7 Best Crystals for Protection While Driving

Updated on April 4, 2022

Your car is a place of self-protection and vulnerability. On one hand, it’s your second home where you feel safe from the world outside.

But on the other side, as soon as you pull out of your driveway and head down to work or school in traffic (or anywhere really), there are new hazards coming at you constantly: distracted drivers who can get into accidents with anyone they bump; people experiencing road rage over things like getting cut off by another driver; those random incidents such as when someone jaywalks across four lanes just before that speeding semi truck barrels through–all these moments create opportunities for mistakes which lead to danger both inside and outside our cars!

When we think about how much time we spend driving every day in

The best way to feel safe while driving is by using crystals. In this article I’m going to show you the top five most effective and protective quartz stones for travel in your vehicle, as well as how they work together.

Learning more about these crystal tools can help boost your confidence when behind the wheel!

Crystals for Protection

Clear the space and make sure it’s clutter-free. This will help ensure that all of your energy pathways are clear so you can get to where you need to go without a hitch, which is especially handy when traveling abroad! To do this, consider starting with these few tips before using crystals for travel:
• Clear out the items in your suitcase or bag as well as any compartments like those on airplane trays. Once they’re cleared our there won’t be anything blocking them from being utilized by crystal healing power during an upcoming trip overseas.
• If possible try not pack heavy clothing because clothes take up more room than necessary and generally aren’t needed much after arrival at one’s destination point due to climate changes while.

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1- Clean Your Car

It’s time to give your car a little cleansing. Get rid of any unnecessary items that take up space, and vacuum the carpets so there isn’t anything left over from last night’s dinner or yesterday’s lunch break.

You can go one step further by smudging sage on all interior surfaces for an extra cleanse (or you could use this spray instead). Sage is said to emit positive vibes into the environment around it-perfect if you’re looking for some good karma points in life!

Sage is a powerful plant with an overpowering, heavy scent that tends to linger. It’s not necessarily bad though and some people love it.

But if you’re looking for something lighter from the sage family then try this Sage spray instead which still carries all of its energy-clearing effects but in a much more light way so your car doesn’t smell like potpourri when someone gets into it!

As your car starts to accumulate energy from past, and possible future experiences it is important you take the time for a deep cleanse. This way any residual energies are removed while you create protection shields around yourself as you drive.

To do this I recommend saying mantras or positive affirmations during your wash along with setting intentions of what type of experience(s) that will best serve both yourself and other drivers on the road!

2- Cleanse Your Crystals

It’s important to always be mindful of where you purchase or find your crystals. In order for them to retain their good energy, they need as little outside interference from bad energies the best way possible!

It may seem like a small thing – who cares if other people handle my crystals? But it’s actually really important and can have an impact on how much positive potential those stones are able to give off.

If you found your crystal at someone else’s home then there is no telling what kind of negativity that person has experienced in their life which could now contaminate yours with its negative vibes too!

Many people find that crystals from their personal stash have residual energy left over after they are used for other purposes.

This leftover energy could be storing up to a negative effect on your car’s engine and electrical system! Luckily, you can give them one of these treatments before putting it back into the glove compartment:

-Bury as much of the crystal in pure soil or sand until its natural vibrancy returns. Keep an eye out for little critters like ants though – if there is any activity around your crystals then take care not to leave them buried too long so that no harm comes to live organisms while looking at this project through human eyes only.
Misterix recommends using aluminum foil as protection from direct contact with earthworms during

a. Smudge With Sage or Incense

Some people swear by this simple trick for those who do not want to have to buy a smudging bundle.

Some may find it difficult, however most will agree that this is one of the easiest methods since you are already putting your hands all over your car in order to clean its exterior.

You are most likely not properly caring for your crystals. It is crucial that you cleanse them regularly to make sure they stay protected and last a long time, or else their life force may be exhausted prematurely.

Simply extend your efforts to purifying these precious stones by running them through the smoke of sage smudging (or other cleansing herbs) while sprinkling it around where you store them as well as spraying living water on yourself if possible before handling any stone.

These little rocks have been with us throughout history, providing strength in times of need and peace when we seek refuge from our hectic lives – but how often do we take care of what’s protecting us? Initializing this process can seem daunting at first; however there are many simple

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b. Put Them In Water

Rinsing the crystals with water creates a clear image in your mind of the negative energy being washed away. As you use this method, visualize the negative energy running off your protection stone and down the drain.

c. Clean Crystals in Sun or Moon Energy Before Driving

Did you know that the sun’s rays and moonlight can power your crystals? Place them in their path for a few hours or overnight to infuse them with positive energy.

3- Program Your Crystal with Your Intentions

You will need to focus your mental energy on what you want the crystal for, such as protecting yourself while driving.

Take the time to sit in your car for 10 minutes and say positive affirmations out loud or meditate on them.

You can even do this part right by the side of a road so that you are harnessing more energy while sitting there with crystals pressed against you.

Sit in your car for ten minutes each day, keeping nearby crystals as close as possible, speaking positively about yourself or simply thinking happy thoughts.

“Your car is a reflection of your self-worth. You deserve to have the best care for it.” These positive affirmations can help you protect your vehicle and prevent unfortunate accidents from happening because they boost up our confidence in ourselves, which consequently boosts us up on top of everything else!

I am the type of person who allows only people with positive mindsets and energy to get in my car. I travel safely whether I’m going long or short distances, but for those extra-long trips some might consider me a bad driver because they think it’s impossible that someone can be good at everything.

Regardless, if there are any problems on the road ahead of us we have no way of knowing about them until we’re right up on top of them like an unsuspecting deer crossing through traffic; so all drivers should take precautions which include making sure their vehicle is capable enough to handle whatever comes its way from bumpy roads riddled with potholes during winter storms (or even just normal rain)to other vehicles slamming into one another without.

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7 Crystals For Protection While Driving

Before you get back on the road, never forget to pray and make sure that your crystals are safely packed.

This is a list of 7 crystal stones for safe driving:

1) Clear Quartz as it’s in alignment with all other natural energies;

2) Rose quartz provides hope against cynicism while promoting optimism;

3) Black Tourmaline protects from negative energy and unwanted thoughts by grounding them out so they can’t manifest into reality- making your mind clearer than ever!

4), 5),  6).

1- Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a natural bodyguard that defends your personal space while you drive, especially when people around can be draining.
Tourmalines are known to accumulate excess energy in order to deflect negativity and bring positive vibes into the wearer’s life.

2- Selenite

Selenite is the perfect protection stone for drivers, as it wards off any negativity that enters your vehicle. If you’re not lucky enough to have only high-vibe passengers in your car ride, Selenite can help!

Place a selenite crystal wand under their seat and watch them transform into an angel on wheels with just one little touch of this sacred mineral.

3- Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the wild card of crystals! It can take on any property from another stone if you don’t have one readily available.

However, it also boosts other nearby stones in power so it’s a great idea to keep this crystal with you at all times for protection and good luck!

4- Amethyst

Driving in the winter can be a tiresome experience, but with an Amethyst crystal on your dash and one tucked into your glove compartment you’ll feel more focused.

If that’s not enough to keep you going then hang this gorgeous amethest ornament from your mirror for a stylish way of protection while driving!

5- Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a must-have for long road trips. Never get lost again with the extra set of eyes watching around you and bringing your clarity as you drive, hang it from your mirror or wear it against your skin to give yourself greater mental focus on those drives.

6- Turquoise

Turquoise has been known to create a strong connection between the physical and spiritual realms. If you need protection, this is your go-to crystal! Turquoise can be carried with you in your pocket or as an amulet on a necklace for extra safety while out exploring nature’s wildest places.

7- Obsidian

You know when you’re driving and someone cuts in front of you, flips the bird or honks at them? Get ready for a taste of their own medicine!

FAQs About Crystals for Protection While Driving

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about traveling with crystals, so I thought it would be helpful to boil everything down into five must-knows.

If you have any additional concerns or are still confused after reading this list, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]______.com and ask away!

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1- Which Is The Best Crystal For Protection While Driving?

If you are looking for a good luck charm, keep in mind that any of the top seven crystals will do. But if resources are limited or some crystals hard to come by, grab this super-cute clear quartz crystal keychain and call it a day!

It can serve any purpose you charge it for with its wide range of metaphysical uses from healing to protection. You can also set your intentions on the crystal regularly so that it’s always powerful no matter what situation life throws at you.

2- How Often Should You Cleanse or Charge Your Crystals?

It is important to cleanse your crystals on a regular basis. One way you can remember when it is time for their cleansing and recharging ritual, or “energy bath,” as many people refer to it in the crystal community, is by doing so every time that you wash your car!

This will only take about five minutes of your day; however this short amount of effort ensures that they are at full power keeping things running smoothly with minimal interference from negative energies such as radiation (from cellphones), EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from wifi signals and cellular towers, etcetera…

The easiest way to maintain an energetically clear space – one where our energy levels feel high enough- should be cleaning up any unwanted energy residue

3- What If People Touch The Crystals In My Car?

Don’t get rid of your gemstones just because you’re sharing the car ride with someone. If they touch them, simply cleanse their energy and reset your intentions before continuing on to a safer place for hiding.

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Crystals & Gemstones Can Keep You Safe While Driving

Crystals have been used for centuries to harness their healing and protective power. In a world that can be so unpredictable, investing in some crystals is not only smart but necessary!

Reflect on what you want them to do before including them wherever they’ll best serve your needs–whether it’s next time you’re driving or if the need arises unexpectedly.