8 Ways To Stay Inspired When You Can’t Manifest

Updated on April 4, 2022

You know that feeling when you’re in a severe mood, and things seem to be going the wrong way? Well, I’m currently experiencing it.

As I write this article about manifesting your dreams- something which many people are doing right now for positivity or money -I find myself thinking how we need much more than our thoughts to turn these problems around so that life can get back on track again.

You have doubts. I get it, and that’s why I’m here to tell you that now more than ever you need to trust and believe in the process.

The law of attraction does work! You can manifest what you desire – even if your recent experiences led to doubt or setbacks; especially because so many people are experiencing them too these days: life is a game after all, where we win by refusing to give up on our goals no matter how long they take or how much others may try discourage us from pursuing them (quitters never win while winners never quit).

Some days are easy. New opportunities come up faster than you can say yes to them and your life feels like one big party.

You lose yourself in it, forgetting the worry of where this will all lead or if there’s truly a way out that doesn’t include heartbreak and tears (spoiler: there is).

But other times? It’s hard to feel anything but stuck when things don’t go as planned, no matter how much effort we put into what we want for ourselves – manifesting our worthiness with every prayer offered or intention set.

So let’s talk about those moments… When self-doubt sets in because nothing seems right at any given moment; when everything inside screams “I need something else!” while

Ways To Stay Inspired When You Can’t Manifest

1- Focus on Gratitude

Don’t worry, it might seem counterintuitive to try gratitude when you’ve been trying and asking for something but still can’t manifest. But don’t lose hope; according to the author of The Law Of Attraction: How To Get What You Really Want “gratitude is a source from which we derive strength.

” It doesn’t matter if your goal seems out-of-reach right now because there are many ways that this technique will help you in reaching them. Just think about all those positive thoughts floating around with no one assigned as their owner – they could be yours!

Think of it this way – you always have the power to choose what you focus on. And when we practice gratitude, we feel good inside and out; not just because our moods are lifted but also because research shows that feeling grateful boosts your immune system while lowering stress levels. With a higher vibration, doors open for more good things in life to come our way – like love!

You could either take a pessimistic or an optimistic view of life. Which is more likely to leave you feeling better?

It’s always good to feel grateful and appreciative for what we have going on in our lives, because it will pave the way to getting even more awesome things happening down the line.

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2- Allow Yourself to Feel

You need to feel. You’re human, after all. It’s perfectly fine to be angry, sad or have any emotion you naturally experience—the trick is going there and then coming back out!

For me, the best way to get back on track when things seem absolutely hopeless is by taking those 10 minutes and giving myself permission to be pissed. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes yelling into a pillow in my car helps release some of that tension!

Sometimes it feels like a great weight is pressing down on me, and I just can’t move. It’s hard to keep going even when you know that the past won’t change
a thing about what your future will be if you stay stuck in place ? but we don’t have to give up! We may not find an answer at first glance or with our current mindset, so take these words as encouragement: Take heart; there are better thoughts out there waiting for us !

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3- Learn to Breathe

You’re likely holding your breath a lot when you are struggling to manifest and going through bad times. You might be surprised, but the oxygen from breathing will help relax the mind and body so that it can work better again – raising its vibration in order for things to come into view faster than ever before.

You’re probably doing this because of how difficult life has been lately – at least subconsciously or unconsciously with all these natural instincts kicking-in to protect us from danger (or maybe we’ve also heard somewhere else too).

But what if I told you there’s an easy way out? Take some time every day just simply BREATHE! The oxygen intake will enable relaxation throughout our minds and bodies, as well as improving brain

4- Stop Asking Why You Can’t Manifest

The question we all want to know when something doesn’t happen is “why?” But the answer can be so hard to find, and even if you do discover it there may not be anyone who has your best interests at heart telling you.

So instead of asking why ask what-what specifically did I need or desire? What am I doing that’s blocking me from receiving this thing for myself? And most importantly: how will the world change in my life because of this new realization about reality

When things don’t work out as planned sometimes people start wondering “Why didn’t they manifest like I wanted them too?! Why couldn’t it just have happened!? It should have been easy! ” The truth though is

There are a number of things that you can do to make yourself feel better at the moment. One idea is changing your habits, while another might be taking action and doing something different in order to push through any mental blocks or obstacles holding you back from achieving what it is that you want in life.

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5- Focus On Your Language To Help Manifest

Imagine the following sentence:

“Stop focusing on your language.”

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6- Disconnect for a While To Manifest Faster

Social media can be a source of inspiration and motivation, but it also has its drawbacks. It’s important to disconnect from social media sometimes in order for your mind to stay focused on what you want – not just the bad things happening in other people’s lives or the negativity that plagues many news stations.

One of the best ways that I get myself to manifest more quickly is by choosing different forms of entertainment.

When I find myself unable to generate my own manifestation, unplugging and engaging with nature usually helps me feel better which indirectly helps bring about what it was that originally brought on this feeling in the first place!

The sensation is indescribable. It’s like a warm blanket, the feeling of being underwater without having any pressure on your body whatsoever.

I can’t think about anything else except for what it feels to be in this state that constantly changes and never leaves me wanting more or less – just enough-
you have no idea how good you feel until you try floating!

7- Focus on Mindfulness

The law of attraction is one powerful thing.

It can make your day better or worse depending on whether you’re in a good mood, but what many people don’t know about the power it has over them is that they are also able to control their emotions by being mindful and aware of how things currently feel right now rather than projecting feelings from other times onto themselves.

If you start feeling anxious because this technique isn’t working for you as well as others have said before – double down on really experiencing and knowing yourself fully within these few moments so often overlooked when we worry too much about the future or dwell in negative thoughts clinging to our pasts!

8- Do Things You Love

If you’re stuck at home bedridden, watch movies or read anything. Imagine your favorite things and dream up new ones that will make you happy!

Remember to focus on what makes us feel good as the driving force behind physical manifestations like a house with water views or more money is because it simply feels great in our imaginations for these desires to manifest into reality.

So whatever we do: whether it be reading books of daydreaming about crazy adventures; find ways indulge in those activities all while following the law of attraction when possible–if not…well then just enjoy living

Imagine the feeling you want to experience. Now, think about other means of obtaining this same emotional state by doing or experiencing things that would evoke a similar response in your body and mind.

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Final Thoughts

Life can be difficult, but you should always keep going. There will definitely come a time where things start to look up and work out the way they’re supposed to!

“Just because it’s tough now doesn’t mean that you can’t find inspiration in the smallest things, if only just for a little while.”