How to Talk to the Universe About Someone Specific

Updated on April 4, 2022

Someone Specific

Pining away for someone or something that seems out of reach? These tips will help you get unstuck and manifest your desires. Read on to learn how!

Before Communicating With The Universe

The universe is a powerful thing and most of us never tap into it. The key to tapping in, though, isn’t just being open minded-you also need to make sure that you are aligned with what you want before asking for it! Why else do so many people blaze out when they don’t get their desires? It’s because deep down inside we know something doesn’t feel right going on but refuse to acknowledge the issue until later. So next time your life feels off balance or things aren’t coming together as planned – take inventory of where you’re at spiritually and see if there might be some misalignment happening within yourself which could be causing this lack of cooperation from the outside world. After all…it IS your

When you feel like your dreams are out of reach and everything is going wrong, there might be something standing in the way. You may have blocked yourself from what could potentially be an amazing future with one or more energetic blockages holding back energy between you and success! The best thing to do when this happens is contact a numerologist for help getting rid of those pesky obstacles once-and-for all so that nothing can stand in the way any longer.

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What Is “The Universe”?

The universe is all around you. It’s within your body, mind and soul; it lives in every cell of your being. And yet sometimes the world may seem like a mysterious place where nothing makes sense to us or we feel so small that our voice can’t be heard among billions others shouting their desires into thin air for things they want and need but never receive them. This energy isn’t outside yourself: it dwells inside! The Universe will listen when you speak out loud about what you desire because this power thrives on attention from people who are ready to make changes happen by focusing on manifesting themselves as one with its countless possibilities which is why I say “Don’t just wish upon stars- Shine bright!”

How Do I Contact The Universe?

Many people experience a lack of divine guidance and some may go years without speaking to the Universe. I’ve found that there are many ways for humans to contact this force, including through prayer or meditation. However, if you’re looking for instant results then consider contacting it in more tangible ways such as by using tarot cards! There is nothing complicated about these methods- they just take practice and patience with yourself (and others).

1- Subliminal Affirmations

Visualization and meditation exercises are powerful tools in communicating with the Universe. Our minds have a lot of power, so all you need is to create an intention for what you want then let your mind do it’s work. One great way to get started on this is by using subliminal affirmations that play at low volume (so they cannot be heard). The messages embedded within these audios go into our subconscious where we can absorb them without even realizing it!

I’ve never seen anything so cool in my life! So far, this is the coolest thing since sliced bread. And what I like most about it is that you can do your work while using it on autopilot as well to make even some of the dreariest tasks easier and more interesting-sounding than they would be without all these new smart technologies out there today.

You’ll be so happy that you downloaded these Subliminal Mp3s! They are 100% free and will help you manifest your desires. Imagine washing dishes, folding laundry or cooking dinner knowing that at the same time, you were doing real work to make what is in your heart come true. You might not even realize how much of a difference this can have on how fulfilled and successful we feel throughout our life until it happens for us – sooner than later.

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2- Writing a letter to the Universe

In light of the recent turn my life has taken, I’ve been drawn to writing a “Dear Universe” letter. In this process you connect with your desires and emotions as well as integrate all three aspects-mind, body, spirit in one fluid movement. You want to be sure that when it comes time for action everything is aligned so they can make magic together! This tutorial will guide you through every step of the way from creating a vision board which charts out where your imagination wants go next; including what steps are needed before taking any physical actions like selling something or quitting your job on paper first (before doing anything), knowing how much money might come into play; drafting scripts focusing not just on material items but

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3- Speaking To The Universe

One fantastic habit that so many people forget to do is simply speaking! You can make a direct connection by just talking, aloud, with the Universe and ask for what you want or express gratitude.
I know it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about all of your problems when really there are simple solutions out there if you only take time every day to listen without any reservations. For example; I was feeling down because nobody had texted me back on social media but then I started saying “Universe, please send me some good vibes.” And lo-and-behold within an hour somebody messaged my friend who shared their contact information and now we’re texting each other again. It takes practice being positive everyday but once it becomes

How Do I Ask The Universe For Someone Specific?

You asked for it! The Universe will always deliver. Just like a bartender, the universe is there to serve you when and how you need what’s on its menu of possibilities ̶ from people to things. What do your friends tell them that they want? Do they ask their bodyguards for something specific while out at the club or bar? They’re all just asking the same thing: “I’m craving this right now.” Well guess what…the world owes us nothing less than these desires fulfilled because we are everything in our own eyes; each individual a planet with an orbit spanning as far as his/her imagination can take him/her.

Do you want someone to come your way? You must approach the Universe with clarity. Sure, you need a specific person (and by specificity I mean that they have their own free will). So make sure when naming them, it’s not just through names but also date of birth and astrological signs as well. Make things more likely for yourself without taking away anyone’s free choice because while there is always an opportunity for something greater than oneself in life… sometimes we can’t see it until its too late.”

Asking By Name Isn’t Enough

The Universe is always looking for ways to connect people and things, so if you just stop at asking for a person by name, it may not be the best thing. Believe it or not, there’s something else in store that can work better than what you’re expecting!

Ever put all your energy into one specific thing only to have the result suppressed?

Do you want a partner who adores, cherishes every word and kisses with love on the forehead. Try requesting those feelings from them as well!

I think that when you ask for someone, if they already exist in your life and are not a figment of your imagination, the Universe may actually send them to you. But even then it’s important to really figure out why we want this person so much – do we just crave their presence or is there something else? It can be easy to get caught up on wanting what another has without realizing how rich our lives are with other wonderful people who bring us joy every day. Once I figured out my reasons behind desiring this one specific individual, I was able clear about asking the Universe for help finding him by name; but also being 100% sure he would fit into my future perfectly as well!

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What Signs Does The Universe Give?

It’s been said that the Universe does not have a physical form. But this is hardly an obstacle for us humans! We work with symbols very well, which makes it wise to look out for some sacred signs and see if they are perceptible in your life as you wait on divine love. Some of these include:

Numbers hold a lot of power, and can be used to send messages. Angel numbers are repeating sequences that have special meaning or divine messages behind them-like number 222 which is great for love!

Our world is a flurry of birdsong and feathers. The Universe has given us sight to explore the beauty, but it does not stop there- sometimes even those who cannot hear or see receive beautiful signs from their surroundings.

The colors in our skies are as diverse as they come, with timid blues blending into fiery reds that match perfectly with orange leaves falling off trees during autumn before disappearing completely for winter’s white blanket cover; however what most people don’t know about these crazy feathery beings flying overhead is that if you’re lucky enough to happen upon one floating on your car windshield when you step outside after coming out of class late at night and walk across campus alone back home like I do every day then this bunching up could have been

I always loved to tell my family about the things I dreamt of as a child. Now that you’ve made contact with your soul, it’s like dreaming has become reality!

A new totem animal may start to appear everywhere in your life; such as owls and other birds. They are a sign of progress! Keep an eye out for them while manifesting, because they can tell you all sorts of things about the work that is going on inside.

Is He Your Soul Mate? Find Out In Minutes…

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Many women say they gained clarity about themselves and issues by seeking out spirit-guided messages from psychics. Some people have said it’s eerie how much an online psychic predicted them correctly

I’ll start with a simple card reading. Pick three cards and I will tell what they say about your future! Believe me, it can be life-changing to have some insight on the way things could go down for you.

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Final Thoughts

By meditating on the Universe and what you want to manifest in your life, it’s easier than ever before. For example, if I wanted a new car but didn’t have any money saved up for one yet; all that would take is 15 minutes of meditation per day until my goal manifested itself! All these resources are available to everyone because we’re not “special” or anything-we just need some willingness thrown into the mix which will help bring our dreams closer every single day.

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Do you feel like there’s something missing in your life? Are you waiting for a sign or confirmation that “this is it”? If so, the following are some tips to manifest love and attract what should come.
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