Angel Number 14 [ Meaning and Symbolism ]

Updated on February 22, 2023

The planet Mercury has a correspondence in angel numerology and astrology with the number 14. Number fourteen is connected to Sagittarius, which embodies conversion at speed but also manifests as hesitation when necessary for personal growth; this can be seen from its association with knowledge (the 9th house), travel/exploration of unknown territory, or anything related soley through study such an academic pursuit that leads one towards enlightenment

The most important thing about being born under this sign: You never stop learning!

Number 14 is a number of great balance and concentration.

It needs to be directed, otherwise it will destructive with this being true for those that have the vibration constantly striving towards deeper spiritual development in order help them reach greater wisdom when examining situations more wisely than before as well as understanding how things work within their universe which includes religion science or philosophy among many other topics; these people are very interested due only because they want answers from all aspects!

While fourteens have an incredible amount of energy and vitality, they must also maintain the balance between their various aspects. If not in life situations then through imagination or creativity; by understanding gained from experience as well–only when there’s equilibrium can these people achieve success without limit

Angel Number 14 [ Meaning and Symbolism ]

No one would want to be stuck in a rut, stagnant pool.

The Angel number 14 individuals are always on the go and love changes of any kind – even if it means moving! They’re adaptable enough for anyone’s personality so you’ll never feel alone with them around. But this also makes their confidence fragile; underneath all those layers is still just an insecure person who needs validation from others constantly because deep down inside they know there’s nothing special about them at all

Angel number 14 should try to avoid drugs, alcohol and gambling at any costs. If they somehow become addicts it can lead them into a heavy addiction that is difficult for them to get out of on their own power alone.

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The secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 14 represents a symbol of change in balance with the tendency towards improvement. What is hidden and underlined about this case? It’s all about karmic debt, which can be explained through past lives that need balancing out now.

For example any negative situation will repeat itself because of karma – when it comes down to four numbers there are 13, 14 ,16 19 . These represent different types or levels depending on severity (or how bad) if you want us too look at them as well!
Enochian magick practitioner who deals daily w/negative energies

In the case of a person with fourteen bad debts, they will have to work hard and be self-disciplined in order overcome their karma.

Since this number represents immense pressure that can’t always be dealt with easily by those who possess it, patience must also become an important asset for these people if they want any chance at success or happiness ever again! 14 on its own isn’t so terrible; however when negative traits like irresponsibility start taking over then things get ugly real quick — just ask anyone whose got Too Much Power (or perhaps what some consider “the” disease: hubris).

The message for Angel number 14 says that they should recognise their karma, accept karmic debt and overcome all destructive influences. Then a happy life awaits them with prosperity in the future!

Fourteens need balance to be successful; as long as something doesn’t go wrong or someone puts obstacles on your path then you will succeed eventually because this very determined bunch can cheer themselves up by repeating positive affirmations over again which reminds us just how much we want our dreams come true too

In angel numerology, the number 14 is associated with open-mindedness and honesty.

It’s advised that you be very upfront about your desires so they can come true sooner rather than later but there are warnings for how sixteen might lead to a long term success in life if not taken care of properly from day one – hiding what we want or settling isn’t always best because then our angels may get frustrated waiting by the phone (or email) while patiently awaiting their turn at bat!

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Number 14 and Love

Even though people with angel number 14 are known to be a free-spirited, adventurous bunch; beneath all that is an optimism and love for change that makes them desirable partners.

They like meeting new friends as well – but only if you can keep up! The downside? Angelic beings have no filter so your significant other might want more than their attention from time to time (especially when it comes down the neediness).

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Interesting Facts about number 14

When you add together the numbers 1 and 4, it creates a powerful symbol of change.

This can also represent sacrifice because they are two opposites that need each other in order for something new to happen on earth during an era where movement is needed just as much now more than ever before
The ancient Egyptians were among many who believed this idea when they used number 14 – which carries with its own connotations about generosity and dedication towards life’s journey ahead-to stand not only for ambition but success! So remember: Number 14 means moving forward even through hardship or difficult beginnings; never taking no degrees back home again (especially if there’s beer involved!), starting over after making mistakes…all these things

The 14th year of age is a time when many cultures initiate their youth into adulthood. Often these young people are married, have children and join the work force to contribute financially as well as emotionally towards supporting themselves in this world outside childhood.

In some Gypsy communities it’s not uncommon for teens at fourteen years old already be pregnant with babies while completing elementary school; they then enter Young Adult status which happens once you’re considered ready understand something more about life than what was taught before now.”

Many world religions, old and new, have some initiation of children.

This typically takes place at the age when they are capable enough to receive divine secrets because that time period is considered as being mature for one’s life cycle with wisdom than other ages such as infants or teenagers who may not be able to understand what it means in full yet . Having said all this however there are many prominent numerologists like Dr Hardy Jones (famous astrological author)who believe angel number 14 represents changes happening within an equilibrium system which can lead someone into better understanding themselves.

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What to do when you see number 14?

When you get a call from the number 14, it’s time to take action and reach your goals. This angelic postman brings hope with his backpack full of answers!

The angels are always happy when people ask for help in matters that matter most – like life decisions or problems at work (or home). This particular group works as “postmen” delivering messages between heaven and Earth so all sorts of requests can be answered quickly by whichever god/goddess suits YOU BEST because they have plenty inside themselves waiting patiently just below their surface level energies…

Which means if there were ever any significant turnaround on earth right now then I bet some ourselves would’ve already seen change happen without even realizing what was happening until later down

The angel number 14 is a blend of two numbers- 1 and 4.

It has double the power, possibilities, difficulties and challenges on its path to success just like those who take initiative towards love changes or wishful thinkers that are always in search for explanations which they often manage find themselves lucky enough through sheer perseverance with time being the great determinant along life’s journey!

When you see this number, it’s important to pause and think about what your goals are.

It might be tempting for an Angel Number 14 enthusiast like me (or any other type)to wish for more money so we can buy whatever our hearts desire but make sure that is actually something worth wanting because he/she will give us exactly those desires without even realizing their full potential until afterwards when all of these new things start popping up in life just outta nowhere totally unexpectedly which