5 Manifestation Journal Ideas for Law of Attraction Success

Updated on April 4, 2022

If you’ve been struggling with coming up with journal prompts on your own, then I encourage to check

out my blog post that lists some creative and engaging ideas for using journals.

That way, not only will the process of writing down what matters most be therapeutic but it can also make manifesting our desires more fun!

Are you looking for some creative ways to manifest your dreams? I’ve got the perfect post for you! Here are five unique, high-vibe manifestation journal ideas that will help make it happen.

Manifestation Journal Ideas

1- Buy A Manifesting Journal With Prompts Included

I’ve been journaling for years and years now, but I still occasionally buy manifesting journals.

Why? Because while you can get free journal prompts online, often they are bland and generic questions that

don’t really resonate with me or my life experiences in the long-term.

Money is a powerful thing.

If you want more of it, there are many ways to manifest your desires into reality.

You could find journal prompts on the internet that might help start turning those wheels in your brain and get things flowing so you can create what’s been calling out for all these months now: Money! But why do we have to go searching through different websites? There’s ONE place where money-

manifesting journals await just for you–and they’re waiting with open arms! It doesn’t make sense when people spend their time trying to look around at every little blog post or Twitter account looking for something that will change them from broke person _______ (fill in the blank) into an abundant millionaire who has everything

“Do you sometimes feel like the Universe is orchestrating your life for you? Would it be easier to let go and trust in that guidance if there were a physical journal with exercises, mantras, tools and techniques specifically designed to help manifesting happen easily?”

If so then take a look at these amazing journals on Amazon! I’ve personally tried each of them as well.

Each has something unique about how they approach manifestation work- some are more focused on understanding what blocks us from experiencing our dreams while others focus just on shifting those

energy patterns around.

But regardless of which one feels right for you or who needs it most (whether its yourself or someone else) there’s no denying every single book offers value & insight into this

Do you want to make manifesting easy? If so, here’s how.

I’ve included prompts for visualizing your goals in the following journal I’m recommending- Manifesting Made Easy by Joe Vitale (affiliate link) or similar products could be helpful too! Just search “manifestation” on Amazon and there will be dozens of options available.

There is even one called ‘The Law Of Attraction Checklist’ which has helped many people achieve what they wanted through affirmations etc..

The idea behind this technique is simple: write down everything that comes into mind related to our target goal before reading anything else because it’s easier than trying figure out why something doesn’t work later when all relevant information may have been forgotten about.

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how to manifestation easy

2- Private Manifestation Journal Blog

I have always been told that I can’t use my laptop to answer manifestation journal prompts, but then one day, while surfing the internet looking for ways to manifest money quickly and easily- (which is something everybody goes through!)

I stumbled upon a free website called livejournal.com where people could post their entries

anonymously! LiveJournal was perfect since nobody would know it was me posting these LOA journals

every night when I get home from work at 9:00 pm.

It’s so therapeutic too because you are able to share your true thoughts without judgement or fear of being judged by other people who may read them in future years as well!

A great way to journal is by using a pen and paper, but if you’re not keen on the idea of writing in that format try this!

You can also use an app for your phone or tablet.

I love how it’s so simple, neat and readily available from anywhere- my favorite part about it.

Imagine your life without a private manifestation journal.

It’s not just the ultimate wellness hack, it is an exercise in self- awareness and reflection that can help you get more out of every day with less work!

3- Vision Board Manifesting Journal Idea

If you like the idea of combining more than one law of attraction manifesting strategy, why not create a vision board for your journal?

Collect quotes or pictures that make you feel inspired to place on the front and back covers as well.

The inside cover is reserved for prompts in case something pops into your head when it’s time to write!

Now, this wouldn’t be just any old notebook-style journal – but rather a powerful combination tool with three purposes:

1) recording what has already manifested;

2) identifying some new ideas through creativity exercises (maybe even taking inspiration from other journals);

3) revising goals based on how things have been going since first being set up.

It’s ingenious because instead only using half an hour

Vision boards seem like a lot of work, but they’re worth it.

They help you set goals and find creative ways to achieve them because the act itself is so fun!

A Vision Board is a great way to visualize your dreams and goals.

You can use it as an inspiration board or create one that reflects who you are now in order for the future self-of today’s livelinesss sisn’t too far off!
A vision board works by letting go of things we don’t need any more so they won’t hold us back from our next level up, but rather display what makes life worth living on this side: all these memories waiting around every corner just begging u takeat them with open arms while surrounding Yourself wuth positive energyand limitless potential.

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doing manifestation

4- Voice Notes Manifestation Journal Idea

Next, if you find pen and paper too old-fashioned or want to record your responses quickly without the hassle of typing them out on a keyboard, why not try using voice notes on your phone? I’ve tried this in

the past and it can be great for when I need something quick.

Sometimes after writing my thoughts down with pencils and papers as well as reflecting through journals prompts questions about life’s meaninglessness (for example), taking time to relax by light some candles that fill up my room with beautiful spiritual aromas while sinking into an indulgent hot bath filled with serene bubbles is really what helps me reflect best!

The feeling of being able to speak your desires out loud is different than writing them down.

It’s as if they carry more energy, which makes it easier for you to manifest what you want in the future.

This Voice Notes Manifestation Journal is an awesome way to make sure you never forget a voice note.

You can write them down on one page for each of the day, or save it all in one neat ledger!
I found myself with lots and lots (literally) of voicemail messages after moving into my new place; but then I realized how easy they were when remembering what was said because there’s no scrolling through hours worth of transcriptions like some other systems require.

Now if only people had called me back before recording their message…

5- Index Cards Method

I just love this one idea that I found in a manifestation journal, the index card method! It’s so simple and

very different because it sort of randomizes the process.

The first thing you do is buy some blank 3×5 cards – preferably something pretty to make your mood better when doing them – then write down one goal on each side of an index card: for example “Get my

hair dyed blonde” or “Find a new job”.

Now shuffle all the pairs together until there are two left-hand sides facing up at once; take those out from their pile and put them face-down next to each other on your desk with both right hands uncovered

(so they’re not touching).

Next cover up

I like to use index cards for my morning journaling.

I put each prompt on the back of a card and then pull one out per day when it’s time to write in my journal.

Sometimes, I want long-form responses (especially with voice), but this format helps me be brief!

The Index Card Manifestation Method is an innovative way to brainstorm ideas and get them down on

paper in a very short time.

The reason why it works so well for such quick thinking, is that index cards can be shuffled around if you don’t like the order they started off with – giving your thoughts more variety or new combinations of

words as possibilities.

You can use index cards to keep your notes organized.

There are two different ways you could do this; firstly, create groups on an index card by category such as “To Do”, then write each task for that group and put it in its respective place within the stack so they won’t get mixed up together later! Secondly if there’s something specific about which we want more information (e.g., instructions), simply ask

someone else who might know better – but make sure not just anyone gives us their answer because often times people say things without really thinking through what those answers may mean or affect other aspects of our lives beyond just answering questions specifically asked out loud during conversation time 😉

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Final Thoughts On Manifestation Journal Ideas

The bigger the better.

I know it’s cliché, but there is no substitute for persistence and hard work when you want to manifest your dreams into reality.

Use these manifestation journal ideas as a supplement or boost while working towards achieving what you really want in life!

I admit it.

I’m a recovering journal-aholic! Lucky for me though, my addiction to writing has turned into

an opportunity (and hobby) that brings joy and lightness back in my life.

An idea of mine is to begin listing all the things you love about your day at night before bedtime so

they’re fresh on mind when reflecting over them again tomorrow morning.

That way we can start each day with nothing but gratitude – not just during our meditations or prayers, But while observing the little miracles happening right around us from moment to time – like catching sight of these beautiful words here written by someone who’s been where I am now; knowing this

somehow made their journey easier too…

manifest – To bring into existence or actuality by willing.

“Manifestation Journal Ideas is a great way to keep track on your goals and ideas, as well as being able

share them with others so they may help you achieve what’s most important in life.”

Your life is waiting for you just outside of this physical manifestation.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and let it out slowly while you think about how amazing everything feels right now with no worries or concerns whatsoever! Imagine yourself living an incredible story where anything goes; all barriers are broken down because they don’t exist when we live our lives fully surrounded by love–both romantic relationships with someone special or even friendships that bring joy into one’s day-to-day existence

(and who doesn’t need some more positivity?).
When reading any material pertaining to the law of attraction there seems like