7 Best Healing Crystals For Pisces Season

Updated on March 31, 2022

Pisces is a water sign and as such, they are often identifying with the qualities of intuition, creativity, wisdom and calm. Pisceans can sometimes be sad or fearful while also being somewhat naive at times but these traits make them wonderful people to know! If you’re looking for healing crystals that resonate with this zodiac sun sign or if you have friends who were born under the Piscean sun constellation (January 20th- February 18), then keep reading below:

What Are The Characteristics Of Pisces?

Being born between February 19 and March 20 of any year will make you a Pisces. Those who are within days on either side can exhibit many Pisces properties as well, so don’t worry if your birthday isn’t exactly in the month!
Pisceans or fish people to some astrologers (because they were often pictured with scales), are one of the 12 zodiac sun signs and represent those born during this time period. They have some characteristics which allude to being very social creatures that love sharing what is theirs without expecting anything back. You’ll find them going out their way for others even when there’s no gain at stake; these types think it makes life more interesting anyway—which just goes to show

The water sign of Pisces is intuitive, emotional, and more “feelings-based” in their approach to life. However they’re not perfect either! They can get caught up in attention seeking behavior or maybe be somewhat dramatic just for the sake of gaining sympathy from others.

Financial problems can derail the well-being of any individual – Pisces are no exception. Though this may not be a bad thing, it certainly isn’t helpful when other responsibilities come into play such as work or school. Often times they’re so focused on how they feel that money is just an afterthought and their finances suffer accordingly. They have to find ways in which to balance financial responsibility with creativity otherwise things could start going south fast for them!

Another issue many Pisceans have is that they don’t care much about money; while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself, it can lead to serious consequences if left unchecked like running out of funds without savings or finding themselves underwater because there wasn’t enough budgeting.

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Why Use Healing Crystals?

Have you ever wished for something and it just didn’t happen?
Maybe, you thought about that perfect guy or girl but they never came into your life. Or maybe, all the doors of opportunity have been slammed in your face… Well believe me friend; I’ve also had my fair share of failed wishes! But healing crystals are an affordable way to manifest physical, emotional and spiritual changes in our lives (trust!). Simply by pairing a powerful intention with natural gemstones like amethyst or carnelian-a stone related to love-, we can create magic together. And let’s be honest: Sometimes these things don’t always work out on their own accord -especially if there is some other force at play-. It may

Not all Pisces are the same! All signs share traits from other zodiac signs. While crystals on this list may be best suited for Pisces, there will always be some overlap with their own sign and others’. Do you think that only sensitive people who can’t deal well in social settings make up half of our population? Nope!

All of the zodiac signs have their own unique traits and personality types. The Pisces is no exception! When it comes to how this particular sign handles feelings, they are very emotional in nature with a strong sense of intuition and empathy for others. However, whenever there’s an issue involving emotions or communication skills that needs to be addressed – don’t forget about crystals! Crystal healing can help balance your good qualities while suppressing any bad ones you might possess as a Pisces…no matter what else you may be too~

The Pisces zodiac sign is a water-loving creature who thrives in the depths of emotion. They’re always trying to learn and understand more about themselves, often doing so through introspection and meditation. If you have Pisces friends or family members, one way to find them an awesome gift would be by getting them crystals that are meaningful for their zodiac type! After much research (and personal experience), I’ve put together this list of seven healing crystals perfect for anyone born under the influence of Jupiter’s fishy friend.

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7 Healing Crystals & Gemstones for Pisces

1- Aquamarine

To Aquamarine, Pisces’s most powerful healing crystal and birthstone for March. The gem is a perfect meditative stone to increase spiritual awareness through its calming energy that emanates from the ocean depths.

This gemstone will help you find your life purpose and align it with your everyday actions.

If you’re feeling out of alignment, lacking motivation or positive direction in your life, Aquamarine crystal can bring joy and harmony to the mundane. It is a gorgeous blue stone that also gives you more appreciation for where are in our lives—no matter what circumstances we have at this point in time

2- Amethyst

Pisces season is the time of year when Amethyst and Aquamarine are traditionally used as birthstones for Pisceans. This stone has a calming effect on energy, which makes it perfect to have during this usually turbulent period in our lives.

Amethyst is a crystal to help you find peace and tranquility. Coming into the Pisces season, amethysts can work as your go-to stone for grounding yourself from stress or anxiety in order to better understand oneself outside of their environment.

3- Turquoise

Blue turquoise stones are connected to the throat chakra, or what they call “the communication chakra.” This means that wearing a blue turquise crystal necklace is good for Pisces who want better relations with other people. If you’re looking for some luck and prosperity in your business endeavors this season, try adding a little more of these beautiful crystals into your life!

4- Sodalite

What if crystals were just rocks?

Most people don’t get why someone would buy a rock. “It’s not like you can do anything with it!” They might say, as they shake their head in disbelief and walk off muttering about the weirdos who love to collect shiny things that serve no purpose whatsoever. What these skeptics don’t know is there are tons of reasons to have cool minerals around – from decoration purposes all the way up through practical uses such as soothing an upset stomach or calming anxiety! When your friend starts saying stuff like this again, point them towards our blog post on how stones work for different intentions!

Sodalite can help you get your brain and spirit on the same page.

5- Moonstone

Unlike other stones, moonstone is not only a stone of the lunar goddess. It also holds tremendous power in Pisces season and within those who have been born under this zodiac sign. These individuals often seek new beginnings; whether it be for relationships, partnerships or unions with others as they look to find something fresh that will make them feel happy once again- which is where Moonstone comes into play! So give your loved ones one of these beautiful gemstones today so you can help stimulate their spiritual growth from afar while strengthening your bond even more than before!

Moonstone makes an ideal gift during Pisces season because it encourages qualities such as grace, elegance, ease and harmony while stimulating new experiences like meeting someone special on the path ahead–

6- Bloodstone

Pisces season is the perfect time to try out some new crystals that will help you feel refreshed and revitalized! Bloodstone has been proven to be one of the best stones for Pisceans, because it soothes your spirit while bringing focus and clarity when making decisions. The inspirational energy from bloodstones can also boost creativity in all types of artistic endeavors. If sleep quality has become an issue during this season, consider sleeping with a piece under your pillow as people have reported feeling more rested after using these beautiful gems on their bedside table or inside their home’s windowsills too!

Winter has finally come to an end, and after months of hibernating in your cozy house it’s time for you to wake up. Imagine waking up with a creative idea so amazing that the energy is instantly pumping through your veins as if bloodstone crystal were powering them instead of sleep deprivation. The best part about this awakening? It will last all day because Pisces season just started!

7- Lapiz Lazuli 

Lapiz Lazuli is a stone for Pisces season which stimulates both the third eye and throat chakras at once. They are excellent stones to help you in your spiritual awakening, opening psychic abilities as well as developing creative solutions when we face problems.

As with all crystals, it’s best to wear Lapiz Lazuli closest to the chakra where it will be most effective. Wear a pair of lapiz lazuli earrings during Pisces season and reap the benefits of this gorgeous blue crystal!

How To Use Healing Gemstones and Crystals

The Pisces season is a time of change, so it’s no doubt that the best crystals and gemstones for them are those associated with transformation. Gold tourmaline can be used as an excellent grounding stone to help resist impulsive behavior while quartz will make sure you’re always centered on your higher self; both powerful tools in maintaining equilibrium during this critical turning point. Be aware however that some gems may not have enough power at certain times or seasons based off their wavelength frequency, such as citrine which shines brightly in winter but dims down considerably – like many other stones- through out springtime until summer solstice when they finally regain their strength once again.

1- Meditate with magic crystals

How do you use crystals to meditate? There are two ways. You can either send or receive energy with them! To send, close your eyes and visualize what the crystal should be doing for you. Send that intention into the crystal by placing it in your dominant hand and transferring all of those thoughts through touch. It will absorb everything before sending back a message about how well its mission was accomplished!

Place your hand on the crystal so that it is resting in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to get yourself into meditative state of mind. Focus all you attention inward, listening for anything but the sound of breathing. Feel how this positive energy glows within you as powerful light bursts from inside outwards taking over every inch and crevice until there’s nothing else left except silence!

To receive spiritual healing, hold onto an amethyst with both hands while relaxing deeply during meditation sessions or before bedtime rituals at home

2- Put crystals on your desk while you work

Crystals are said to bring about positive changes in your life. You can use them while working by setting them on your desk or even in your lap, but a crystal grid might be better for you if this is something that’s new and unfamiliar.

Crystals have been used as healing tools since ancient times when the Greeks attributed mystical powers of crystals to healers called “Healing Stones.” Crystals allow us take advantage of their natural properties without having any actual knowledge or power! They work hard so we don’t need too – just scatter some around at home, set one on our desks/laps during the day, wear jewelry containing stones from time-to-time (think minimalist), etc., and watch how they subtly affect

3- Wear crystal jewelry

You might be surprised to know that one of the best ways to use healing crystals is by wearing them! The crystal’s corresponding chakra should be placed as close as possible. For example, if you want your throat chakra healed with turquoise, wear a turquoise necklace.

4- Place healing stones in your car

There are a few different ways to show your appreciation for crystals and their magical powers. You can keep them in the glove compartment, hang them from the rearview mirror, store some under seats or on top of dashboards…whatever you choose do not forget about these tiny little friends that just might save your life someday!

5- Use crystals for divination

If you want to do your own tarot readings, crystals can help with clairvoyance and spiritual connection.

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So, What Is The Best Crystal For Pisces?

Perhaps the best crystal for Pisces is Aquamarine, or Amethyst. Both are their own birthstones and they have a variety of purposes in healing rituals such as protection against negative energy. However, you can’t go wrong with any gemstone on this list: What matters most when using crystals to heal ourselves (or other people) or manifest good things into our lives is intention! You don’t need expensive stones; simply getting your stone out from under its pile will do wonders–just make sure it’s love that guides all intent so we’ll never be without magic again <3