Why The Law Of Attraction Not Working [ 8 Reasons ]

Updated on April 4, 2022

Law Of Attraction Not Working

The law of attraction can feel like a broken record, always telling you that “You Need More Money” and that your goals will never be accomplished. But don’t let the universe fool ya! There are plenty of reasons why this might happen to even those who are masters at attracting what they want in life.

And it’s not because we’re doing anything wrong – rather than too much right (yes, believe it or not!). Today I’m gonna help set things straight so we can start receiving all the fun amazing things our heart desires…

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Why The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working

1- You’re Out Of Alignment

The #1 reason that your manifestations aren’t working is probably because you’re out of alignment. When you are in alignment with your life purpose and the frequency of the universe, everything just “clicks.” It all makes sense; it’s not hard to manifest successfully when you know why!

One way to receive blessings quickly, easily and in a way that feels good is by making sure your alignment is on point. To do this you need only start with a free numerology reading!

It was not until I read my numerology reading that I realized money is the one thing on this planet that has been given to us.

The fact of the matter is, if you have any karmic debt from your past then it will only take so long before manifesting becomes a futile endeavor and there’s no guarantee about how much longer we can hold out for.

Can’t imagine what would happen if all our prayers were answered but every time God tried to answer them they didn’t work? In order words, when life gets hard or tough- luck doesn’t seem like something worth believing in anymore because karma seems more powerful than Him – even though He said “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Ever since finding out about the magic of numerology, I’ve been wanting to know more. Sure enough, it helps you learn everything from why certain things happen in your life and how they may affect other aspects like relationships or career success. It’s so important for people who are trying to make changes in their lives as well!

The universe is always working for you. But, sometimes life gets in the way – and that’s when it becomes important to take a step back from your daily activities so you can reflect on what might be blocking you from receiving all of its blessings.

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2-  Your Intentions Aren’t Clear

One of the most common reasons why the law of attraction isn’t working is because your intentions aren’t clear.

The truth is, we don’t always know what we want in life and our actions or thoughts sometimes show that. For example, I once met someone who said they hated their job but was at a total loss for how to change it!

Think of using manifesting and the law of attraction as this incredible restaurant where anything you want is on the menu.

You don’t walk in and say, “gimme a burger.” Uhm, excuse me, miss? We have all kinds of burgers! What specifically do you want? You can have your wishes granted but I’ll just reiterate what has been said before: The Universe rewards clarity.

Focus on one intention or manifestation at a time — And make sure it’s what YOU really WANT because we only get ONE shot to create our reality each day (or for some people every lifetime).


3- You Haven’t Found Your Best Manifesting Method

You’ve been looking for the perfect manifesting and law of attraction technique, but you probably haven’t found anything that fits just yet. Why not try a little bit of everything?

I liken it to a diet plan. Some people love the keto diet, while others don’t enjoy it as much but still manage to lose weight because they find something better for them and stick with that.

Same goes for law of attraction practices like manifesting or other things in life you might be trying out. If one method doesn’t work well enough after some time, there are plenty more methods around!

I have a master list of 54 different manifesting techniques you can try with the law of attraction. And I’m adding more all the time! Some days, it seems like nothing is happening and my life feels stagnant; other times, transformation happens so quickly that sometimes I blink and miss it entirely.

What are some tricks for maintaining this powerful momentum? You may need to readjust your approach as needed or become aware when what worked before starts not working anymore because our lives change too fast in today’s world. One way to get around this problem is by using ritualistic practices–a daily routine such as meditating every morning could be an effective strategy if done consistently over weeks at least (or months). Another one might start simply

The law of attraction is a veritable buffet, where you can pick and choose the techniques that work best for your personal magic. But be warned: once you find it, things will happen so fast they’ll make your head spin!

4- You Are Approaching The Law Of Attraction From A Negative Space

I know how hard it is to be positive when you really want or need something. I understand because that’s often the impetus for people turning to manifestation and law of attraction, right? You wouldn’t ask if you didn’t have a sense of lack in your life already.

Here’s where things get tricky though: The Universe doesn’t care what emotions are driving us; they just respond accordingly so we end up manifesting from those low states instead!

You may be frantically writing out your letter to the Universe when you’re in a pretty tough spot, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough.

You need to clear up some of these mixed messages before they can manifest for you. Start by finding ways to authentically raise your vibration and enter a state of gratitude so that even if things don’t work out exactly how you want them too, at least there will be peace on what ever path has been set forth

Good news! You can start manifesting your desires now. Before you do a single ritual, though, make sure to write down ten things that you’re grateful for at the present time.

Expressing gratitude is always an excellent way of making space in our lives for new and better experiences to come through us – so it’s perfect before we get started on this process too!

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5- You Are Manifesting Too Much, Too Fast

I know you’ve seen popular videos, read blog posts and books about people who have these blowout manifesting stories. Like the ones that manifested winning the lotto, free trips around the world or tens of thousands in funds; large changes to their looks are among many things they discovered as well.

I know you’ve probably seen some popular YouTube Videos by now on how someone was able to manifest a situation like winning lottery tickets or receiving money from an unknown source–things we all want but can’t seem to get no matter what we do!

It’s not just those good fortune type situations either because there is also talk about changing one’s appearance with new hair styles etc., which I’m sure has been interesting for women out there

I have always been a believer in the law of attraction, and then I finally started to practice it. It was hard at first because my thoughts were so caught up on how things would go wrong or that maybe this isn’t actually possible. After all, people say “no pain no gain” not just for exercise but also life!

But with time and patience (and some really good tips), I did indeed manifest what I wanted only two weeks after starting practicing manifestation techniques from The Secret Book by Rhonda Byrne!

As soon as your mindset shifts-whether through meditation or simply becoming more accepting of who you are right now-you will find yourself able to attract anything into your life: big dreams come true too if they

There are two ways to make the subconscious mind believe what you say. The first is by telling it something that’s never going to happen, like being a millionaire or dating every girl in town all at once; this will cause your brain so much stress and anxiety that it won’t be able to focus on anything else! Remember: lie big, tell small lies instead.

The second way uses an old trick called “the rubber band technique”. This basically means getting yourself into some kind of mood where you’re really happy about one thing happening (e.g., I’m glad nobody interrupted me while I was working!) then following up with a statement which contradicts reality – for instance, saying how disappointed they were when somebody did interrupt them during their

One of the best things about this law is how it helps you manifest small yet uplifting gifts. Like a red box, or something else that your subconscious believes you can have and won’t negatively impact your life if you don’t get it! That’s what I love because those are moments where all sorts of magic happens for me – when these tiny manifestations come to fruition without any effort on my part, they show me just how powerful I really am.

The energy of manifesting something is the same no matter what it is. It’s all about belief and allowance in your life to get whatever you want.

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6- You Don’t Have Enough Space 

The law of attraction is a universal principle that attracts like to like. If you are not opening up your life for new things, the Universe will have trouble bringing you what you want because it can’t!
It might help if instead of sleeping with a toxic ex from time to time and keeping stuff on your bed so there’s only enough room for one person in bed, try taking steps towards attracting an attractive partner by making space in your life where they could fit into perfectly: clear out clutter on beds or other surfaces; leave some free spaces available when conversing with others (options open!).

The law of attraction is a great tool to manifest money, but it’s not easy. Sometimes the Universe will provide you with $20 blowing in the wind or winning at gambling on your vacation––but if these things are already happening without any action from you (or don’t happen enough), then maybe there’s something else for us to explore!

When you do your part, manifesting becomes that much easier. Why not make a list of the things you can do right this minute to help mobilize yourself and get going?

7- You Need More Time

You know the story of how some people manifest thousands of dollars overnight? It’s cool, right?! I mean, why not us too!? Well sorry to break it to you but there are different results for everyone.

And since the most exciting ones get talked about and shared in detail while those that take time aren’t so fun – well sometimes things do just take a little more than others!

Law of attraction is a process where you put your intention into the universe and then let go. The world contains an infinitude, so there are no limitations to what can be done!

You should write down all your manifesting exercises in order for them not to slip from memory which could lead up some errors or confusion with other aspects of life.

Getting yourself a law of attraction planner will help keep track and organize everything that needs attention without getting overwhelmed by it on occasion.

Plus, after time has passed since completing each exercise don’t forget about checking back in periodically as it will make you feel good knowing just how accurate these things come true when you stop looking at them too closely!

Don’t be fooled by all the quick-fix stories you see. And don’t feel bad if it doesn’t happen for you that way. Keep going!

8- You Aren’t Looking In The Right Place

Sometimes you’re not looking in the right place for your thing, or maybe it has come and looks a little different than how you want. But that doesn’t mean nothing will ever be what is pictured on your mind.

The law of attraction is powerful, but it’s not infallible. You could be asking for the perfect relationship and still end up with someone who isn’t exactly your type — or you might go on a job interview that doesn’t work out in favor of something better down the line.

There are many factors that can lead to a person’s ultimate success, and it is important for them to keep their eyes open so they do not miss any opportunities. One should always be on the lookout because anything could happen at any time!

9- You Must Learn A Lesson

For those who are not ready or deserving, the law of attraction may seem to be ineffective. It is only because you need more time for your lessons and tasks before manifesting what you desire from life.

The fastest way to become a match for something is by becoming that which you want in life; if one wishes they had more fun — BE MORE FUN! If one desires love in their lives — BE MORE LOVING WITH THOSE AROUND YOU!

If you are suffering from any of the following issues, then it is time to take stock and see how they may be influencing your current financial situation: internalized misogyny that leads to self-sabotage in relationships; a lack of focus on what matters most which leaves you with too many distractions competing for attention; or perhaps an unhealthy relationship with money.

Is it time to be brave and take risks? Do you need more skills or are you playing safe–maybe not even asking for what you want when the opportunity presents itself.

Maybe all that is holding back your potential lies in a lack of courage, rather than any deficit on skill level. Get out there! Take care of yourself by taking charge!!

It’s not that the Universe won’t do all of your work for you, but it can only take a certain amount. You have free will and some responsibility is on you to go out there and get what you want if nothing else has worked so far.

Spend time in self-reflection–thinking about why this concept hasn’t been working as well or how we might be missing something important–and try meditating with people close to us who could give valuable insight into our problem area before giving up completely!

It could also help to spend more time outside reflecting on yourself at night under the stars because they are supposed to provide clarity when thinking through life issues like these where others may see things differently than us which makes them miss

Ever since I started using the law of attraction, my life has been so much better. The key is to think positively and focus on what you want in your life!

I’ve had such an amazing experience with it that even now when I need a pick-me-up or something like that, all I have to do is ask? It really does work wonders for me.

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The Law Of Attraction Can Work For Everyone

No point in giving up just because the law of attraction isn’t working for you. I’m sorry, but don’t be discouraged – keep trying and eventually it’ll work out.

The best advice is to throw everything at it! And hey, if that doesn’t do the trick then make sure you get your free numerology report too!

You don’t always get a chance to experience the good things in life. Sometimes it’s just not your time, and you’ve got to keep trying until that day comes when all of those wonderful moments start happening!

It is my hope with this guidebook that I can share what I know so that you too will have an incredible journey ahead of you. Get ready for some very exciting opportunities coming your way!!!