How To Manifest Money (In 6 Easy Steps!)

Updated on April 4, 2022

Manifest Money

You’ve probably heard of the law of attraction, and if you’re anything like me then it felt as though nothing I did was working.

But what is important to remember is that manifesting can take time; so be patient with yourself! Eventually I started receiving small amounts of money here and there (coupons, vouchers etc).

It took some patience – but eventually things came together for me in a big way: actual cash coming my way!
The thing about this manifestation process?
It’s not always easy at first — sometimes we have to hold our breath while watching those bills come rolling in. We might even need someone else’s help occasionally or get lucky on occasion by finding freebies when they weren’t looking for us. Does it seem like you get your way most of the time?
That’s because I’ve been there, and yes- life can be boring if things are perfect all the time. So here’s how to put a little fun back into your routine…

How to manifest money out of thin air

You know that feeling when you hear an affirmation for the first time, and it feels like magic? That’s how this article is going to feel! I want to teach you a little bit differently than usual.

It’s no secret that positive money affirmations are beneficial for manifesting cash – but think about what happens before we ever say them out loud: they’re still in our minds.

So, let me share with you some personal tips on creating your own number one manifestation technique using just one repetition of “I am abundant.”
First off all – yes there does need to be consistency from start-to-finish; don’t stop at ‘abundant’, either. Keep thinking those thoughts until something changes.

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1- I know the exact amount of money I want.

It’s important to be clear and specific when it comes to manifesting what you want in life.
First, everything begins with clarity; so if you’re not sure how much money or item of value that would make your life more exciting, explore the possibilities!

Next are steps on how I was able to get a new car after years living without one.

For starters this meant being very clear about my monthly budget because no matter where I looked for an affordable option they all ran out quickly due to high monthly payments (I had zero wiggle room).

After some time exploring different models online at various websites like which saved me hours from going down multiple auto lots only hoping there may have been something within my

The first lesson for manifesting money out of thin air is that you must know the exact amount of money you need. Or what it’s for.

You may not know what you want or need right now. That’s okay! Repeat the money affirmation, “I know exactly the amount of money I want and need,” then see what comes up for you.

You could have an extra $100 come in from a side hustle, or if your image is that of a new car it might represent something else entirely like wanting to buy freedom rather than needing more things with which to fill space (get out-of-debt).

Try saying “I am attracting plenty of abundance” so there are no surprises later on down the road when bills start coming through instead.”

2- I am aligned with the frequency of wealth and abundance.

Next, you need to make sure your vibration is sky high!
The mistake I made when first attempting to manifest money was that I was doing it from a place of lack.
This generally doesn’t work because the law of attraction and the Universe respond to your current energetic level: they don’t want more negativity in their lives; instead, they’re looking for positivity – which means feeling good on an emotional level about life as well as financially secure.
It’s difficult not feel lousy if you hate what you do all day or can barely afford groceries each week (or both), but creating wealth from those spaces will be like trying fill up bathtub without plugging the drain stopper in!

Subliminal affirmations are a useful tool to fall back on when life gets tough.
The most popular ones I’ve found so far include the following:
“I attract money effortlessly and abundantly.” “Money flows easily my way, every day.”
Trying these out can be helpful in all sorts of situations where you may feel like your luck is running low or that it’s just not going to happen for you. Good things come easy!

There’s no need to go through the ups and downs of life in a constant state of stress. With these mp3s, your brainwaves will be automatically put on the right frequency so you can live more peacefully with money manifesting into your life! Try it free today.

3- I am what a wealthy woman looks like.

If you were to follow Denise Duffield-Thomas, a successful manifesting mentor of mine, she would say that one way for women to get unstuck and start manifesting more money is by releasing harmful stereotypes about what it means to be wealthy.

Rich people don’t all look the same or live their life in any certain way; they can wear yoga pants every day if they want! It doesn’t matter who you are because rich people come in different shapes and sizes just like everyone else.

Imagine your reflection is telling you, “You’re worthy of wealth just as you are.” Repeat this affirmation to yourself every single day when gazing at the mirror.

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4- I live a life of quality and ease.

To make your life easier, you have to act as if money is already in the bank.

The reason why “I live a life of quality and ease” is an excellent affirmation for manifesting more money out of thin air because it means that you are acting like it’s there even though it isn’t yet.

You see, most people want to get better at making their lives easy by bringing in some cash flow when they’re not feeling so hot about how things are going on financially right now – but this doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for everyone else!

The best thing we can do with our time here (in-between jobs) or during any other moment where stress levels start creeping up? We need to be living those affirmations

So, if you believe that your life is good and easy-going, the Universe will send more of those things to you.
It’s a shortcut for telling the Universe “hey! I’m already living an awesome life – just like this!”

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5- Opportunities to receive money are everywhere.

The truth is, manifesting both is and isn’t some magical force. There are metaphysical energies at play that you can work with and manipulate to make lasting changes in your life – but honestly, it’s not too because the fastest ways to get more money usually have nothing to do with magic at all.

If you are struggling with financial stress, there are many ways that can help.

One of the most overlooked yet effective methods is to manifest money by making a list of what your life would be like if all expenses were met and then focusing on those things as though they have already happened.

This method has been known for years among spiritual advisors, but it’s worth considering even if you don’t believe in such concepts because often this type of visualization leads to real results without any cost or risk!

You deserve to be happy. You can earn the life you want by asking for it and never giving up on your dreams, but if things don’t go as planned in one moment- keep going!

No matter what happens around you or how hard life gets sometimes, just accept that everything will work out eventually because there is good inside of everyone waiting to come out!

Take a close look inside your purse, old pockets and under the car seat. Search for money in between chairs or couches cushions – you may be surprised by what you find! Accept offers to do some work here and there; coffee date with friends, small gifts from others.

It’s not unheard of that those surrounding us are able to manifest things into our lives so ask your significant other if they can just give it all away lol

Life is all about opportunities. You can’t find a single place where you’ll never have the chance to receive money, that’s just not possible! The key word here is “believe.”

Without believing in yourself and your ability to create change or manifest something out of nothing, there will be no result for what it is that you’re after.

But if this isn’t enough motivation then let me tell you more: 9 spiritual meanings behind finding money in your life

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6- I gratefully accept all amounts of money that come my way.

There are three steps to manifesting money out of thin air, and the last step is accepting it when you find some.
It’s important that we accept not just more but all forms of abundance as well!

Imagine if I found a penny on the ground? That would be considered an “abundance” for me because now I know how much change my pockets have room for in them!

Imagine knocking on a door, with an attitude of expecting the best to happen. The more you do this, the easier it will be for your expectations to manifest in reality and suddenly doors that were previously closed have opened up!

It was a slow process, but you can start to see your manifestation coming when money starts trickling into your life. You may notice pennies and dimes on the ground or receive coupons as gifts from friends without explanation.

Other little synchronicities will happen too- things just seem to go right for you! I think this is one of the best parts about manifesting: it feels like someone’s looking out for us and wants our good fortune; we’re not in control anymore because there are forces other than ourselves that have been pulling strings behind those curtains all along.

You know that feeling when you go to the grocery store and spend the whole day looking for a parking spot? It’s maddening. I always find myself searching in vain, cursing between gritted teeth every time someone pulls out from their space just before me.

One lady was kind enough to let me have her reserved spot as she pulled into it with plenty of room on either side!

She waved at me as if we had planned this moment together–it made my trip so much more pleasant than all those other times where I felt like punching people who cut past line after line while they shopped leisurely up front or sat back waiting patiently for hours until another customer would come by and take pity on them too late instead of telling them to get

They say you become lucky after entering a certain space.
It feels like everyone is on your side and everything goes right for you in the blink of an eye.

And then it gets even better, with bigger paydays coming more often than ever before until eventually all that hard work pays off big time? Imagine what would happen to someone if they were given this opportunity!

The best time of my life was when I lived in that small town. You can always find someone to have a good conversation with and hang out, even if you just walk into the grocery store!

It would be so cool if everyone has an opportunity to live like this at least once because it really is such a carefree existence.

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Final Thoughts

How to manifest money out of thin air?
This article can help you answer this question. There are seven steps for creating your manifestation, and I will list them below:

1) State what it is that you want

2) Stay focused on the idea

3) Envision yourself having it

4)”Act as if”

5 Stop doubting

6 Release any fear or resistance

7 Give thanks. You may also add some rituals and spells like a “manifestation jar”. It’s important not to be afraid because whatever we ask for in our prayers comes back three times fold!

Dear reader, your rituals and spells won’t work as well if you don’t have the right mindset. So make sure to read this article before performing any of these tasks! With love, light, and most importantly — magic from me to you.