A Magical Cinnamon Money Spell For Manifesting

Updated on February 23, 2023

One of the most powerful manifesting rituals I have used is a cinnamon money spell. It doesn’t matter how you make it, where you find instructions on making one or what specific steps are involved because not everyone has the same taste in casting methods and ingredients, but rather your intent behind these types of spells that will lead to success!

If this sounds like something for you give my recipe below a try:

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon (I prefer Ceylon Cinnamon) ¼ teaspoon whole coriander seeds ½ cup sugar ⅓cup water 3 drops red food coloring.

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Cinnamon Money Spell

Ever heard the term “putting your best foot forward”? You know, you put on that cute dress and spritz yourself with perfume before going to a party.

Well manifesting spells are similar in one way: they need to be aligned for success!
I have seen people spend hours crafting an intricate spell only to find out later it didn’t work because there was some aspect of their life that wasn’t in alignment – like not being open-minded enough or having too many doubts about what will happen next so technically they never really believed it would come true…
Don’t let this keep happening over and over again! Align those parts of your life first by doing things such as practicing meditation or

If you want to clean up your energy, forget those spells and rituals that don’t work.

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(It only takes two minutes.)

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how to manifestation easy

Cinnamon Money Manifesting Ritual Ingredients

The following is a recipe for some easy, powerful spells that don’t require you to search around the world or go on an epic hunt. You can get all four ingredients from your local grocery store and they are inexpensive!

I love how this spell doesn’t require any complicated ingredients like those other recipes I’ve seen before – it only requires a total of 4 items which should be super affordable at most stores (most likely even in bulk!)

It’s really nice not having to worry about these extra items when working with my magic!

In this recipe for prosperity, you’ll need: a piece of real money ($1 works perfectly), water (helps the cash flow to you!), and cinnamon. It’s associated with abundance because it represents wealth in many cultures! If your kitchen cabinet is running low on its supply, grab some here at Amazon so that we can get started right away.

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You’re also going to need an item to remove any negative energy from our space; I sometimes use sage cleansing spray when I don’t want things too smoky but still desire clean air quality.

Cinnamon Money Manifesting Ritual Instructions

Rituals are an important part of any spiritual journey. To prepare for a ritual, create the sacred space you need to get in touch with your higher self and give yourself enough time alone without distractions so that you can focus on what is most important – making real change within yourself through spirituality.

Create a spiritual space in your home, at work or anywhere you spend time to start the day by cleansing any stagnant energy with sage, palo santo and incense.

You want to allow the Universe to bring you whatever it deems best. You can do that by setting an intention for unlimited abundance, and saying a money affirmation like “I am receiving limitless wealth from many sources” instead of being specific about how much or when.

Take the paper money and wet it with water. It should be damp, though not soaked. You want to sprinkle cinnamon on this area of the bill that is going to have a lot of contact for your tongue when you put it into your mouth!

Wetting one or two fingers in order to apply more precise amounts helps ensure optimum taste experience waiting inside every dollar coin for hungry customers such as yourself!

In order to draw money toward you, start at the top of a dollar bill and draw it inwards towards your body. When doing so, focus on that affirmation for abundance from earlier.

Visualize yourself walking down the street. You look over at a beautiful necklace in that store window and wonder, “How much could I get for it?” That’s when you notice all these people coming up to you with money!

One of them hands you $100 dollar bill while another gives $5 dollars–$10 more than what your friend just gave us last week.

Suddenly there is an endless flow of cash flowing back into your life from every direction imaginable: banks are handing out envelopes full of bills as policemen give out pamphlets advertising new programs offering tax deductions or matching funds if contributions meet specific criteria.

It doesn’t matter how many times we reach our hand up because they keep giving even after they’ve given so much already-

When you think about it, money is something we use to purchase goods and services. When I have a dollar in my wallet for days on end that just sits there without being used then it usually feels like the energy of intention has been lost somehow – as if not spending your dollars means they are stuck or stagnant.

Spending them allows us to feel more fulfilled with our intentions because this can be an act of releasing what we want from inside ourselves into the world around us so that others might benefit too!

Fold up some cash (or pretend) and place it in your purse/wallet where you won’t forget about its existence-you may find yourself using those dollars sooner than later when that unexpected bill arrives at home!

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Variations Of This Cinnamon Money Spell

Now that you know how to do the ritual, I want to give a few tips about other ways it may be done.
I bet some of them have good points and others don’t work as well for different people.

It’s always best if we try something ourselves before blindly following someone else’s instructions because they might not suit our needs! Let me share with you two very simple but effective methods:
1) To make sure your voice has enough power behind it while chanting, use a deep tone and speak loudly from your diaphragm without yelling or shouting; this will sound more confident than speaking in an airy falsetto which can come across timidly or scared sounding when there is not much energy behind what is being said

1- Day Of The Week (Best Time To Manifest Money)

One of the major factors that determines how successful a ritual will be is timing. Astrological associations and planetary bodies have a huge impact on what you can expect to manifest, so there are different recommended days for performing this particular ritual depending on which type of astrology chart you use:

If your sign is Gemini or Leo (both ruled by Jupiter), then Thursday should work best. This could also depend if your ascendant falls into either one these signs as well since it has an effect too!

If Aquarius/Libra/Virgo in ascendancy (all represented by Saturn) then Tuesday would most likely be the right day because they’re all linked with Capricorn ruling over them; but again, it depends.

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2- Phase Of The Moon

There are two ways to view the moon and its phases. One way is that we should start rituals on a new or waxing moon when it grows in size.

The other perspective, which has more research behind it, contends you should do your banishing rituals during waning moons as they shrink with each passing day.

I’ve found both approaches have their pros and cons but really depends on what type of ritual you want to perform!

The most important thing is not the circumstance or when you do it, but your intention and belief.
The idea of doing things can be exciting for some people; however, if someone feels that they cannot wait until next month’s third Thursday because this person does not have enough time to spare? Well by all means go ahead!

It’s not always easy to make money manifest but it can be done. You just have to know the right rituals, spells and mantras that you need as well as what colors and stones are best for attracting wealth into your life!

In this article we will discuss 3 simple techniques on how you can use manifestation magic in an effortless way – including a three dimensional visualization technique where all of our senses get involved with creating these powerful thoughts about prosperity which is so important when using manifestation magick because if there’s no feeling behind them then they’ll never work.

doing manifestation

3- How To Attract Money With Cinnamon And Coarse Salt

Salt has been used for ages in many ways, and it can be a powerful mineral to draw prosperity. Combine coarse salt with cinnamon at your altar or around the perimeter of your home when you want to attract more money!

Salt has been used for purification purposes since ancient times. There is a symbolic connection between salt and money, so it’s no surprise that you can use the two together to empower your spellwork!

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In this case, pour coarse sea salt into a bowl (or any other vessel) before using paper bills or coins in order to cleanse them of negative energy as well as release beliefs around lack.

4- Blowing Cinnamon & Coarse Salt For Money

Another way to bring prosperity is by performing the cinnamon blowing ritual. In this one, you put a few teaspoons of cinnamon and sea salt in your dominant hand then blow into it three times while saying “I am prosperous.”

Blow cinnamon onto an entrance, and then say your intention for what you want to manifest. You can ask prosperity or abundance with something like “when I blow this cinnamon, abundance will fill my space.”

Don’t overthink it, just let the intention flow!
Take a sprinkle of salt and cinnamon to start your month. If you miss the first day of March, be sure to do this next time when you can- set an alarm or other reminder for yourself so that way there is no forgetting again next year!

Cinnamon Money Spell Manifestation Success

I’ve been manifesting my success with the Law of Attraction and have received a few amazing things.

I’ve found that by performing this ritual, I am able to attract what I need in life through positive thinking. More than anything else, it has helped me become more grateful for all of the great stuff already in my life!

I performed a ritual on Monday, and it appeared to have worked as my front-row tickets to the concert arrived 3 days later. I was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events!

I was really excited to find out that I won $200 on a Lotto ticket. The last time I played, my winnings were only one dollar or free tickets.

This sudden windfall of cash took me by surprise and in the moment it made even more sense than ever before why people play these lottery games so enthusiastically: sometimes you get lucky!

1 week after performing an ancient ritual (which happened to be performed on Thursday), luck finally seemed intuitive when I found myself with winning scratch offs worth 200 bucks from playing just once every blue moon- something which would typically pay for lunch if anything at all!

2 days after a ritual that I performed because I knew my future self was going to Las Vegas, the slot machine gods acknowledged me and delivered. The payoff: $3200!

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learn manifestation

Final Thoughts On The Cinnamon Spell

What’s your favorite food? Mine is Cinnamon! That warm, filling flavor that can be paired with just about anything. Let me tell you all about my cinnamon manifestation ritual and how it helped me manifest quick and easy money in so little time.

I know this technique worked for countless people before us – now let’s make sure we get the numerology report to ensure success on our first try too! Why risk wasting a precious moment of life without determining whether or not what we’re doing will work?

It makes more sense to eliminate that chance altogether by getting your copy today- if you like sweet things as much as I do then hurry up because these reports are selling out fast…

Get your free report first. (Even if you don’t purchase a course in the end, this should be worth it!)