How Do You Reset a Refrigerator

Updated on April 23, 2022

How Do You Reset a Refrigerator

So you need to reset the compressor in your fridge since it’s malfunctioning internally? Asurion Experts are well-versed in all major household appliances and can help you troubleshoot your refrigerator. Learn how to properly reset a refrigerator compressor with the help of this handy tutorial.

What does a refrigerator compressor do?

Low-pressure gaseous refrigerant is used by your refrigerator compressor to keep food fresh. When you turn up the temperature on your refrigerator, the compressor kicks in and the refrigerant moves through the cooling fans. In addition, it aids in the circulation of cold air inside the freezers through the fans.

How can I tell if my refrigerator compressor is not working?

Most people are familiar with the sound of a working refrigerator, which consists of a buzzing noise that comes and goes. The buzzing sound you hear is coming from your refrigerator’s compressor. The compressor may be faulty if the sound completely ceases or if it changes from a mild hum to a continuous or very loud buzzing noise. If you feel that your refrigerator’s compressor needs to be replaced, it’s time to call in the pros.

To begin with, let’s see whether a reset may help.

Refrigerator compressors may be reset in four simple steps.

Anyone who has to defrost or modify the temperature of their refrigerator might benefit from resetting the compressor. Resetting your refrigerator may also fix other internal problems, such as broken timer cycles, so it’s worth a shot if your fridge is acting up.

What you need to know:


Remove the power wire from the wall socket and unplug your fridge. Some whooshing or banging sounds are usual as a result of this. For the reset to operate, your refrigerator must be left disconnected for several minutes.


After disconnecting the refrigerator, use the control panel inside the fridge to switch off the fridge and freezer. Set the controls to “zero” or turn them off completely to do this. Reconnect your refrigerator to the electrical socket after you’re finished.


Resetting the settings on your refrigerator and freezer is the next stage in the process. Refrigerator temperature settings vary by brand and model, but experts suggest maintaining your fridge around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. A level 4 or 5 fridge and freezer have settings from 1 to 10.


Don’t hurry things when it comes to making sure your refrigerator temperature is stable.

An Asurion Expert can assist you with any of the aforementioned processes if you’re experiencing difficulties.

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Is There a Reset Button on Mini Fridge

Refrigerator compressors use low-pressure gaseous refrigerants. In response to a request from the refrigerator’s thermostat for extra cold air, the compressor turns on and the refrigerant is pushed through the cooling coils under high pressure by fans. By resetting the fridge’s thermostat, you may fine-tune the temperature settings and save money on your utility bills. In addition, it allows the fridge to defrost and return to a comfortable room temperature for food storage. The fridge compressor will continue to operate until the required temperature is achieved, which is lower than the surrounding temperature.

How to Put an LG Refrigerator in Test Mode

Locate the “Freezer Temperature” function on your LG refrigerator to activate the “Test Mode” feature. Some devices have a specific “TEST” button, so keep that in mind. If this applies to you, hold down the button for the time stated instead. As soon as you’ve done so, hit both of the options that say “Express Freezing” and “Colder.” The compressors and freezer fan, the steeping damper whenever open, the defrosting heater while off, and the display LEDs all on may be used while in Test Mode 1.

You would continue the same instructions, but hold down the “Express Freezing” and “Colder” keys for three seconds in order to activate Test Mode 2. When the defrosting heater is turned off and the steeping damper is closed, you may run diagnostic tests on those components while the LEDs on the display indicate number 2.

Just as in Test Mode 2, you’ll need to hold down both buttons for longer than three seconds in Test Mode 3. In Test Mode 3, the defrosting heater is on, the steeping damper is closed, the compressor and fan are off, and the display LED shows the number 3. This mode is useful for diagnosing potential problems. If the defrosting sensor registers a temperature of 46 degrees Fahrenheit or above, the equipment must be reset.