How To Manifest Someone To Think About You (& Be Obsessed)

Updated on April 4, 2022

Manifest Someone To Think

In this blog post, I want to share 9 pieces of advice for how to manifest someone thinking about you.

Hopefully from there, they will take action and go far in what you wish them to do.
“Manifesting your phone’s ringing or texting a crush can be difficult if the person is not frequently on their mind.”

– Brittany Elwell

How to Manifest Someone to Think About You Now

Sometimes when people try to make someone fall in love with them, it doesn’t work because their alignment is off.

I don’t want this for you so here’s what to look out for!

Being stuck in a rut, working against yourself rather than for you, and chasing the wrong things at all times will leave you feeling exhausted.

This is because we are constantly being shown what really matters by our universe! Unfortunately however there won’t be any magic or divine support behind your attempts to manifest something that isn’t meant for you- this means every manifestation exercise will feel utterly pointless (no pun intended).

Wanting to find love but sending requests via text, DM or call is not the best way.

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If you write or speak something and get nothing out of it, then what is the point? It’s important to take action so that your goals are achieved.

If you want to manifest someone’s attention, all it takes is a little thought and planning.

First of course there needs be some serious consideration put into what kind of person would make for good vibes in their life; take time thinking through these people that could potentially fill this need before setting out on any sort-of adventure with them because sometimes the best laid plans can get foiled by something as vague (or not so much) like “life.”

Once everything seems set then simply start making your requests! As long as they feel sincere about wanting an ongoing relationship then consider yourself lucky–they might just return those feelings one day too 🙂

1- Set a clear intention

Have you ever wanted someone to think of your name? If so, here’s how.
A clear intention is the first step in manifesting a certain person to be thinking about you at any given moment.

You must focus only on one thought or idea while doing this and know exactly what it is that you want from them before trying anything else.

The only way to get Kris’ attention is by being insanely persistent.

Your intention should be as clear and specific as possible, like “I want Krys to think about me non-stop,” but even that might not work!

Have a strong and confident intention for your future
You don’t need to be an expert in the field of personal development, but it will help if you take some time each day or week that is specifically dedicated towards what matters most.

When we focus our intentions on these types topics they become clearer; this allows us more easily align ourselves with high performance mindset traits such as self-awareness (knowing yourself), empathy (understanding others) humility/positivity .

A perfect example would be getting clear about one’s true identity: “Who am I really?” And then start working from there!

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how to manifestation easy

2- Positive Affirmations

Kris is already thinking about you, so you can use this affirmation to make it more intense. “Kris loves

me and I love Kris”

Kris is always on my mind.

Positive affirmations are thoughts and words we repeat to ourselves daily.

They’re a great way of thinking positively, which has been shown in many studies as one of the most effective ways on Earth for increasing your self-confidence or overcoming writer’s block!

Affirmations such as “I am strong,” “I can do this,”or even something like “Every day is full with joy” will help you believe what you say when someone asks if they should go out there into their awaiting world

because not only does repetition make memories stick better; but also having firm convictions about where life wants us – especially our own personal lives

3- Present-tense visualization

Visualize yourself hanging out with Kris, whether that is having a conversation or doing something fun together.

Imagine how they feel about you and what thoughts are going through their head as well.

Allow your mind to run wild here! Maybe Kris even starts thinking of contacting you in some way like calling or sending an email/letter – let these images pop up too but don’t try to force them into reality.

The key to finding the perfect job is not matching your skills and experience with a specific position, but rather having fun during the process.

You never know what opportunities will arise!

Have some fun when you’re looking for that ideal career opportunity by thinking outside of traditional skill-sets and requirements.

Who knows where it could take you?

Positive affirmations are thoughts and words we repeat to ourselves daily.

They’re a great way of thinking positively, which has been shown in many studies as one of the most effective ways on Earth for increasing your self-confidence or overcoming writer’s block!

Affirmations such as “I am strong,” “I can do this,”or even something like “Every day is full with joy” will help you believe what you say when someone asks if they should go out there into their awaiting world because not only does repetition make memories stick better; but also having firm convictions about where life wants us – especially our own personal lives

how to manifestation

4- Present-tense gratitude

This person is going out of their way to bring your joy and happiness into the world, so you should be grateful for them.

Gratitude can come in the form of a positive affirmation as well!

Just go around happily through your day thinking about how excited and happy you are that they are thinking of you constantly.

It’s a foregone conclusion that they are – just get yourself pumped up already!

I am grateful for the food on my plate and inedible items such as crumbs.

I enjoy eating them because they remind me that there is always more to be thankful about than what one may take for granted every day, no matter how big or small it might seem at first glance!

5- Mix it up 

Sometimes you might want to recite your positive affirmations in the morning and at night, write them down or do little visualizations throughout the day.

You don’t need to have one process that is always rigidly consistent for a long period of time; rather, it’s okay if some days are different from others.

On some days you’ll want to express your gratitude in a journal, through small prayers or speaking out loud.
What about other times when you’ll also want to manifest someone being obsessed with you on paper using the scripting method?

You don’t always need to go full-speed ahead into this 100% of the time.

Mix things up for yourself every now and then so your mind doesn’t get bored.

The reason why you’ll want to mix it up is because…

“There are many different types of food at the park, so why not try something new?”
Why do people like to repeat themselves? This week I’m going out for an ice cream cone because my favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.

But what if you’re someone who doesn’t really care about all these sweet treats and would rather have peanut butter cracker mini cupcakes instead? To each his own!

6- Don’t be in a rush

Your love life will be slow to improve if you are not willing to wait for the right person.

Realizing that it right take a little while before someone great comes your way can help keep negative emotions under control when times get tough and patience is low.

If you start to feel anxious and worried that someone doesn’t want to talk, then take a breath.

The person isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so there is no need for panic or anxiety.

If you know it’s important for these two people to get back in touch with each other, mix things up every now and then instead of focusing on one thing only because the end goal might seem far away at times but will eventually come closer as time goes by without force

You’ve been watching your friends post about their exciting trips to faraway lands and wish you could go too.

But hearing the words “I don’t have enough money” makes those dreams die out before they even take off! You can always find a way though, as long as there’s somewhere worth going on this earth right?
In order for me get from point A (current situation) back home again – say goodbye forever or hello laagghhhttt…ahaayyy laaooks purty–it might not be easy but nevermind all that noise because

eventually everything will turn around

learn manifestation

7- Make yourself your top priority

You should make yourself a priority and put your needs above others while you wait for signs that this person is thinking about dating you.

When you neglect yourself, it’s easy to be focused on someone else or some external goal.

This is a big mistake! When you eat clean foods and take care of your needs like exercising, sleeping well, staying hydrated? You’ll find that this makes it easier for attracting things into your life.

There’s a simple way to manifest more good things into your life: by feeling great about yourself.

When you’re happy, healthy and feel confident in yourself – that’s when the magic happens!

You need to make yourself the most important person in your life, and take care of what makes you Happy.

It is imperative that we prioritize our needs before anything else so they don’t go unmet or ignored for too long!

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8- Use the whisper method

The “whisper method” is a subliminal way to send messages to others.

It sounds slightly crazy, but it may work for you!

During the day, you just imagine your crush by your side.

Then at night (or when no one is around), whisper to them all of these thoughts: “I know you’re thinking about me right now.

You can’t stop thinking about me.” Etc…

When you feel good about yourself, it’s a powerful exercise to do for someone else.

It would benefit them to think of you right now.

So whisper that in their metaphorical ear and then take the time to appreciate how amazing they are as well!

Whisper your answers to any questions that may come up, and don’t be afraid of whispering even if it seems like no one can hear you.

A lot people use the strategy where they try to mumble or speak as low an possible just so their voice does not carry into another person’s ear canal which will give away how much information was said aloud during conversation- this tip works best when talking with someone standing next too but also

effective at distances farther apart than arm length because by then there won’t really anyone able enough left around close proximity anyway

9- Relax & have certainty

The last step is to relax and have certainty that they’ll eventually think about you.

You may not know for a while because there could be some steps involved before your crush reaches out or starts thinking of you.

They might reach out at first through friends, text, call etc., but it can take time so try to stay patient until then!

Just know that it will happen eventually.

Focus on taking care of yourself and living your best life so you’ll be ready to receive them when they finally come around!

Imagine the sound of rain on a roof, or waves lapping at shore.

Imagine yourself in nature’s embrace–a place where you feel safe and secure because it understands your needs better than anyone else could ever do so. Drifting off to sleep? Your worries are washed away by soothing thoughts…

The author wants readers not only relax but also have certainty about what they should expect from this book based upon its title alone which hints towards relaxation yet leaves room for much more than just peace-ofmind; rather she paints an image/depiction with words such as “relaxation”.

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Manifest Them To Obsess Over You Once & For All

With the right tricks and tips up your sleeve, there’s no reason why you cannot be a success in love.

Here are some ideas to make someone think about you non-stop!

Do not forget that if you really want things done, do them yourself.

If finding out all those secret codes hidden in birthdays seem like too much hard work for one person (and it is), get help from professionals who know what they’re doing because I sure don’t – but at least this blog post will give me an idea of where to start looking!

People have claimed that they had some success manifesting love before reading the information.

“I’m talking marriages, engagements, moving in together,” says Sarah after things took off.

“You name it!”
But don’t deny yourself what’s rightfully yours! Get your free reading and live out loud.”

Are you craving some love in your life? Have you had a breakup that really just won’t go away and constantly is on your mind? Well, there’s no better time to manifest the perfect person back into your life than now.

Let us help guide you through this process with our tips below!
1) Think of all the qualities that make up the ideal partner for yourself.

What are their traits like? Are they ambitious or laid-back when it comes to work ethic? Do they have an incredible sense of humor or do those silly puns not even crack them up anymore because they’ve heard them too many times before!? Now put these thoughts onto paper by writing down what exactly makes a great match for someone like YOURSELF (be

You deserve a one-of-a kind relationship.

If you’re tired of putting up with games and nonsense from other men, manifest these bullet points so they can’t resist:

1) Be selective about who sees the good in your flaws ̶ no more “advisors” or friends telling their version on how great things are when we both know there’s something off about them; 2 ) Have Candid Conversations every day without fail – don’t wait for 60 days before talking candidly again because what happens then? You forget what happened during previous conversations that could have resolved issues amicably if spoken openly instead 3).

Share everything…even bad news

You might think that good old fashioned persistence will win the day, but if your significant other is just not “getting” you then it’s time for a little subterfuge.

Here are 5 ways to get them interested in dating again:
1) Send out Noonie vibes and wait by their desk with an open laptop so they see what great software programs or new phone models have come out since last week; 2) Play matchmaker on Facebook Messenger (just ask one friend at random); 3give him/her edible gifts such as chocolate covered bacon- which can be delivered anywhere Lockhaven Aviation delivers packages around town– 4have someone set up drinks_______