Dreaming Ex Spiritual Meaning

Updated on April 4, 2022

It can be tough when you dream about your ex all the time. Especially if it’s not a pleasant experience and is more like reliving an emotional roller coaster! Have you found yourself thinking, “Why do I keep dreaming about my ex?” It may seem strange that after breaking up with someone we would still think of them in our sleep–but maybe this isn’t such a crazy idea upon reflection? There are many possible spiritual meanings for why dreams might continue to focus on or even revolve around one’s past relationship; here are some possibilities:
1) You’re trying to make sense out of what happened-the good times and bad. This way, hopefully there will come clarity as well so that future relationships won

Dreaming Ex Spiritual Meaning

Wouldn’t it be great if your ex was right there in front of you? I know that sounds kind of crazy, but many people think dreaming about their ex could indicate the universe wants them together.
Just so this doesn’t sound too “out-there,” let me remind you what happened last week when my friend told a girl he liked her: she said no! But wait – here’s something cool and really shocking: after checking into his astrological sign from 2 years ago (when they first met), we found out that suddenly all signs pointed to yes. So clearly life has changed since then for both him and her because things are going well now with someone else. However, even though

Birthdates are set in stone and give you all the information about your personality, life purpose, and how the universe communicates with you. However not many people know this ancient wisdom because they might tell you that birthdates don’t matter or hold any significance to them!

If you’re a one, two or three then the universe is telling you to be brave and committed. If it’s in your twenties when this happens, take stock of what life has been teaching so far but don’t stop moving forward into unknown territories because that just means more opportunities for personal growth are waiting!

If there’s someone who seems intent on getting close to you with ulterior motives… we recommend being cautious and not giving away any information too easily—even if they seem like an angel from heaven itself!

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Dreaming of your ex requires context

When you have a dream about your ex, it’s important to remember that context is everything. For example, if someone has just been dumped by their partner and they spend the next few nights dreaming of them night after night, this can be because subconsciously they are not ready for closure yet. But what if someone dreams of an old flame while on vacation with friends? This might mean that there was something unfinished between the two people or could even signal romantic feelings as well!

When we sleep our minds take time out from work-life stressors to allow us some peace and quiet in order to process all life events holistically; so when one thinks back upon past relationships at any given moment during rest periods like these (which will

When you are having a spiritual dream about your ex, it is important to consider the context.

Dreams that feature an ex can be interpreted in many different ways depending on what happened during and after the relationship with them. Sometimes these dreams could even provide insight into how they feel now or if there is something else going on for them which has nothing to do with you at all!

Dreaming of your ex means you want them back

You might not want the dream.

You might just be feeling lonely and looking for someone to lean on, even if it’s your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend you see in these dreams of yours.
It is possible that this could stem from a fear of abandonment where you believe that only those who are close to us can make an impact in our lives – so when they leave we think nobody else will come along again because there isn’t anyone better out there than them! The best thing about dreaming about your ex now and then (even though he/she may have been nothing but trouble) is how nostalgic feelings return as soon as their face pops up before your eyes; making all other worries seem insignificant by comparison– at

Your ex represents unfulfillment

What does dreaming about your ex mean? It could be a sign of unmet needs in life. After all, dreams are our mind’s way of processing and filtering out information from waking lives – even if it is just our feelings! That means that when you dream about your ex, there might be some need left unsatisfied because the relationship didn’t work out well for both parties involved. This doesn’t always happen though; let’s not forget mindfulness here!

One of the most common nightmares people report is general unfulfillment in their relationships. This could be with your current partner, an ex-partner or a platonic friend. It’s important to remember that if you’re feeling this way about someone else it can often represent how we feel when things don’t go our own way at work or socially too – like not being able to buy a house for example and having difficulties making friends because you’ve moved somewhere new where nobody knows who you are.

The difference between “dreams” and actual dreams has been lost on many people today as they use them interchangeably without realizing what each word means individually — but there ARE differences! In order to make sure one doesn’t forget

Your ex has qualities you desire

Why would you want to dream of your ex if they’re not exactly the perfect person for you? There are so many unanswered questions that come with dreaming about an old flame. It could mean negative things like regret, or positive qualities as well such as admiration and envy. Maybe it’s just some good memories replaying in a subconscious fashion! What ever the case may be there is something more going on than getting back together again- find out what it all means by asking yourself these five key questions:
1) Have I been longing after my past relationship recently?
2) Has anything happened lately that caused me grief over our break up (ie death, miscarriage)? 3) Am I feeling lonely right now without someone around who truly understands

When you have a dream of your ex-lover, it could be that there is still some spiritual connection between the two.

It’s often hard to realize when or how someone has become important in our life until they are gone and we miss them dearly; but if you DO want your ex back and you dream of them, however, it is probably a sign that their presence was missed even before they departed from us.

Dreaming of your ex is a warning

You should be careful if you have a dream that is unsettling or disturbing in some way. Perhaps this is your subconscious telling you to watch out for something? For example, if the person following you around has an identity related to what’s really going on with yourself (i.e., it might symbolize something else) then perhaps there are things from your past preventing these issues from being resolved and affecting how successful of a future self can become.

You still have feelings for your ex

A dream might reveal feelings you have for your ex. These dreams could manifest in the form of a recurring nightmare or an erotic fantasy that never played out during waking hours. You’re still able to control yourself so don’t worry about making bad decisions based on these dreams!

Dreams of your ex could mean you’re not quite over them yet.

There’s a chance that dreaming about your old flame means you’ve been unable to let go, even if it was the right thing for both of you at the time.

You are destined to be with your ex

Many people believe that dreams about their exes are a signal. These signals may be telling you to not give up on the relationship, and it is possible for these relationships to work again with some effort. If this meaning resonates with you and your do in fact want your ex back- there might be hope of getting him or her back if they feel the same way!

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Your ex misses you

Is it possible your ex is thinking of you and misses you when they appear in your dreams? If so, there’s a chance this could be an indicator that he or she wants to get back together.
Dreams are able to portray both our subconscious desires as well as conscious desires, which means if the dream includes their appearance–especially with them on good terms-there may have been some hope for reconciliation before now! Something else cool about these synchronicities can happen too: sometimes by attempting manifesting someone into real life one might stumble across another meaning behind what was happening during the dream such as whether or not others were present (which would mean other people want him/her).

If you find out that both of your dreams have the other person in it, that might just be a sign from nature to tell you two are twin flames.

Your ex is dreaming of you

We all know that when we dream of our ex, it can sometimes mean they are dreaming about us too. A recent study by the University of Toronto has found new evidence to support this argument- your brain is always active in some way during REM sleep!

If you’re spiritually connected (if you’re meant to be), or if your ex is manifesting themselves through dreams and projecting them onto someone else, then there’s a very good chance that both parties have been having similar thoughts.

There are many ways how people can manifest you. This is a blog post that covers some of the most common manifestations and will also give ideas on how to stop those from happening if one does not want them in their life anymore.

A quick success story for you

Before I go, I wanted to share a quick story that happened to my cousin a few years ago.

So, she had a really bad relationship with her ex-boyfriend. He was doing the whole staying out too late at night thing. She’d find DM’s and messages to other girls. He wasn’t really acting like he wanted a serious commitment from her, so she broke up with him.

She was single for a while and seemed quite happy.

My best friend told me she had been dreaming about her ex for the past few weeks. She usually doesn’t remember any of them but these are so vivid and powerful that they never go away! She tried to ignore it, thinking it would pass like all other dreams do, but every time I saw her after a day or two without sleep from one of these nightmares she was so exhausted.

Once, she decided to check up on him out of curiosity. They wound up rekindling their romance and he apologized for treating her poorly in the past with words and actions from that point forward. Ever since then they have been happy together, one of my favorite couples as well!

Ever had a dream about an ex and thought, “well that’s not very helpful”? It turns out there could be something to it. Studies have found dreams of old lovers can help someone find the love they’ve been looking for.

Or, it could mean you might be missing out on your perfect love story.

Follow your heart. It won’t steer you wrong.

What does it mean when you dream about your ex kissing you?

Can a kiss from an ex set you up for another adventure? Dreams about your former partner are often connected to the desire or yearning of someone else. When this person is not who they were, there may be something that needs to happen before it’s time for you and them reunite.

What does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly?

If you are having the same dream over and over again, it means that they have a lot of power in your subconscious.
For some this may mean romantic feelings for them but usually when we experience dreams like these there is something else going on. It could be that maybe something has been bothering you or if not then perhaps it’s just time to say goodbye?

You might find yourself wanting closure with people you have no feelings for anymore. For example, if you keep dreaming about your ex who represents something in the past to you and has nothing else going on now but being a part of your dreamscape then think about what they represent to make things clearer.

What do these ghosts from our past mean?

Many people have always wanted to be themselves without caring what others think. They just want to live a life that resonates with their own values and beliefs, however weird they might seem from the outside. Maybe you feel like your friends or coworkers are forcing you into an identity which doesn’t suit who you really are? Or maybe not conforming is something that feels natural for those individuals because of how quirky they already are on the inside.

What does it mean to dream about my ex calling me?

If you dream about your ex calling, it could be a sign that there is something from the past or an unresolved issue. Your subconscious mind may have been trying to get at this unprocessed thought and feelings through dreaming in order for them to become more accessible when awake.

You may feel like you’re running from something in your waking life. If this is the case, it’s likely that a dream about an ex coming back after they’ve moved on could be scary for some people because of their fear that something has happened to them or someone else close to them. In reality though, these dreams are often signs we need closure- whether it’s with our past relationships and/or other unfinished business in order to move forward into new experiences without baggage weighing us down.

Your ex popping up in your daydreams is a sign that you are ready to get back on the horse and start dating again. It will be hard at first but before long it won’t even seem like they were ever gone from your life.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen any relationship drama pop up, so now would be a good time for us all to share our best breakup advice!

If you have a new possibility or something calling to you, don’t ignore it! It can be easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life but if there is anything that may change your future for better and brighter things then take some time before tackling what’s right in front of you so as not miss out on an opportunity.

What does it mean to dream about an ex and their family?

For those who dream about spending time with an ex and their family, it could just be a residual memory of something that was once a big part of your life.

Is it possible that these nightmares are a way of grieving for the family you once had before your breakup? These types of dreams usually surface closer to the break up and not years later. So if this is happening to you, keep in mind they will fade over time as your memories start resurfacing.

What does it mean to dream about an ex with someone else?

Wake up from the nightmare of your ex moving on and find that you can’t stop thinking about them with someone else. It’s natural, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult!

The idea is simple: You don’t want him or her to move on, so when they do in your mind — even if just for a few seconds while dreaming—you wake up feeling betrayed and confused. They may also sleep better knowing what their subconscious is doing because then they won’t become frustrated by this uncontrollable process.

One of the most common ways to cope with change in life is through dreams. If you dream about a relationship ending, don’t be too hard on yourself- it might just mean that your subconscious mind wants you to see things from another perspective and perhaps reconcile what was once broken between two people who were close before this recent transition.

Some people experience dreams about their exes reappearing in the form of a spouse or partner. It could be that you’re trying to prove something to yourself, such as concluding your relationship was too good for them and they didn’t appreciate it enough when they had it.
The meaning behind this dream can vary: maybe you want closure with an old flame; maybe there is still some unresolved issue between the two of you (either inside or outside of the bedroom); sometimes these types of dreams are just memories we have forgotten over time resurfacing again because our subconscious mind needs us to process what happened so we don’t carry those regrets into new relationships – especially if we happen upon someone who reminds us strongly of that person in waking life.

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Final thoughts on dreaming about your ex

Dreams about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend happen for a reason. It’s not always just because you miss him but rather, it may be something that he is trying to tell you in his own way and time. The universe often communicates through symbols so this could also mean that there are other signs of what spirit wants from the person besides them missing their partner all together.

What a shame to ignore the messages from your intuition and gut instinct. It would be awful if you were able to miss out on information that could help make life easier, wouldn’t it? To keep all of those channels open for communication with the universe, sign up for our free numerology reading!

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I’m the lucky one who gets to live,
Laugh and love with my family.
I’ve been blessed by magic in this life
With a gift of joy that I will treasure always

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