How Do You Manifest What You Want

Updated on April 22, 2022

You can use a variety of methods to accomplish this, including prayer, meditation, visualization, speaking your intentions aloud, a vision board, and/or a “future box,” but you must be specific about what you want.

How Do You Manifest What You Want

As soon as you’ve identified your most cherished aspirations, it’s time to make a formal request of the universe. You can use a variety of methods to accomplish this, including prayer, meditation, visualization, speaking your intentions aloud, a vision board, and/or a “future box,” but you must be specific about what you want.

You can also write it down on a piece of paper if you prefer. There’s a TikTok method called the 369 method, where you write down your desires in the following sequence: Every day for 33 or 45 days, three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night.

And start working toward your goals.

“Manifesting is also known as co-creating because it’s a collaboration between you and the Universe,” says Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Super Attract and The Universe Has Your Back. That’s why having an idea of what you want is only half the battle—taking action is what will get you there. Determine what steps you can take on your own to achieve your goals, and then incorporate them into a regular routine. Network with people in your new field and prepare for an interview before you make a major career shift, for example.

To put yourself “in action” when manifesting, ask yourself, “What would my future self be thinking?” According to Lombardo, Why is this happening? To be successful, you must change your mindset. To this, Lombardo offers the advice: “Being the person who already has, does, and feels your goals, dreams, and desires helps you become that person.

The next step is to be mindful of—and thankful for—what you receive.

No matter how small or inconvenient something may seem, it is important to accept and appreciate what you do get, regardless of how big or small it may be. In Lombardo’s view, expressing gratitude is essential.

Consider keeping a gratitude journal as a means to this end. Make a point of writing down three or four things you’re grateful for and one thing that happened during the day that helped you get closer to your goal before you go to bed. Your cable company may call and offer you the opportunity to lower your monthly bill or an informative podcast may give you an idea for a side hustle that will allow you to save for your golden years.

And let go of any resistance and limiting beliefs.

It’s important that you remove any obstacles or limiting beliefs, such as fear and negative self-talk, that may prevent you from achieving your goals. A lot of people have a tape playing in their heads saying, “I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I’m not smart, I’m not enough.” Oprah addressed this issue on an episode of her talk show, “Oprah’s Life class. As a result, if you don’t pay attention to this, you’ll end up acting out of a belief system that isn’t in line with your own values.” In order to achieve your desires, it is necessary to live in the absence of what you desire.

It’s imperative that you first identify your limiting beliefs if you hope to overcome them. Asking yourself this question will help you identify any limiting self-perceptions that are getting in the way of your growth. The author of Add More  to Your Life, Bernstein, advises that you write down your answers. Affirmations can be replaced by crossing out the limiting beliefs and writing them in their place. Then replace any negative feelings with positive ones by writing down your responses. ‘I am complete as I am,’ rather than ‘I am incomplete without a man,’ is a limiting belief. The limiting belief “I’m not good enough” can be replaced by “I’m wonderful as I am today.”

Take it a step further and think of all the reasons why you are deserving the next time you find yourself questioning your worth or saying, “I don’t deserve this.”

Make sure to check (and change) your energy.

The one thing Oprah is confident in? Everything depends on energy. We get back the energy we put out into the world, she explains in The Wisdom of Sundays. According to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation with Michael Bernard Beckwith, if you’re constantly sending out negative energy, you’ll attract that same energy back to you. On the other hand, shifting your energy (also known as raising your vibrations) will help you achieve your goals, as it will attract more positive energy.

Fortunately, boosting your energy is a simple process: Don’t forget to do things that make you feel good about yourself, whether it’s helping a friend or family member, making a donation to a worthy cause, volunteering, or simply starting your day with a meditation or yoga session, going for a walk in the woods, or treating yourself to some well-deserved self-care.

You can also focus on how you want to feel as an additional option. If you want more love in your life, set your intention to be more loving. Focus on empathy and compassion if you want to be kind.”

But don’t forget to be flexible and trust the process.

To summarize, the procedure is dynamic. As long as you have faith in what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how clear your vision is. Faith serves as a powerful motivator and guide.

Yes, you can manifest love.

For me, the best part of manifesting is that it has a wide range of uses. Nothing is off-limits to the power of attraction. With practice, Lombardo says, “there are no limits to what you can manifest or how frequently you can manifest it. The term “new friends and romantic relationships” encompasses both. Having said that, you should only attract people who will assist you in achieving your goals. There are only people who will be drawn to the person you’re becoming, she advises. However, this may exclude some exciting opportunities, but I’m sure you’ll be happier with someone who is aligned with the “You” making big moves. ” Like everything else, manifesting love necessitates effort, as we’ve previously stated. Do you need a starting point? Here are a few pointers to help you expand your social circle.