A Magical Cinnamon Money Spell For Manifesting Prosperity

Updated on February 23, 2023

You can manifest money quickly with this simple spell! All you need is a coin, cinnamon and penny.

I typically use pennies instead of other coins because they have the most metal in them which helps to increase your wealth energy field around it and draw more abundance into your life.

But any type will work so feel free to experiment as well! You’ll also find that some people prefer using different spices like ginger or cardamom for their personal taste preference but I always stick with cinnamon since it has an earthy flavour base combined with sweet tones making me think ‘sweet success’. The general instructions are below:

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Cinnamon Money Spell 

Ever try manifesting your own cinnamon ritual to work on the first go?
It’s not an easy feat, and can be a frustrating process. So I’ve got some tips for you that will help make sure it works!

If you want to ensure your spells will work, then it is important that they are aligned with the energy of the universe. If there are blockages in your energetic system, magical rituals like a spell I am about to show you won’t be very useful!

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manifestation is fun

Cinnamon Money Manifesting Ritual Ingredients

If you’re looking for an easy spell that can be completed with common household items, look no further. With only four ingredients and a little bit of time, I guarantee it will turn out perfect!


The best time to use your own money for magic is when you’re feeling generous. The more willing and open you are, the better it will work out in a magical sense.

So find yourself some spare change (preferably $1) or break out an old-school dollar bill from under the couch cushions of life’s good fortune to see what kind of luck they’ll bring!

The color blue symbolizes purity and peace, which is why it’s the essence of water. As you drink 8 glasses or more per day, your body will be properly hydrated to keep money flowing in!

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Cinnamon is a sacred herb that represents money and abundance. Many people believe it should be used in cooking, but I think you can also just sprinkle some on your coffee or tea to get the benefits!

Sage is a natural air purifier. It’s also great for cleansing and removing negative energy from any space, so it may be the perfect addition to your altar!

If you’d rather not get things smoky in case of an event or visitor (or if there are pets nearby), I’ve found that sage spray works well too – just spritz some on before clearing out old items, repeating as needed!

Cinnamon Money Manifesting Ritual Instructions

Prepare your space for the ritual. If you don’t have a sacred space, create one! Again, intention is everything. Make sure you’ve got enough room to work on and that time alone will be available in five minutes or less – if not sooner than expected with all of life’s interruptions.

You can use one of the following items to rid your body and a space around you from any stagnant energy: sage, palo santo, incense or cleansing salt bath.

Money is always flowing through the world, but often it seems like we’re not getting a share. We need to set clear intentions and focus on what we want in order for our desires to be fulfilled easily.

I recommend creating an abundance statement that you can repeat daily or even hourly if needed; think about how much money would make your life better and create one sentence statement with “I am enough” at its center point because this will allow space around all of these ideas without limiting them too heavily.

A good money affirmation for this manifesting ritual is something like “I am receiving unlimited abundance from many sources and I know that it will come to me in the ways that are perfect for my highest intentions”.

To wet the paper money, you will need to get it damp. The last thing that we want is for your cinnamon not to stick!

Dip your fingers into the cinnamon, then pull them out and lick.

Dip a finger in the container of dried spices to gauge how spicy they are before you add it to any dish.

As a kid, I would always purposefully make my parents mad and do things like put cinnamon on the money.

As if kids don’t have enough going for them these days with their smartphones and tablets–I was one of those bad apples who made life difficult for my poor mom by putting spices onto her hard-earned cash!

Beginning at the top of your dollar, trace a line with cinnamon toward your body.

This symbolizes bringing money towards you. You can do this by writing it out on paper and carrying it in an amulet or pouch around your neck to get that feeling all day long!

Visualize how it feels to have more money flowing through you endlessly. Draw five lines total across the picture, focusing on your intention the whole time.

As you put the dollar in your wallet, think about what it could become. There are many possibilities and so much power within a single bill: spend it on something nice like lunch with friends or buy yourself that ice cream cone you’ve been craving all week!

how to manifestation


Variations Of This Cinnamon Money Spell

With the ritual in mind, I want to make sure you have all of your bases covered.

One place that many people forget about is using a sage and cedar mix instead of incense when burning stones as an offering.

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The combination also has benefits for protection against negative energy and spirits while cleansing one’s aura after being around certain energies or situations such as partying all night long with friends who are drinking alcohol excessively or even engaging in sexual activities before going out on a date.

One last thing worth mentioning is how some rituals recommend doing this at specific hours during sunlight (solar time), but it can be done any day-night cycle where there will be darkness outside too because our light source will not matter much so just use what works best

1- Day Of The Week (Best Time To Manifest Money)

There are many different ways to perform this ritual, but some astrologically-minded people may find that it is most effective if done on Thursdays.

This day of the week corresponds with Jupiter, which rules luck and abundance in general. I’ve found success performing this ritual at least once a week for as long as three months; however you should experiment with what works best for you!

2- Phase Of The Moon

The moon has always been an important symbol for me. It is commonly used to signify the passage of time and it appears as if people have taken this one step further by using its phases to decide when they should be starting or ending their spells.

The first idea that I hear often says, “start your spell on a new moon.” This makes sense because what we want grow, we want to start small like how the newest crescent starts out tiny before growing in size over time into something bigger than you could ever imagine!

Conversely then there’s another theory which states “you should end your work during waning moons” (when the lunar cycle shrinks). However, even though these theories make logical sense since my experiences don’t

You need to think about what you are doing and why.

Intent is everything in life, both personally and professionally speaking. What we intend for our lives have a huge impact on how they will play out – just as the intentions of any business decision can either propel it forward or sink it into obscurity forevermore!

If you find the idea of waiting until next month’s third Thursday with a waxing moon to be exciting and more fitting, go right on ahead.

But if that doesn’t work for your schedule or ability? You could miss out on manifesting money!

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3- How To Attract Money With Cinnamon And Coarse Salt

Cinnamon and salt are two of the most powerful ingredients in any witches kitchen. While they draw different energies, when combined together they create a potent combination for money drawing purposes.

The properties of cinnamon enhance all your incoming wealth while simultaneously protecting you from “energy vampires” who could take it away if not careful!

At the onset of any money spell, be sure to cleanse your paper money by running it through a bowl of salt. This will protect you from negative energy and let those good vibes flow into every aspect of your life!

how to manifestation easy

4- Blowing Cinnamon & Coarse Salt For Money

One fascinating way to use cinnamon is by trying the classic, “cinnamon blowing ritual.” While this may sound silly at first glance, it has been practiced for several years in many different cultures.

When you are facing a difficult situation and need some help from Mother Nature or Father Luck (whatever deity works best for your beliefs), blow on ground-up cinnamon as if preparing yourself like an Olympic runner before their big race!

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I love spices – I have them stocked up in my cupboard just because they make every dish taste better. Before now though, I never thought about how powerful these small things can be when used properly and purposefully with intention behind them; not even close! One of the oldest ways that people have found to stimulate success or

Get out your cinnamon and coarse sea salt, then sprinkle a few teaspoons of the spice while sprinkling just a little bit of the salt into one hand.
Next, go to wherever you want luck and prosperity for yourself or others: whether it’s an office space that needs good fortune in order to grow its revenue; someone’s home with no signs of abundance anywhere in sight; or even on another person who may be needing some help getting their financial life together.

Hold up both hands over what is being blessed so as not to lose any precious spices (and because this can look really cool) before saying whatever intention pops into mind-whether “I hope when I blow this spiced dust onto these walls nothing but abundance

If you need a little extra money flow, try this cinnamon spell. Leave the salt and cinnamon mixture on the ground for at least 24 hours before sweeping it up.

This is a great way to set intentions early in your month! If time slips by or if you miss out on doing this first thing of every month, do not fret- just find an opportunity when you can make some room (or sweep) with intention instead so that no matter what day we’re all starting from, our needs are covered–whether today’s Monday or Friday 3AM 😉

Cinnamon Money Spell Manifestation Success

I have written down my desires, lit a candle and I am going to cleanse myself of negative energy. First things first!
In the past two months I’ve manifested over $5K in cash including an unexpected tax return that came out of nowhere
A new laptop for school because mine is broken from playing too many video games (that’s what she said)
And last but not least- A whole day with absolutely no worries about money at all coming this weekend ?

After a ritual, I won free front row tickets to an awesome concert!

1 week after performing a ritual on Thursday, I won $200 on my Lotto scratcher. It was the first time in months that I played and it’s usually $1 or nothing for me so this was pretty significant.

I thought I was going to Las Vegas but instead, it took me back home with a three thousand dollar jackpot.

I just wanted some fun in the sun and ended up taking my winnings all the way off shore!

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Final Thoughts On The Cinnamon Spell

The Cinnamon Manifestation Ritual is a neat and easy technique that can help you manifest money quickly! It’s something I use all the time because it really does work.

And who doesn’t want more cash? But don’t take my word for it – order your numerology report so we know if this ritual will be right for YOU!

Do you feel like there’s always more risk in the world? We all do, but is it worth taking that chance to get ahead of everyone else? Our free report can help! In just minutes we’ll show you how our strategy will manifest so much money for your life.