How To Write Your Manifestations

Updated on April 4, 2022

Write Your Manifestations

The law of attraction is a force that can be used to bring good into your life. The best way to use the law of attraction, according to many spiritual gurus and experts in this field is by writing manifestations or affirmations.

But how do you write these manifestions so they actually work? Here are some tricks for making them more potent:
-Focus on what it will feel like when you have accomplished your manifestation such as feeling free from worry about money or fulfilled with gratitude and joy; give yourself an end goal worth working towards
-Write down exactly what it feels like right now – “I am broke” but also don’t forget things need not always seem bleak – sometimes there’s light at the end of every

1- Get guidance from the universe

When you’re ready to manifest your dreams, don’t forget the most important step.

A lot of people think that they have to do this in order. You need a request, and guidance from the universe for actionable steps before you’ll receive your blessings!

The most common reason manifestations don’t work out is because you’re not tuned into what’s going on around you or how to access it (and when I say “around” I’m talking about info through like intuition, divine guides).

The best way to make sure your “spiritual antenna” is ready to receive is with a free numerology reading. Sending out requests, following spirit methods and techniques without next steps?

It’s only natural that you may feel lost at times when there are no clear instructions for how the Universe will reply back!

You are serious about your report. The universe knows, and it gets excited when you show that kind of commitment to something so important in their life as a spiritual being.

The reason this is such an important step is because just by opening the door for communication with the Universe through digesting information in your report, they know you’re serious.

When people come asking for money from me but then back out without even making plans on picking up what I’m giving them–I get really discouraged!

But since we both understand how much each one of us wants our needs met–you want help getting clarity around where to focus next; I need someone who can take over some work responsibilities here at my company–it’s been easy meeting halfway and coming

Do you ever feel like the universe is just playing games with us? Like it’s up there doing all these amazing things but too lazy to help itself get done.

That’s how I felt when someone asked me for a favor and then expected that my work was their job! But does anyone remember Newton who said, “What goes around comes around”?

Basically what he meant by this quote couldn’t be more true in our lives which is why we should do everything possible to treat others as they would want themselves treated because if not then karma will come back at them tenfold.

The best part about seeing the world through an altruistic lens — other than getting tons of blessings from above —is that it becomes easier and less exhausting;

It’s a no-brainer! Download your free report instantly to unlock the door to your rightfully abundant future. That way you’ll be sure you’re not just pointlessly writing words on paper for no reason.

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manifestation is fun

2- Have fun with it

When it comes to manifesting, in the end don’t forget how important humor is!
Make your manifestations more engaging by writing them as if you were talking with a friend. Think about what’s funny and interesting for them; this will make sure that they stick around for awhile.

I find it hard to imagine somebody not liking the 369 method, yet I know a few people that have told me straight up they hate it.
I am one of those folks who absolutely loves this writing exercise and when my peers tell me they don’t like them, I often try harder to convince them otherwise because for some reason or another we are all just wired differently in our perception on what we think is fun!

The 33 day program goes against the principle of feeling good, and that’s a problem for some people. They find it hard to remember what they need to do each day because there are plenty of distractions in their lives already – not just social media but also work and family obligations.

Furthermore, many believe we only have one life so why would you spend all your time exercising? There is an alternative if this sounds like too much commitment- start with small changes around eating habits first!

When we’re happier on the inside our outside appearance will show improvement as well! Make exercise more fun by focusing on how having healthy choices can help make us feel better about ourselves rather than viewing this simply from a physical perspective alone. The universe wants everyone to be

Writing is an art form that can be explored in many different ways. It’s important to remember what feels good and interesting for you as a writer before delving into any one type of writing, because it will inevitably influence the way your work turns out!

3- Write regularly

You could do some sort of goal-setting or manifestation writing exercise every day — even multiple times per day if you want. That’s not to say that you need to go all out and write a detailed plan for your entire life (although it would be cool).

But something as simple as just a morning ritual where we tell the Universe what matters most is still considered manifestation writing, which means there really isn’t any risk in doing this!

Manifesting doesn’t have to be these big, sweeping actions. Sometimes manifesting is as simple as writing dollar signs on your shower door while taking a steamy shower and imagining golden showers running over you body!

Manifestation is not just about big, grand gestures. It’s the small actions you take throughout your day that add up to something amazing and life-changing in due time.

Sit down for a few minutes each morning or evening – it doesn’t matter when! Write out what you want from this world and then do everything within your power to make those things happen – don’t be afraid of failure because even if some days are rough but most will feel like pure magic as they unfold before us every single second without fail!

manifestation manifestation

4- Focus on emotions as you write

What are the benefits of writing about your emotions?
You might think that it’s pointless to ever focus on your feelings when you write, but thinking and feeling is where all good ideas come from.

It’s important not only because this will help you get in touch with what makes up who you really are, but also if can be a great way to express yourself for anyone reading!

Just last night, I found myself typing of my desires and feelings on the computer before bed.

It was a ritual that has been going for years, but this time it felt different because as I typed out what would make me happy in life; at some point or another during every sentence- sometimes word-, there came an intense feeling–a sensation of lightness behind my eyes and chest area which made me feel energized to continue writing.

Let’s be honest, if you’re just writing affirmations without connecting with the emotion behind it? You’ll waste your time.
Blaming what may not manifest on anything other than yourself is a good way to get disappointed and discouraged by life in general! Remember that wisdom will take you very far indeed.

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5- Write from a place of positivity

The next tip to writing manifestations that stick is not focusing on what you don’t want.

You already have enough things in your life where you focus on the negative aspects of it and if you write a manifestation saying “I am no longer sick,” what are thinking about at this moment is being sick.

You can’t not think about illness.

It’s kind of like right now when I say “don’t think of a bright, red apple.” What do you see in your head? You’ll always manifest what you’re thinking about-even if it’s the removal of something.

It has been said that you get the results of your thoughts. If this is true, than why don’t we always focus on what we want?

It’s because it can be difficult to do so when faced with a tough situation; however, if you are sick and looking for relief then one suggestion would be to think about becoming healthy again- but not just any kind of health.

You should feel perfect in every way possible: full energy levels and vitality included! Thinking like this will help manifest those things into reality as well which means faster recovery time overall…

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6- Write in present tense

The next best tip for how to write manifestations that stick is to use present-tense.
The sentiment behind writing “I will fall in love and get married” can be nice, but if you are thinking “I will (eventually) fall in love and get married,” the result would happen at a later time or never come true altogether.

Instead of using future tense when making affirmations about what I want my life to look like, every affirmation should start with “i am.”
This starts bringing it into reality because when we say things out loud which align us with our desires already being fulfilled they’re more likely manifesting faster then just saying them quietly inside ourselves.

You know when you meet someone and it just feels like they’re your soul mate? I’ve been lucky enough to find my one true love. When we met, our eyes locked for the first time and he flashed me a million-dollar smile that took my breath away.

We fell in love at first sight even though some people said it wouldn’t happen because of how different we are from each other (he’s tall with dark hair while I’m short with blonde hair).

But once those initial butterflies faded, what was left is pure happiness! He makes me feel so safe—I don’t think there will ever be anyone else who can make me as happy as him.

7- Have clarity when you write

When it comes to manifesting your thoughts, the universe rewards precision. Approach all manifestations with clarity and intent in order for them to be manifested into reality.

Have a crystal clear vision of what you want so that when you write those manifestation down they can come alive on paper as vividly as possible! Imagine envisioning yourself living out these creations before writing them down–a little bit goes such a long way in this process.

8- Write in a manifestation journal

Imagine a garden with many different types of flowers. Each flower has its own needs and desires to reach full bloom, but because they all occupy the same space their chance for success diminishes significantly.

You’ve got your sunflower that requires more sunlight than what’s available in order to grow; then you have your daisy which thrives on moisture yet there is not enough humidity so it remains wilted while others around him thrive happily without any care at all whatsoever–the list goes on!

This is the effect when we attempt manifestation exercises without creating an environment conducive for growth by having one focused location where our writing takes place. Doing this will provide us with clarity through communication between ourselves and other realms as well as bring about much-

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Final Thoughts

People often think of manifesting as something that you do on your own, but the reality is that it’s one of those things where we can all help each other out.

That’s why I love doing manifestation journaling with my friends-it feels so good to know someone else cares about what happens in our lives!

We sit down together and make a list of 10 or 20 items for us both; then when they read mine aloud, I write them into existence by writing them onto paper. It’s really fun because even if only 2 people are participating at first, there will be more soon enough too!