How Did Angel Numbers Start

Updated on April 23, 2022

Many folks think that angel numbers date all the way back to Pythagoras, who lived in the sixth century, although no one knows for sure.

How Did Angel Numbers Start

Interestingly, Pythagoras is considered the founder the science of number theory. This wasn’t his only occupation: He is now an astrologer who believed that the cosmos could be understood mathematically.

In numerology, every digit has its own distinct properties and meanings.

The same is true in numerology.

Numbers can be interpreted in a variety of ways, whether they are used alone or in combination with other numbers.

In the New Age world, the term “Holy Number” has just recently gained popularity despite Pythagoras’s status as numerology’s founder and forefather.

In addition to author Doreen Kindness, who has written multiple books on the subject, there are a number of others.

She’s now considered something of an economics expert of Angel Numbers in our day and age.

Doreen Virtue popularised the concept of “Angel Numbers” by explaining what they meant to the current age. Doreen Virtue claims that the angels use numbers to communicate with people.

Does anyone know who came up with angel numbers?

As a result, we now know a little bit more about the origins of the term “angel number”.

Many people are aware with the term of “angelic numbers,” but who actually came up with them, other than Pythagoras and Doreen Virtue?

As soon as I’m finished, I’ll go right to the point.

Prior to the existence of numerology or angel numbers, these numbers were already present.

To assert that angel numbers were invented is like to asserting that someone created the oxygen we breathe.

Invention of angel numbers was not the work of a single person.

There was nothing but mathematical equations in the universe when it first began. As long as this is the case, there is only one person who could have created these mysterious numerical signals. Of course, God, the Almighty, is the legitimate recipient of praise.

Even the number of angels was devised by the almighty Creator.

Everybody wanted to know: who came up with an idea of using angel numbers? Everything on Earth was brought to life by God’s breath, which also added fresh numbers to the formula of existence.

Humans were the first to decipher the holy numbers’ code. Because of their efforts, we know that these celestial messages are there. Without them, we wouldn’t.

For all things were originally made by the hand of God.

Because of the angels, we can receive their wisdom. Mathematical knowledge can be a boon to everyone.

What Angel Number Means Good Luck

It’s important to remember that the 888 angel amount is a symbol of success and wealth. You’re on the right track as long as even the universe keeps sending you 888s!

The 888 angel number generally has a good connotation.. This is one of the nicest angelic messages you’ll ever receive. Enjoy.

Both good and negative connotations are widespread when it comes to angel numbers.

However, the angel number 888 differs from the other recurring numbers in that it usually always represents a pleasant message from the angels themselves.

What Are Angel Numbers Based On

A distinct vibrational power or frequency is linked to each number in numerology, and this can be used to understand angel numbers as well as their numerical worth.

111, 555, and 777 seem to pop up all the time in random places. What if you wake up at 2:22pm, get a $2.22 cappuccino, and then sit down to watch a two-hour-22-minute movie? If you’ve noticed a trend like this, it’s possible that it’s not a random occurrence. Numerologists believe that “angels,” or recurring sequences of numbers, have unique significance.

Acclaimed celebrity aura reader/spirit guide/psychic medium. When we see something over and over again in a “synchronistic fashion,” Megan Michaela Firester, also known as Mystery Michaela, thinks angels communicate with us. One of these strategies can be employed with the help of numbers.

In numerology, a design and performance energy or frequency is associated with each number, and this energy or frequency has meaning beyond its numerical value. These tenets govern how angel numbers are used. If you’re interested in learning more, Kyle Gray’s book Angel Numbers is a great resource.) According to Michaela, it is because the number appears so frequently because angel numbers are involved. This is a vote of confidence in the direction you’ve chosen to proceed in. It’s as if an angel is pointing to you when you realise you’re being sat and listened. Numbers received from them have weight in grabbing your attention. Consider it a traffic sign that tells everyone you’re heading in the correct path.”

The Angel Sample is essentially a communication from your ancestors to you:

An Insect Landing on You Is Meaningful in More than One Way

As spirituality is becoming more widespread in recent years, the use of angel numbers has increased.

Numerologist Novalee Wilder says that angel numbers are an easy way to get started in spiritual practises. In addition, people are “realising that are connected directly to the magic that occurs all around them,” explains spiritual adviser and intuitive coach Diana Zalucky, better known as The Empress Advisor. ‘Angel numbers,’ as the name suggests, are a peaceful and caring encouragement to believe in your very own spiritual connection.

Even if they aren’t as visible as repeated sequences of the same digit, some users may see a birthday, a lucky amount, or other meaningful digits repeatedly. How to recognise and identify angel numbers is explained in this article by a team of numerologists.


A lot of individuals make wishes because they see the number 1 repeated in a sequence, such as 11:11. It’s not a coincidence. Whenever you see 111, Michaela suggests that you should consider as a mental snapshot taken by the universe. All of your ideas, visualizations, ambitions and dreams will be replicated in this world. Focused on what you want and just let your ideas and energy help come it to life, according to numerology.


Our goal-prioritizing environment makes it easy to feel like you’re not making enough development, and this can lead to you comparing yourself to other members of your group. To see the number two somewhere is an angel-number reminder, according to Michaela, to be in the time and trust that you are precisely where you should be.


The angels have instructed you to perform this sequence in order to improve your life’s harmony. Start meditating and working out, and create a vision board you’ve been delaying. “They want you to look at aspects of your life that are not even fully fleshed out, and self-correct.”


Looking for direction from your spirit guide or indications from the universe? If so, the number four may be a sign that you’ve been heard. According to Michaela, your angels are always watching over you and guiding your every move. It may be a moment of strain as your guardians bring you into the light.


The number 555 is an indication that something significant is going to occur. Consider the fact that even though it may be challenging at first, the change is for the best. Even while change is sometimes viewed negatively, as Michaela explains: “Change is really just an angelic way of re-calibrating your lifetime to fit into the plan you have for it.” My life will look very different if I receive what I want.


Do you see 666s a lot of the time? Angels may be trying to offer you a reality check if this is the case. They want you to question yourself, “What do I need to keep changing?” and to take ownership of your life in all aspects. Michaela is of the same opinion.


Relax and get over your worries about the future, as the cosmos is sending you a message through the recurrent occurrence of the number seven. Michaela tells you to get over your grip on the future. Focus on the present moment if you want to avoid worrying about the future.


‘The number 8 is about forever, or perhaps the endless loop of energy,’ Michaela explains. Seeing it indicates that you’re following the normal rhythm and rhythm of the what my angels having planned for your future. Instead of “a compliment,” think of it as a “reminder to be thankful in how far you’ve come.”


With long-term effort and excellent news, nines are more likely to show up on the scorecard. That which you have been doing is about to come to an end, says Michaela. Now that you’ve reached the summit of your current goals, it’s time to level up and think some new ones.