How To Identify & Destroy Limiting Beliefs

Updated on April 4, 2022

Limiting Beliefs

What are some big things you want to manifest in your life right now? Would it be a million dollars, even though you’re unemployed? Maybe a loving spouse or significant other when there’s no hint of even a date on the horizon.

Is it new car, mansion in the hills–anything else that could make all your dreams come true and more!

You’re not alone. When you have thoughts about what it would be like to achieve your dream, think of any limiting beliefs or doubts that may be holding you back from achieving this success.

What fears do they evoke in your mind? How can you overcome these self-doubts and get closer to achieving the life (or career) of your dreams?

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It’s All About Your Beliefs

Beliefs are a product of the interactions we have with our parents, society and media. They aren’t always true but they can shape who you become in life.

You may be like most people who have never examined their negative, false thoughts about themselves and the world. You are probably not aware that they get in your way of manifesting what you want!

The sad fact is many of our strong beliefs turn out to be both untrue and harmful. Yet how often do we ever examine them? If it sounds familiar, it’s because if you’re anything like me or anyone else I know-probably never! And that’s bad because these thoughts undoubtedly hold us back from moving on with life – but there might still be hope for change through self awareness and a willingness to release ourselves from the chains holding us down.

Limiting beliefs are the pesky, false ideas that have been ingrained in you since you were little. Today I am going to teach how identify them so they can be destroyed and keep your manifestations block-free.

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What Are Limiting Beliefs?

When I was little, my parents used to say that “children should be seen and not heard.” As a result of this belief taking root in me as an adult, my own children are now afraid of speaking up when they want something.

I believe this is the reason for why I always feel like people don’t hear what’s on MY mind- because it rarely gets out there!

The meaning of idiom can be a slippery thing. For example, “money doesn’t grow on trees?” When we hear this phrase for the first time, it sounds like money is so scarce that it could only come from nature itself.

But then when you think about its origin point—a reference to our colonialist past in England and America where settlers believed they were entitled to prosperity even if there wasn’t much land available—it begins to sound more sinister than anything else.

And maybe you remember being called up front by your teacher during elementary school readings because at one moment or another, something happened – an accidental stutter here; a small pronunciation error there-that made everyone laugh…even though they had no

Another example is something more subtle. Look through the media and you will see certain types of people tend to be famous and successful. So you don’t think you are pretty or slim enough to be rich.

All of these are examples of limiting beliefs.

And if you’ve been trying to use the law of attraction to manifest your dream life and keep feeling blocked, they could be holding you back.

How Do Limiting Beliefs Block Your Manifestations?

Limiting beliefs are often the cause of lack. Let me tell you how to overcome this obstacle and manifest what is desired in your life.
I know it can seem hard sometimes when we want something so badly, but limiting thoughts or doubts about receiving that desire block us from achieving our goals easily.

Remember there’s no such thing as a one size fits all manifestation strategy because every individual has different needs with which they need their desires fulfilled differently

The Universe will always deliver to you in one way or another. But, it’s better not to have an excuse as the reason for your lack of money coming into your life.

You can’t be waiting around and hoping that some sort of magic bullet falls from the sky when you could take inspired action now by doing something new with what you already know – like taking a different route home today instead of going on autopilot?

But much more frequently (much to many peoples’ dismay), we are confronted with this unfortunate reality: if we want our lives enriched financially, then there is no other choice but go get up off our butt and literally do SOMETHING! To create avenues for the Universe delivering money onto us so quickly without having

It’s always been the best way to think about those magical moments in life. It is a great bonus if you are able to experience them, but don’t rely on that for your happiness. You need to be proactive and create magic of your own!

When you believe in yourself, think making money is easy, and acknowledge that there are unlimited means to getting what you want?

Or when your beliefs tell you “money doesn’t grow on trees,” only certain types of people get to be rich,” or “I have to work extremely hard and make sacrifices.”

The answer is simple. If you’re holding up a shield blocking your blessings, the only thing to do is break down that wall and let those good vibes flow!

For so many years we’ve been fighting for our rights as people of color. We can’t let this happen, it’s just not an option!

For too long now, the systematic oppression and domination that white supremacy has imposed on us have made life difficult enough. And if they succeed in getting their way with this new bill? Well then there will be no hope left at all – because he was already winning before.

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How To Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

So now that you know what limiting beliefs are, your next task is to figure out which ones might be holding you back from achieving all the things in life that make it worth living. Luckily for us there are many common types of these kinds of mental barriers and most people share at least one or two so this shouldn’t give up hope just yet!

The easiest way to find out which ones could have been keeping problems with self-confidence, fearlessness when faced with challenges or even addiction issues we should look at our own words – because they’re often a telltale sign about how we feel deep down inside about ourselves. If something has happened on more than one occasion where you felt like someone else got ahead while somehow “cheating

If you’re here to learn about how powerful your thoughts can be, then by default I bet that means there are things in life right now which don’t feel good.

What is it like when we think negatively? When do we have the most negative thoughts? Our mind will work overtime on these ideas and focus on what’s wrong with our lives more than anything else ̶ so much that sometimes they take over! Negative thoughts can lead us down a dark spiral of self-loathing or into bouts of depression where everything feels bleak.

1- I Can’t

“I can’t.” You say it all the time, and you might as well be telling your subconscious that this thing is absolutely impossible for you to accomplish. That’s why when I hear someone tell me they “can’t,” my first response is to ask them what specifically are their reasons?

It could be anything from not feeling confident enough in themselves at a given moment, or having too much anxiety about something on another day-to-day basis. Sometimes we just need some encouragement to help us get back up after falling down!

You can’t just give up on yourself. Even if you feel like it, keep going because there are ways to make progress in your life that may not seem possible right now.

2- I Don’t

The phrase ‘I don’t’ is something you might say more often than you realize. But did it ever occur to you that this simple three letter word could be your limiting belief? Even in your thoughts, there are times when I bet even though what’s going on for me can feel like a reality of truth – the amount of work I put into things isn’t enough or my lack of ambition has led me here- we’re still telling ourselves “No”.

It’s not just an unfortunate occurrence but also how our minds represent underlying beliefs about who we think we should be and where life should take us. Don’t make these words sound so bad! All they really mean is no matter which way around those 3 letters get flipped

When you catch yourself saying “I don’t work hard enough,” think of what tasks or projects in your life that energize and inspire you. Say to yourself ” I enjoy working on creative projects because they make me feel fulfilled.”

3- I Shouldn’t or I Should

Some people use the phrase “I shouldn’t,” but it is less transparent than other phrases such as “I don’t” or “I won’t”. It shows that our minds may not be quite sure if something should happen.

Don’t be a prisoner to your feelings. You always have many choices at any given time, and they are all up for grabs! So instead of feeling like you should do something or not do it, choose whichever is best suited for the moment by asking yourself “What would I want if this were my last day?”

4- I’m Not

It’s true that we can manifest anything on our own, but sometimes it just takes one person to show us the way. When you say “I am” instead of “ I’m not,” there is a wealth of power behind your words and thoughts because now they are rooted in truth rather than negativity.

So don’t be afraid – when someone denies what you’re working for or tries to bring up doubt, turn their negative statements into affirmations by switching them around!

5- I Won’t

“I will” is a powerful word that we all have the power to use. Saying “I won’t” limits you in so many ways and can even be counterproductive depending on what your goal or intention for saying it was originally!

Switching to an affirmative statement like, “ I am willing _________ (insert whatever here) “, helps give yourself the permission necessary from within before exploring any limiting beliefs because there’s no room left for them once
The intentions of what you want are clear.


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