantage of positive dreaming space).

For those who want tangible objects before others come true, making vision boards could be just what’s needed because each board represents all outcomes desired.

If you’re looking to manifest your dreams, spirituality and new beginnings this year then it’s important for the color of feathers on display in your home.  Feathers are a powerful symbol that have been used since ancient times as tools for sending messages or drawing protection from harm.

I am so excited to share my latest manifestation template with you. I’ve been working on a free list of all the things that make me happy, and it’s now time for your turn!

You deserve some manifesting love too; after all, we’re in this together.

Tired of living in a less than ideal life? Use the “Be-Do-Have” manifesting technique to get what you want! The free manifestation template will walk you through how it works, with tips and tricks for getting started.

If you want to manifest your desires, take advantage of this free template and start making magic happen!

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Make Your Manifestation List Work Even Faster

Have you ever felt the need to manifest something really bad so much that your mind is literally consumed with it? Well, if this sounds familiar then I have some great news for you!

It turns out there are actually secrets numbers and angels who can help us create our manifestation lists more quickly. This way we don’t get overwhelmed by all of the details or forget anything important along the way.

Believe me; when they start working on your list in Heaven everyone will be happy because they know how badly you want what’s written down but just haven’t been able to make things happen yet no matter how hard you try.