How Long Does It Take a Mini Fridge to Cool

Updated on April 23, 2022

How Long Does It Take a Mini Fridge to Cool

On average, full-size refrigerators take 12 hours to cool to the FDA-recommended food-safe temperature of 40°F. However, cooling time varies drastically by refrigerator type and brand, ranging from 2 to 24 hours. Mini fridges are ready quicker with an average cooling time of 4 hours.

For example, if you’re relocating, or just regaining electricity after an outage, you may wonder: What should I do?

Refrigerators take how long to cool down?

Even if you have a brand-new refrigerator or if you’ve just had electricity restored to your home, the chilling time will be the same.
Let’s go a little further into the technicalities of how long it takes a refrigerator to cool down.

In the sections that follow, I’ll show you how long it takes for various refrigerator models, brands, and sizes to cool down. The elements that affect cooling and ways to accelerate it up are also discussed.

Refrigerator Cooling Times by Brand and Type

How long does it take to chill a refrigerator in reality?

Refrigerator cooling periods may be found in the table below, which includes the following models:

  • Refrigerators with a Freezer at the Bottom
  • Refrigerators with French doors
  • Refrigerators that are side-by-side
  • Refrigerators with a freezer on top
  • Refrigerators that are smaller than a standard refrigerator

There is a huge discrepancy in the cooling time across brands. When it comes to cooling down, Whirlpool refrigerators need 24 hours, whereas Samsung models just need 2.

Regardless of whether you’re plugging in a new refrigerator for the first time or simply regaining power after an outage, the cooling times indicated below remain the same.

How to Determine Your Refrigerator’s Cooling Time

The easiest approach to find out how long it takes your refrigerator to cool down is to look up the model number and brand name on the manufacturer’s website and read the user manual and installation guide. A trustworthy retail site, like Home Depot or, might be referred to in this situation.
While this isn’t always the case, a larger refrigerator will often take longer to chill. Many of the larger refrigerators take up to 24 hours to cool down, but two of the mini-fridges on our list only take four hours.

Temperature in the storage area: If the refrigerator was kept in a warm truck or storage room before being delivered to your home, the initial temperature would be higher. This means that 40°F is going to be a little farther away.

It’s also important to consider the room temperature when determining how long it takes to cool down. You may be able to find this information in your user guide. It’s a good idea to keep the refrigerator away of a hot area, such as an outdoor kitchen, to avoid causing it to overheat. In order to maintain cool, it will continually overwork itself, so it will work longer and harder. Fans, vents, insulation or air conditioning can be necessary if your refrigerator (or freezer) is located in your garage. I also advise limiting your exposure to the sun.

Refrigerator efficiency decreases as the age of the appliance increases, thus an older refrigerator will take longer to chill down than a younger one. Coils that are blocked with dust, dirt, and debris may slow down the cooling process. Last but not least, the state of your refrigerator is crucial. The fridge will not chill as quickly if some elements are malfunctioning. The thermostat, clogged air vents, a damaged door sealing, the condenser fan, and even a malfunctioning compressor are all major contributors to a broken air conditioning system.
Stocked and empty: It is simpler for the refrigerator to maintain a cold temperature in a well-stocked refrigerator because there is less area for heated air. When cooling down for the first time, it would be helpful if you didn’t put anything in the fridge.

During the cooling process, keep the door closed and do not open it. When you open the door, you’re letting warm air in and letting chilly air out.