How To Manifest Your Ex Back

Updated on April 4, 2022

You’ve still got feelings for the love of your life, and maybe you want to know how to get them back? So if this is what you need help with then read on! In this post we will explore everything about manifesting a lost love.

Whether they’re blocked or are in another relationship it doesn’t matter- because there’s a way out! And when I say ‘out’ that means: You can move on happily, living all those years without losing their presence from your heart and soul.

Manifest Your Ex

It’s hard to believe, but there is a little-known trick that can uncover secret and highly personal information about you. This hidden knowledge could help you manifest your ex back in days — not weeks or months (or never).

Your numerology chart is an invaluable blueprint that will help you uncover deep secrets from the past! You can use it to unlock insights into your personality and energetic makeup, which could also reveal why you’ve been struggling so hard with manifesting love.

For example: have a read through this powerful insight alone (then skip ahead), because I believe these words of wisdom are what helped Jackie overcome her difficulties in finding someone special sooner than she expected… or maybe even at all!

Jackie was stunned when her astrologer told her that she had a naturally jealous and codependent nature. This insight was enlightening, as Jackie never even realized that it could be more than just the thoughtless words of an ex-boyfriend to blame for all of their relationship troubles!

Jackie was able to change her approach when dealing with her ex and do you know what? He came crawling back in just THREE days!
A simple, but powerful way of manifesting love is by working on your personality: a few small tweaks can lead to the kind of life that makes angels weep. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time for any changes like these to take effect (just as they would if we were changing our appearance).

But taking advantage of numerology reports could lessen some stress around making those personal improvements. You may not think anything has changed because everything seems so difficult-but all things are possible through faith alone…and faith begins within ourselves.”

Sticking to this plan will allow you to meet an individual who is not only perfect for your needs, but also someone that can add something new and exciting into a relationship.

The best way of meeting the person of your dreams is by sticking with our first few steps on how to create the life and love of one’s desires!

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Things That Will NOT Help You Manifest Your Ex Back

You may feel like you’re in a dark place, but if you apply the law of attraction correctly and maintain your dignity by not doing anything to turn them off or add fuel to the fire then they will eventually come back!

Mistakes like not focusing on what attracts you to a person can lead to an unsuccessful relationship.

1- Contacting Them All The Time

Relationships are tough. When you think that your other half has left, it

If you want to get your ex back, don’t annoy them.
You might have a chance at using the law of attraction if you leave them alone and use your time more wisely in between interactions with your partner.

2- Allowing Them To Walk All Over You

You are walking down the street, feeling absolutely awful. You haven’t heard from your ex in days and you were just rejected by a job interview when out of nowhere they call!

They want to meet up with you for coffee, but all they do is talk about themselves while barely speaking two words to you. Your heart sinks into this pit that has been residing inside since their text “It’s not me it’s u 😉

The same conversation replays over again each time: them talking about how great everything going on in their lives and then asking if anything interesting happened at work or school lately – always expecting an answer before ending abruptly as though we expected one too. But why would I tell someone who doesn’t

The worst things in the world are bad for you, but they’re what make life worth living.

While this might not be good for your health or waistline, it tastes so delicious and feels like a sweet escape from whatever is going on with work/money/etc.

You are worth so much more than being treated poorly. If they come back into your life, it needs to be on positive terms. There are many better ways to get them back!

how to manifestation

3- Begging, Crying, Throwing A Fit

Third, if you want to get your ex back fast, it is important that they see a mature individual who has their wits about themselves.

It’s important to have self-control when you’re going through a break up. It’s tempting to beg, cry and plead for their love and affection but that won’t work over the long term because it will only make things worse in the end.

The situation is already hard enough without throwing your emotions out of control too! Give yourself some space from them so they can learn how much better off they are without you; this way maybe there is hope that communication could happen on a healthier level which may allow an opportunity for reconciliation with your ex.

4- Rushing Into Another Relationship Straight Away

Some may think that the best way to get over someone is a rebound, but it’s not always true. What you need if you’re serious about attracting your ex back to you, though, is love of yourself – and everything passes eventually!

You may also find that you’ll exercise poor judgment when your acting out of desperation and pain, rather than with a clear mind.

So give it some time before using the law of attraction to get back together with an ex-partner or other people who are currently in the picture.

5- Involving Others In Your Drama

Finally, we’ve all heard that it is a bad idea to try and contact your ex while they are in the process of getting over you.

But what if there are shared friends or family members? This may be tempting but don’t do this! It will only create more drama for everyone involved.

Trying to get your ex back is a lot like trying not to look desperate in front of them. You don’t want to annoy friends, or make the situation more uncomfortable for yourself and everyone else involved.

It may seem challenging at first but it’s possible with some subtlety!

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How To Attract Your Ex Back

The fun stuff!
Aww, you want to get your ex back. But what should you do? The thing is not every idea will work for everybody but there are some strategies that seem like they have a better chance of success than others.

That’s why we’re going over the ones with highest chances first and then jump down into more specific points in case these don’t apply to you or if this isn’t working out so well for someone else who just picked up our book on how to win their lovemate back again after an awful breakup where nobody won anything except feelings hurt worse than ever before- which I’m sorry about by the way because it must be really difficult being here now reading all sorts of ideas that might help somebody else at

1- Practice Visualization Techniques

If you’re looking to get your ex back, try Shakti Gawain’s pink bubble technique.
To do this, first close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in order to relax yourself.

Then envision what it would be like if the two of you were still together – cooking dinner at home or holding hands on a date for example .

In your mind’s eye, imagine putting this image inside a big beautiful pink bubble. Now “send” it up through the sky and watch as it floats away into nothingness–representative of you releasing any intention or worry that has already achieved its goal and is floating off to somewhere else in the universe.

2- Try The 55×5 Method

If you have a bit more time and patience, I recommend trying the 55×5 method. It really does work like a charm for manifesting things! First, create an affirmation that describes how you feel once your goal has been met.

For example “I feel so loved and adored now that John and I are back together.” Something like that 🙂

Writing this statement 55 times in a row first thing in the morning or before bed will help you better understand its meaning and importance, as well as permanently ingraining it into your memory.

Writing this sentence at least once every day for five consecutive days is an excellent way to imprint words deeply on our minds.

55×5 is a powerful way to take flight on your dream. Believe in the process and it will get you there!
The 55×5 method of journaling can be done at any time during the day, but make sure that when you do so, all lines are written within one sitting – for 5 consecutive days.

It’s also important not to skip more than two days between writing sessions or else momentum may falter and progress lag behind schedule.

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3- Use Law Of Attraction Scripting

In order to get your ex back, you can use a little trick called scripting. This is so easy! You write a letter dated about 30 days from now and explain exactly how things are going in the future.

Dear Universe,
well I’m SO happy and excited to share all about how John and I got back together. He turned his attitude around just when things were looking bleakest for us.

We both missed each other like crazy but he was too stubborn to see it until now! Things are better than ever between us, because we have such a deep understanding of one another–almost as if nothing had happened in the first place…he’s so sweet and gentle with me every day …and makes me feel amazing whenever he looks at me or touches my hand…

The trick here is that you need to work yourself up into kind of frenzy with good emotions from how you will feel once your ex comes crawling back on their hands

Imagine you just got your hands on a new exercise program that promises to sculpt and tone muscles like never before. It might be worth checking out because, let’s face it- there are some things the gym won’t do for us!

4- Meditate On Your Ideal Life With Your Ex

If you want your life to be awesome, so do some meditation. I recommend this excellent “ideal life” mediation from Jason Stephenson.

It only takes 15 minutes and it is super powerful! Be sure to bookmark it for later if you can’t try right now but grab a pair of earbuds first because they will give the best results by far.

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You’ll Say “I Manifested My Ex Back!”

The law of attraction can be used to manifest anything, including getting your ex back.
It may take more work than other things in life and there is always free will involved but following the tips from this article you’ll know what NOT to do as well as what TO do which will definitely raise your chances of attracting love into your life-quickly and easily.

The best way to get your love back is by following the step-by-step instructions in this guide. It’ll tell you everything from where they are now, what happened during the breakup, and how to win them over for good!

The first thing that will help with getting your ex back quickly is understanding why it broke up in the first place.

This book has a whole section on breakups and their causes so you can figure out what went wrong between both parties before coming up with any strategies about winning them over again (it even includes some case studies!).

The second most important part of getting him or her back involves making yourself desirable enough for him/her want us because we’re still an amazing person who deserves someone great

You’re going to need it.