20 Positive Affirmations To Help You Slay Your Goals

Updated on April 4, 2022

I love the mystery and mysticism behind manifesting my desires, but there is a disconnect between that process and achieving goals.

I like to think about it as two different paths on an adventure: one path will help you get what you want faster than the other – though they both lead to where we’re trying to go in the end!

Sometimes all this means is combining these techniques into your practice; otherwise, why not use them separately when needed?

One thing I’ve noticed since blogging about The Law of Attraction is that there seems be some sort of disconnect between manifesting desire for something vs actually achieving our goal (or at least taking steps towards accomplishing said goal).

Like any good adventurer knows- sometimes getting from point A

Every time I read a list of the best affirmations for achieving your goals, it seems like they all say essentially the same thing.

What’s going to be different about today’s post is that each affirmation will come with an accompanying story or anecdote from my life and how these words have helped me personally overcome obstacles in moments when self-doubt came knocking at my door.

It might not seem obvious why this would make for better reading than just listing off some phrases…but

trust me on this one!

1) Start where you are: This little mantra has been repeated so many times by well-meaning people over years – but what does it actually mean? You could start literally anywhere; heck, there was even a

Affirmation Goals

If the idea of positive affirmations feels a bit foreign to you, let me help change that! I love them.

They are one of my favorite ways to set intentions and raise my vibration because they work so well for me.

When you just think in terms of positive ideas all the time – your life starts manifesting magic like crazy!

We all know that we can’t control everything in our lives and it’s important to be able accept this.

However, what many people do not realize is how much power they actually have over themselves by using affirmations on a regular basis! The more positive thoughts you circulate through your brain the better chance those good intentions will turn into reality; with these daily messages coming from within instead of outside influences such as advertising slogans or other peoples expectations (not necessarily their parents who may want them to get high scores).

affirmative speech has been found time after time again _____with increasing success rates when compared against individuals utilizing no formulae.

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how to manifestation easy

How To Use Positive Affirmations

I’m sure you’ve heard that there are many ways to use affirmations.

Well, here’s the good news: I covered some of them in my other post.

But just for funsies and because it might help someone right now (and they’re quick n’ dirty), these are a few basics on how to get started today!
Let’s start with reciting positive affirmation aloud as you look at your reflection in the mirror while visualizing all those things about yourself which make you special and unique; program healing crystals by holding one near or touching an intention card – repeat this mantra 55 times per day 5 days straight; meditate daily focusing only on the words from your chosen plain-text affirmation cards before starting each meditation session

There are so many ways you can use positive affirmations to manifest your goals, and now that I’ve just told you the basics of how it works let’s get down to business.

Now that we know what EFT Tapping is all about, here’s a list of some really juicy things for us both!

“Affirmations are a powerful tool in the world of self-improvement.

We all have negative thoughts, but it’s how we handle them that sets us apart from everyone else,” said ____ during her speech on affirmations at our latest retreat.

“When I was going through my toughest times as an entrepreneur and coach for entrepreneurs called The Coaching Program For Women (TPFW), one thing kept popping into mind: ‘I can’t do this.’

That little hint gave me some perspective.”

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20 Positive Affirmations For Goal-Setting

I am a young talented individual on the path to success.

I will keep working and grinding until I achieve my goals, no matter what it takes.

There are always new opportunities for someone like me with ambition and drive – there is nothing holding me back between myself and my future successes!

Today, I have taken the first step toward achieving those dreams that seem so close yet still out of reach; tomorrow’s another day to take great strides forward in order to be successful someday soon!

I have unlimited potential.

I can accomplish anything in my life that I put my mind to.

When people tell me, “You’re lucky,” or they say something negative about how hard it is for them and the obstacles they face? That just fuels what’s inside of me – a fire that drives towards those goals without stopping until it has accomplished its task!

I am confident that with all of these thoughts driving me forward every day, nothing will stop this would-be success story from happening right now

I am determined to make my best future a reality.

I have set goals and am seizing every opportunity that comes my way.

With this determination, nothing is unattainable for me because anything worth having starts with an action on your part!

I know that my intentions and vibrations are on the same frequency as my goals.

This allows me to be confident in myself, trusting that I will reach them with ease because they’re so close by especially since all of this is done out of love for what’s best for everyone involved!

With every action taken towards achieving a goal comes more confidence while also building up those good vibes which keep it going even further without any hesitation or doubt whatsoever.

It makes perfect sense: treating yourself well leads to feeling great about your life; focusing on doing things you enjoy means less resentment over not having time do them ever again; getting positive feedback from people who matter can’t make anything feel better than when we already have full control over our emotions ourselves?

20 Positive Affirmations For Goal-Setting
Achieving your goals is not always easy.

However, with these 20 positive affirmations you will be able to set more achievable long term targets that are sure pay off in the end! The first affirmation starts by asking God for guidance and support throughout each day so continue reading through this list until its finished as there’s much wisdom here on how we can better navigate life when setting new personal objectives.

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manifestation is fun

Law of Attraction + Numerology = FAST Results!

There are dozens of new self-help books on the market these days, but one that seems to have a lot of promise for those seeking fulfillment in life is Numerology.

It’s true that your birth date will reveal unbelievable amounts about you and who you truly are.

So if it’s time for an insight into where you might be going wrong or what steps could turn things around?

Tired of doing everything yourself when there may be someone out there waiting just for this opportunity with open arms?? You should get numerological guidance from yours truly!

Do you want to unlock your unlimited manifesting potential!? Get personalized report with only your Name and Birth Date!

The Law of Attraction is a powerful technique for generating positive thoughts.

The numbers you choose to Master your day are the ones that will show up most frequently in your life, so use them wisely!
FAST Results using numerology combined with law may be something new but it’s definitely worth exploring if goals need some extra boost or inspiration can’t seem to get going…

The Law of Attraction is a powerful technique for generating positive thoughts.

The numbers you choose to Master your day are the ones that will show up most frequently in your life, so use them wisely!
FAST Results using numerology combined with law may be something new but it’s definitely worth exploring if goals need some extra boost or inspiration can’t seem to get going…